Team Jack 46: The Lamentable Clement

8:02 - The Clement Configuration - Original title of this Episode is from
The Lament Configuration
8:48 - Tyler big pimpin’ on Twitter @Tyler_Clement - site:

9:51 - Almond Time - at 3:30 every day Jack has a generous handful of almonds.
11:00 - Tyler is Kerrigan’s ex. Went to both the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere and afterparty.  
Jack and Tyler bonded over Horror Movies.
12:28 - Tyler is from Durango, Co. Matt stayed at the Doubletree there once on his way to Mesa Verde National Park.
Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookies!
14:30 - Jack went to Mesa Verde National Park with parents to see cliff dwellings.
15:15 - Where Oprah and Gayle stayed there.
Are They Aren’t They??
15:50 when Jack things of Durango chicken and dumplings in copper skillet Palace Restaurant
Durango and Silverton railroad.
17:12 - Blind people get nausea listening to people eating on podcasts.
18:12 - Silverton, Co. along the Animas river
Silverton avalanche meter
21:30 - . Arnold Schwarzenegger sociopath and married to the Crypt Keeper.
21:58 - Felt remake of Total Recall was sadly wanting. but Judge Dredd is AWESOME.
24:16 - Geography Lesson Part I - Durango, Co. is near the four corners.
25:30 - Tyler graduated in June from UCLA in Anthropology - Highest Honors. came to LA to pursue acting.
Big commercial for Crackle - national streaming like Netflix

27:50 - Jack and Tyler’s shared horror movie obsessions include - Exorcists 3, Jaws 2, Rosemary's Baby, Hellraiser

Tyler LOVES Waxworks.
30:07 - Favorite horror movie of all time the original Nightmare on Elm Street
31:09 - Tyler saw Nancy’s house near Jamie Lee Curtis’s house from Halloween.
The Halloween House - 1530 N. Orange Grove
34:24 - Horror movie that scared Tyler the most - he was 3 years old - Jason took Manhattan. Snuck out and watched when he shouldn’t have been.
35:24 - Event Horizon was the movie that scared Matt the movie in theaters It made him feel sick. Also mentioned Stir of Echos.
Tyler hates Arachnophobia
Matt scared by Child’s Play and has not watched any of them.
37:30 - Jack always does Halloween Horror Nights at Universal  but may do Knott’s Scary Farm or Disney this year.
38:10 - NPH’s Delusion The Blood Rite - haunted mansion
40:45 - Tyler saw The Master - Not a fan, walked away with nothing
Tyler loved Perks of Being of Wallflower - Says it’s the modern day Breakfast Club.  
43:36 - Movie that scared Jack the most ...not really scared but was gave him an eerie feeling was the Blair Witch Project the first time he watched it. Saw on VHS tape prior to going Sundance. Loved the final image.
45:36 - Jack also liked Session 9
47:12 - Erik Odom and Jack are big fans of Prince of Darkness - esp last 10 mins.
48:03 - Tyler misses the seasons helps with the feeling of Halloween.
48:53 - It’s the 50th anniversary of James Bond.
50:07 - Jack tells story: Thomas Newman remarked having hard time getting a fingerprint on Bond. John Barry was the only one who got it.  
55:12 - Matt has read the entire Ian Fleming James Bond collection in ORDER.
57:35 - Matt working his way through the 50th Anniversary of James Bond Bluray collection
58:42 - Matt believes Goldfinger is where Bond really starts.
Also thinks Roger Moore might be the best Bond. (who did the most Bond movies)
1:03:02 - Matt happy Daniel Craig will do a total of 5 Bond films but because he doesn’t like Bond’s only doing two films. Matt is predicting Skyfall will be the real Bond Reboot.
Matt approves of the Skyfall Bond girls.
1:07:57 - Jack plugs Episode 47: The Furious Gods of Prometheus - All about Prometheus.  Make sure you get the 4 disk collectors edition.
1:13:20 - Tyler didn’t care for Prometheus. He went in with preconceived ideas about Alien and was disappointed. That and some of the acting.
1:15:45 - Geography Lesson Part II - The UK is an island - leaving Ireland out... Great Britain - pretty small. and England is smaller than the state of Louisiana.
The Diamond Jubilee - Summer Olympics - Last of cultural events will be 50 Anniversary of James Bond.
1:20:20 - In the 21st Century what is the relevance of Bond?
1:22:30 - The TSA replaced James Bond
What is relevant and what makes it relevant?
1:24:30 - Twilight VS Harry Potter VS The Hunger Games
1:24:50 - Romance and True Love is TIMELESS - Everyone can get on board with true love Twilight and Titanic
1:28:20 - Javier Bardem - they are holding back on his villain
Think Jaws!

Posted on October 13, 2012 .