This site is the home many, but not nearly all things Jack Morrissey. The internet is not big enough for that.

Mr. Morrissey is the business/life partner of director/writer/fabulous person BILL CONDON.  Check back often for updates on his movies and other projects.

You can hear all of Jack's podcasts on Kevin Smith's Smodcast page: TEAM JACK FTW

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What do all the things on the Team Jack logo represent?

Jack: If you listen to my second appearance on Kevin's morning show I named them all (without the art in front of me!) Supertrain, the failed NBC series from the late 70s, a kodama from MONONOKE HIME, and the Emperor from STAR WARS.

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Twihards will rejoice in having the notes from Jack's twitter Q&As about backstory, excitement, and overall fangirlishness from the epic Breaking Dawn Parts One and Two, housed safely at the Breaking Dawn Notes section...FOREVER.