Jack Q & A- March 14th, 2013

Just to be a little different, what is Jack Morrissey 's favorite Hitchcock movie?

Jack’s answer:
PSYCHO of course, Clara Bates.

What was the reason behind choosing “A Thousand Years” again? And the placing of it? I loved it!

Jack’s answer:
Listen to Bill's commentary track on your Blu-ray or DVD - he lays it all out for you in his own words.

Question: When was the cast interviewed for The Complete Film Archive? During filming of BD or more recently?

Jack’s answer: So far as I know, nearly all of those interviews were completed by Robert AFTER principal photography, via telephone.

Question: Why is the extended version of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" incomplete?

Jack’s answer: Bill didn't necessarily like even the finished version of certain scenes, like Edward and Carlisle the night before the wedding. No director likes the way that every scene turns out.

Question: Some say the CGI effects used for Renesmee makes her look creepy. I think they make her look ethereal.

Jack’s answer: I think she looks half-human/half-vampire, but Bill does say in his COMMENTARY that he and the VFX crew wished for another six months, in addition to the year that they did have. Bill is satisfied/unsatisfied shot-to-shot.

Question: Were the opening credits a nod to the book cover? IE: font type/color change= human/vamp transformation?

Jack’s answer: Yes, as was the simple white "chess board" snowfield and the red and black Volturi "chess pieces" moving on it.

Question: I have a question I have been meaning to ask! Is Summit/Lionsgate putting together a Twi Saga documentary? Thanks!

Jack’s answer: I heard before Fan Camp that someone was making one, but I doubt that Summit/LGF is behind it.

Question: Who is responsible for the launch of the stills? And who is responsible for the dvd-uncut version, knows these things? The Director?

Jack’s answer: Summit publicity is responsible for the stills. DVD is the director.

Question: So, we will never have an uncut version of all the other movies?

Jack’s answer: Never ever ever." - Taylor Swift.

Question: Did Kristen go without a wig/ hair extensions in BD2? Looks good!!!

Jack’s answer: I'm pretty sure, yes.

Question: Will we ever be able to see Garrett's speech scene from BD2? It was the scene I was expecting the most along with the arm wrestling.

Jack’s answer: Too soon to tell regarding Garrett's speech. They'd have to spend a lot of money to finish the visual effects behind and around him.

Question: Have you seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Perhaps you and the team can discuss during the next podcast?

Jack’s answer: I liked but didn't love it - it wasn't the equal of any solid John Hughes movie, in my opinion.

Question: Are there other scenes that aren't in the DVD?

Jack’s answer: Yes.

Question: Is there some problem in releasing a version of the movie with all the deleted scenes?

Jack’s answer: Yes, directors don't do that ever. Almost no movie ever uses one hundred percent of all scenes shot.

Question: Dear Jack, please, please, can you ask to Bill the exact discourse between Bella and Renee in the deleted scene?

Jack’s answer: Pre-wedding jitters, just like the Edward/Carlisle scene.

Question: The song “Fire in Water” was written especially for the scene or was the scene built around this song (same length).

Jack’s answer: I presume by now you've already heard Bill discuss this in depth in his commentary track on the Blu-ray/DVD.

Question: I suppose this is a deleted scene which is supposed to not exist? https://static1.squarespace.com/static/518a6a00e4b0d70f784679ad/555f726de4b00b8eede05323/555f726ee4b00b8eede05329/1432318574390/1000w/

Jack’s answer: That is Bella and Edward looking in on Renesmee as she sleeps, with a dialogue about her first Christmas.

Question: Please ask Jack how his new project is coming along?!

Jack’s answer: (Regarding “Tidewater” project with Erik Odom) We had another great trip to Virginia. Everything is on track.

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Jack Q & A- March 1st, 2013

Do you know if there will be a Directors Cut of both movies? Or both movies into 1?
Jack’s answer:
It's been discussed, but as of right now there are no plans for it, honestly. One long movie for one long book!


Is it real eggs that were used? each shot of the scene= new eggs?
Jack’s answer:
I presume so, but wasn't there.

The backpack that Bella uses 4 Renesmee, is that Bella's backpack she used?
Jack’s answer:
Probably not, but I'd have to ask Greg or Bill to be certain and right now they're shooting in Brussels.

Did Carter, Howard, and Alexandre work together on the Overture, or did Carter work w/ the previous scores alone?
Jack’s answer:
Bill chose the themes, then Carter execcuted them alone. He knows both Shore and Desplat, though - you may remember that both visited Carter at historic Abbey Road Studios in London during the scoring of BD1 - a year before the Overture concept was even thought up!

Where are the shots of reshoots: the hunt and the battle? Are they in the final cut of the film?
Jack’s answer:
Yes, they are, Alex - all through it. Once everyone has a Blu-ray, I'll show you which shots a few of 'em are. Every shot that they got during that shoot was designed and then used.

Do you know if Kristen really ate the chicken of the honeymoon scene?
Jack’s answer:
Chicken and eggs, eggs and chicken - I don't know but could ask. It certainly went into her mouth, but I don't if she swallowed it or not, I wasn't there.

Why does Alice NOT say "even the wives"? boo. "the volturi is coming for us. aro, caius, marcus, the guard. and irina.
Jack’s answer:
There was a line of dialogue that was shot, and stayed in the working cut for many iterations, that said, "They even brought the wives," and then a cut to the women emerging from the trees. I think Eleazar said it. Maybe that will go back into an Extended Edition cut, if they decide to do one for BD2. Again, right now it's not happening.

Why don't they put on the movie a little bit of Carmen talking w/nessie spanish? Would it be so awesome :')
Jack’s answer:
I don't think they shot any of that. Lo siento. ;) #ericdiazforthewin

Is there a list of the different countries who use voice actors for dub-overs for the Saga? Actors' lists?
Jack’s answer:
Hmmm, I have no idea where to locate that. Lo siento.

A #BD2 BTS clip showed Edward training Bella to fight but it was cut from the movie. Will it appear on the DVD?
Jack’s answer:
Again, only in an Extended Edition if the decision is made to make one. If there was one coming, I would say so.

1) LOVED BDP2, but 2) Alice can't see the wolves...which bring me to my ? How did she see what she saw at the end?
Jack’s answer:
Hmmm, I'd have to ask Mr. Condon.
Update: Stephenie Meyer answered this question on her site- http://stepheniemeyer.com

How at the end the meadow can be full of flowers as the day before we have 20 cm of snow?
Jack’s answer:
There's an implied time cut before that establishing shot. Also: both digital and silk flowers. This is covered in the amazeballs seven-part doc.

Do you know why there wasn't any Eclipse scenes in the 'lifting the shield' scene? #sadness #NoLegHitch
Jack’s answer:
Good question, but a Twihard was in charge of assembling that sequence, as you'll see on the documentary

Jack, do you like BD1 or BD2 better?
Jack’s answer:
Honestly, I see them both as one long epic and hope that we all get that version of the movie some day.

Did Bill take anything from the set of BD as a keepsake?
Jack’s answer:
No, of course not. ;D He accidentally left his chair back in his hotel room in the Virgin Islands. We do have the clapperboard, though, as you've probably seen.

Is bill willing to share yet what his favorite scene is in BD2?
Jack’s answer:
Probably the opening waking scene and then the battle.

If you had a special vampire ability what would it be?
Jack’s answer:
I might be writing a story about that, sans the word "vampire". ;D @erikodom

How does Bill (or Jack) feel about a lot of the extras making the rounds on YouTube already?
Jack’s answer:
Nothing to be done about that - do you want to go to YouTube everytime you want to watch a 2-hour, 7-part doc?

When Renesmee jumps into Edward’s arms he whispers to her. What did he whisper and was it an Edward or Rob moment?
Jack’s answer:
Good question, I have no idea.

Do you know, Turkish Twihards love Twilight so much and I'm a Turkish :)
Jack’s answer:
I do now! :D

Why was the Fido scene cut and/or will deleted scenes on dvd have commentary with why? Thanks to jack!
Jack’s answer:
The Fido scene was cut because Bill felt that it disturbed the downward spiral of Bella's decline. Not sure about the commentary - I guess we'll both find out at midnight! :D

What scene was most difficult for bill to figure out how to film it?
Jack’s answer:
The battle by far.

I've a question from a friend: how was shooting the epic final battle for the actors, the whole cast and creators?
Jack’s answer:
Watch the AWESOME seven-part documentary on the Blu-ray/DVD!!!! It's VERY thorough!

Jack said he'd tell us y Bill took out of BD1 when Jacob ran from Cullen house trying 2 imprint on random girl
Jack’s answer:
I don't think they ever shot that scene?

Something about the amazing saga at the 2013 mtv movie awards? Any news?
Jack’s answer:
Well, the first four movies all won BEST MOVIE, didn't they?

What did Bill think of the nasty razzies?
Jack’s answer:
We all thought they used TWILIGHT in a desperation bid to get attention. How seriously can you take them?

So are we beyond dreaming to ever hope to have any cast commentary on a future release of BD 1 or 2?
Jack’s answer:
Probably yes. See, I don't lie to you!

Does Bill rewatch his movies?
Jack’s answer:
Yes, a lot.

Twilight Saga will live forever, right ? :)
Jack’s answer:

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Jack on Kevin Smith's Smodco Smorning Show, July 7, 2011

Jack on Kevin Smith's Smodco Smorning Show
, October 11, 2011

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The Team Jack blog is changing a bit, and much like a pregnant human being eaten alive by her half vampire baby, this change is all for the good. The Q&As are still here, and are being moved to their respective Breaking Dawn One and Two pages (see side bar).

And as always:

You can hear all of Jack's podcasts on Kevin Smith's Smodcast page: TEAM JACK FTW

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Welcome to the Breaking Dawn Part Two Team Jack page! Here is where we have recorded all the Q&As that the lovely Jack Morrissey has done/will do about BD2.

If you have any questions about the filming of Breaking Dawn, please check here first, as there are a lot of questions that he has already answered. You can easily search this blog with keywords for Frequently Asked Question, such as:

What are Rob and Kristen like?
Jack: They're are great people and Bill loves them, but I have never met Rob, Kristen... or Bear, for that matter.

Are you going to be in the film? Maybe the wedding scene? 
Jack: No way. 

Scroll through to find out everything you will ever need to know, or use the handy SEARCH feature over there on the right. The most recent Q&As will be on the front page for a while, then put over on this page for permanent searchability. If you  have any questions you need answered, tweet it to @Team_Jack! Thanks!

Looking Ahead

Tweet your questions to @Team_Jack!

1. "Where will the BD2 Premiere be located?"
Jack: Don't you think there'll be more than one in the world? Softballs!!! :D

2. Will Bill be releasing any BD2 stills in the near future? Like the Chirstmas gift we got two years ago.
Jack: Not that I've heard yet, no.

3. "Can you tell us where Bill is with BD2 at the moment?"
Jack: Sure, he's meticulously scrutinizing every take that was shot as he assembles his director's cut with his editor.

4. Will Lionsgate/Summit merger have any effect on BDpart2?
Jack: We think it's all good, honestly. The TWILIGHT SAGA and HUNGER GAMES, together under one roof! WIN!

5. Me and a LOT of other fans want 100 Monkeys on BD2 soundtrack. Got a petition but what else can we do?
Jack: Hmmm, what's Jackson say?

6. Please say that BD2 will NOT have Edward in a vest. (no need to answer, I'm a smartass)
(Editorial note: AGREE!)
Jack: I don't think so, no.

7. "Perfect idea for BD2's credits! EVERY outtake/blooper from the movies. wow."
Jack: I wouldn't get your hopes up!

8. "Is it true- 1st teaser trailer for BD2 in March?"
Jack: Who said that?

9. Can you say how many new characters there are that Stephenie did not write herself, like 2 vamps in French coven?
Jack: Maybe one more?

10. Will you be available for Q&A right after the Target's Sneak Peek?
Jack: Sure, if Sharon reminds me.

11. "Is the BD2 Sneak Peak at Target only or will it be online too?"
Jack: I think that's a Target exclusive.

12. So when will the 3 disc DVD with the deleted extended scenes come out? :)"
Jack: "Somewhere...over the rain-bowww..."

13. "Will Bella have a Cullen Crest like the rest of the clan?"
Jack: I'm not sure.

14. "Will BD Part 2 have more sex scenes?"
Jack: Yes.

15. "Is there gonna be an E/J fight in BD2 over imprinting? We want E to kick his ass!" WB- I agree! :P
Jack: Not quite. That was cut from PART I - the wall punch!

16. "Is the BD2 soundtrack completed yet? Lana Del Rey would be a cool add. Strong female."
Jack: Nowhere near settled. She'd have to submit a song or two, like every other artist.

17. "Will there be some good family moments between Edward, Bella and Renesmee in BD2?"
Jack: Yeah, plenty of them. You'll be happy.

18. @Team_Jack @eemn83: "I was wondering since there were clips of all the movies at the end of pt1 will it be different for pt 2?"
Jack:  :)

(Editor's note: BRAT)

19. When will we start seeing stuff for BD2?
Jack: At Target on the 11th!

20. Will the volturi wives make an appearance in BD2?
Jack: Yes. "They even brought the wives."

21. Will Part 2 title treatment and color theme be the same as for Part 1?
Jack: Too soon to know - probably?

22. Does Bill have plans to slip a little something at the end of BD1 credits?
Jack: Hope Springs Eternal!

23. Is Rob going to be on the BD2 soundtrack?
Jack: I am not sure, but either Rob isn't doing anything with his music at the moment, or he wants to keep it separate.

24. Why can't BD2 come out sooner?
Jack: I hear you, but the next movie won't be done until next spring. That is a pretty tight for a summer release.

25. Will Bella show Edward her thoughts?
Jack: What do you think?

(Ed. Note: Someone needs a spanking, methinks.)

26. Do you think they will do a premier for BD2 in NY?
Jack: No idea - way too soon for anyone to have decided anything yet. This goes for ALL premiere location questions, folks.

27. OK - you told us that you think the Summit/Lionsgate merger is a good thing. But how much of a ‘merger’ is this? Or is it more of a take over? Are any of the personnel staying the same? Specifically what do you think it will mean as far as promotion for BD2? Will it be business as usual or will they change the way things have been done in the past? (You know... cause some of us have already booked our trip to Tent City...)
Jack: Lots of people will stay, lots of SOP will likely stay the same, and lots will change. How's that for an answer?

Q & A from March 19th and Teaser Trailer FTW!

28. When it came to the edit process of BD did Stephenie have anything to do or say about it, or was it all Bill?
Jack: Aside from the however many seconds of "Thrustgate", the cut is pretty much how Bill made it. I don't remember Stephenie having many notes. I heard she was very very happy with the movie.

29. Why did they change the engagement ring in BD2?
Jack: Asking @gregyolen....
Greg says the ring wasn't changed.

30. Which do you think is better to buy, the DVD or BluRay version? Any differences between the two?
Jack: The Blu-ray picture and sound are superior to DVD. As for features and packaging, I'm probably not the expert.

31. During transformation the last image is Charlie and Renee holding a baby Bella. Is that her own memory?
Jack: Yes, remember she's seeing herself in a mirror.

32. The BD1 guide has a pic of several bodies in tower of the volturi. Is that from the deleted "Inviting Aro" scene?
Jack: Yes, exactly, that used to open the movie before cutting to Jacob running from his house.

33. What exactly do you know about Brazil?
Jack: Almost nothing, sorry!

34. Still fascinated by Jack's cool laid-back nature. Is it the result of @CamelToad's 2nd hand smoke?
Jack: Oh hell no - it's the result of years and years spent in therapy!!!

35. On one of the special features I saw an image of the wedding invite with the wrong date: 2011! What's up with that?
Jack: Is it right in the movie or wrong? This would be the propmaster's job.

36. What advice do you and Bill give to an aspiring producer or director?
Jack: That's different advice for each, and too complex for Twitter and 140 characters, I'm afraid. "Don't do it"? ;)

37. Given all the camera angles, views w/ guests and w/out, about how many takes did the wedding kiss have? Was it timed?
Jack: I have no idea how many takes or whether any of it was timed. Sorry!

38. Was there a longer version of the wedding dance at the reception?
Jack: No, I don't think so. Not that I ever saw, anyway.

39. For Edward being such a traditionalist, why does he say Bella instead of Isabella in the wedding vows?
Jack: Sounds like a question for screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg!

40. On Bill's commentary, I heard him say there will be a 4 hour single Breaking Dawn movie one day with extended scenes?! When?!
Jack: When do you think?

41. Why were so many scenes left out of the movie when the running time was relatively short?
Jack: Because he came to feel that they were extraneous to the pacing and flow. Editing is never about runtime.

42. Do you know how I can get an autograph from Twilight?
Jack: At one of the official Twilight conventions? What's the Twilight Creation Entertainment handle, WB? (ED: check out creationent.com for Twilight Convention info.)

43. Is there a hidden easter egg on the BD1 BluRay?
Jack: I don't think so, no. The DVD came out for V-Day, not Easter. ;) CONFIRMED: no Easter eggs.

44. Have you seen @ThatKevinSmith's "What I Really Do" version? Love it!
Jack: I haven't yet!

45. Did Bella's dress sleeve rip when Edward carried her in the house?
Jack: I dunno, you tell me!

46. The scene with Edward in the ocean while Bella walks out to meet him: Legit or CGI? Looks too perfect to be real!
Jack: A blend of both. It depends on which specific shot you're wondering about.

47. Were the wedding speeches scripted or ad-libbed?
Jack: Scripted, I believe.

48. Was "Thousand Years" originally in the movie and then later moved?
Jack: It was never in the movie, but "Turning Page" was originally titled "A Hundred Years"!

49. Did Rob smoke a cigarette before every take/scene?
Jack: Nope.

50. There is an extra you can see during both wedding scenes has shoulder length grey hair. She is stunning! Who is she?
Jack: Uh, just a wedding guest?

51. How many months was filming in Baton Rouge? Was it fun being in Louisiana?
Jack: Maybe six months total in Baton Rouge, including pre-production. I never went! Ask @erikodom how fun it was.

52. Hey Jack! When are you coming to Jersey for dinner?! :)
Jack: Not anytime soon, I'm afraid. :-(

53. Why does the Twilight Saga never get nominated for Oscars?
Jack: It's not what we call an awards movie.

54. What was your first impression of Kristen and Rob?
Jack: That they walked around like normal people, honestly.

55. Why in the movie do Edward and Bella not have sex three times on the honeymoon like in the book?
Jack: Twice was sufficient. ;-P

56. Why does the UK BluRay cover say it has a 6 part making of doc but doesn't? I'm very disappointed!
Jack: Buy an all-region player and order one of ours. I guess that was a packaging error? Write your distributor.

57. The movie companion says B wears E's clothes on the honeymoon. In what scene? Was this cut?
Jack: The first breakfast scene, maybe?

58. Why does Bella wear her wedding and engagement rings on different hands?
Jack: I have no answers where any of these ring questions are concerned, folks. I wasn't there.

59. Why did Edward stop wearing his Cullen Crest wristcuff after the wedding?
Jack: I believe that was a choice of the costume designer's and Bill.

60. I have just one thing that troubles me: sparkles! We didn't see any "diamonds" on Edward on BD1, hope to see some on Bella in Part Two.
Jack: What about the waterfall?

61. Any news on when promo for Part 2 will start? We need to batten down the hatches! :)
Jack: It's starting!!!!

62. Breaking Dawn Part 2 logo was revealed. What do you think? Is there anything you can tell us about the color choice?
Jack: Full-on sun, right?

63. Is the trailer that will be released on the 23rd the same as the Target one?
Jack: No, it's completely new and completely awesome.

64. Will the trailer be in front of The Hunger Games internationally or only in US?
Jack: Probably worldwide. Probably.

65. What is the run time of the trailer?
Jack: Maybe a minute or a bit more - the usual teaser length. But it's what they fit in to that time...

66. Will the BD2 trailer be in front of The Hunger Games in IMAX, or only in regular theaters?
Jack: Probably IMAX as well.

67. Will we see Renessmee/Edward with Renessmee in the trailer?
Jack: Wait and see!

With a TEASER TRAILER like this, we don't need any more teasing, Mr. Morrissey! ;)

68. what does Alice say at the reception. "Aversion" or "Virgin" of fashion?

69. I really want @100MonkeysMusic on the BD part 2 soundtrack! Is it possible? It would be AWESOME!
Jack: Hope Springs Eternal!

70. Why wasn't there a voice over on Bella on how she was feeling as if the movie were on her point of view like the previous movies?
Jack: I couldn't say, honestly. Just an artistic choice, I guess.

71. Can you explain what the credits scene was all about?
Jack:  That's the single best frame in that entire movie. ;-P What didn't you understand about the epilogue?

72. Follow up: Who wrote the letter and what does Aro want from them?
Jack:  I think Carlisle wrote it and I won't answer your second question. Guess away - you have a whole year to figure it out!

73. 'Turning Page' really needs to be submitted for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards this year. It's as good if not BETTER then the rest of stuff out there!
Jack: I think a few songs could/should be submitted, including "Turning Page", but we'll see!

74. What do you think of people saying BD is causing seizures?
Jack: Well it seems to have done so at least twice. This happens every now and then with movies and tv shows -- Pokemon anyone?

75. What do all the things on the Team Jack logo represent?
Jack: If you listen to my second appearance on Kevin's morning show I named them all (without the art in front of me!) Supertrain, the failed NBC series from the late 70s, a kodama from MONONOKE HIME, and the Emperor from STAR WARS.

76. Do you know if is going to be a CD deluxe soundtrack? I know there's the digital one.
Jack: I don't know -- I hope so, though. I'd buy a bunch! Only ECLIPSE had one, right?

77. What was Kristen was really drinking in the blood drinking scene?
Jack: It was the usual Karo food syrup, but without the toxic red dye #5. 
A better, less toxic coloring agent was used.

78. I was wondering why Bill decided to start BD1 with Edna St Vincent Millay’s poem and not the preface?
Jack: i think I know why, but type the preface out, wouldja? Don't make me go find Bill's copy!

79. Did you go to Rio during the filming of BD?
Jack: No, I never went to Brazil. Someone had to stay in L.A. and look after Pigpen!

80. Now that Bella married Edward and is a vampire, will she have any accessories with the Cullen crest?
Jack: Too soon for that answer!

81. How many Edward & Bella scenes have been deleted?
Jack:  I have no idea.

82. Are there more scenes between Edward & Tanya at the wedding?
Jack: No.

83. Why does Bella have her engagement ring and not her wedding ring during the "bathroom scene"?
Jack: I have no idea. The ring obsession.

84. Hey! I wanna know if the scenes with Bella and J.Jenks would be in BD-2?
Jack: Yup!

85. Will you give me something about what we are gonna see in the BD2 sneak peek? pretty please with cherries on top? Jack the great?
Jack:  Bella and Edward.

(ed. note: Bratty answer? Hard to say. Experience says yes.)

Happy Valentine's Day from Jack

86. Jack! What is the name of the band and the song that was played during the Target Exclusive Breaking Dawn Part Two clip?
Artist: Iko
Song: Heart of Stone


87. Music as Bella wakes up Comic-con clip: 
Artist: Passion Pit’s
Song: “I Think We’ll Be Alright”


The ladies over at Twilight Lexicon asked us for some wallpapers of the super cool Five Movie Poster for the Movie Marathon happening all over, and here they are! Get excited!

1280 × 959


 Jack Q & A August 7, 2012

1. Will Heart of Stone be on the BD2 soundtrack?
Jack: Yes, it will.

2. At Comic Con press conference Kristen said vamp sex was rated R, so no sex scenes in BD2 at all?!
Jack: Um, you're gonna get what you want, believe me.
3. Why isn't there a picture of Renesmee in the new calendar?
Jack: That's a good question and I honestly have no idea. There are so many new characters not in that calendar.
4. Will Renesmee be involved in the battle?
Jack: See if you can find her in that aerial shot - "Where's Renesmee?" ;-D

5. Does Bella hiss at all in BD2? Will we have Bella voice overs in BD2 that were missing in BD1?
Jack: She does not hiss, but she's pretty tough. Yes, there's voiceover - you've already heard some in the trailers.

6. Where are Edward, Bella and Renesmee when everyone else is gathered around the fire? In the tent?
Jack: Bella and Renesmee are, yes - you've seen that still. Edward is right outside, talking with Carlisle.

7. One question before I go, in the new EW picture is Bella gifting Renesmee the locket in the tent or is she just showing her it?
Jack: Gifting. 'night!

8. Why does Jack and the Team focus on @erikodom so much?!
Jack: Well why not? He's very talented and attractive in a variety of ways. Also, his nomad is noteworthy.
ed. note: personally, it's all about the beanie for me. Okay, yeah, Peter the Nomad is pretty good, too.-T.

9. Its a bit early, but when does DVD production begin?
Jack: How are you using the word "production"?
Follow up question: When would they start recording a commentary?
ie: Later = more time to cool off = more likely to get a R/K commentary
Jack: Commentaries are recorded further down the road.

10. When will we get new official posters?
Jack: Probably right around the same time as they've come out for the first four movies, honestly.

11. Will we see mother/daughter bonding when Renesmee tells Bella about her day and her memories?
Jack: Yes.

12. Why don't Edward and Bella's hands sparkle in the trailer? Are they not in direct sunlight?
Jack: Correct!

13. Hey Jack! How's it going? Will there be a podcast this week?! I missed it last week :(
Jack: Thanks for saying so - Episode 41: FALL MOVIE PREVIEW will be online at iTunes and http://SModcast.com tomorrow! (August 8th, 2012)

14. Will BD2 runtime be about the same or longer than the previous movies?
Jack: Each of the previous four movies had a different runtime.

15. Still haven't gotten an answer as to why no Quil/Tyson in IMDB credits for part 2. Why no Quil in part 2?!
Jack: He's in PART II. Blame IMDB.

16. Will we hear Bella's Lullaby in Carter Burwell's score?
Jack: Yes, of course. That's always been a main theme as it's essentially Bella's story, isn't it.

17. Will BD2 have the Summit logo and title shot at the beginning like the others or jump straight to Bella's eyes?
Jack: The Summit mountain always opens the picture, like the Paramountain always opens theirs.

18. What company has Summit hired to do the posters/ promo pictures? Is it the same company as for the past movies?
Jack: Yep yep.

19. Any chance we'll see the cast dance prank on the DVD extras?
Jack: I don't know, I still haven't seen it myself.

20. Any cast members on the last soundtrack to close the loop?
Jack: Nice try. ;)

21. Do you know if Summit plans to include in the Mega DVD edition for 5 films the SDCC panels and/or Q&As from Twi-cons?
Jack: Absolutely no idea - sorry!

22. If Jack is Bill Condon's partner, why did Team Jack have to stand in line for Comic Con?
Jack: Same as why I slept out with the team the night before - it's an essential part of the experience.

23. What does Renesmee call her parents? Mom and Dad? Or momma like in the book?
Jack: Momma, I think.

24. Are we going to see some Charlie/Sue love during the Christmas scenes?
Jack: Yes, you will!

25. Why are you guys so obsessed with @erikodom? he seems to get a LOT of attention. WB: a repeat, but a good one! LOL!
Jack: Why AREN'T you obsessed...yet?! ;-P He deserves the attention.

26. Will we see Bella wearing elegant, sexy dresses in BD2? And I'm not counting the blue dress we've already seen!
Jack: She looks hot and sleek but I'm not sure there are lots of dresses. I'm a guy, after all.

27. Is there a reflection in Jacob's eye in the poster? of Renesmee maybe?
Jack: I don't think so. Have you seen one in person since asking?

28. Will the relationship between Edward and Bella change too much or is it like in the other movies with same sexual tension?
Jack: The attraction is still definitely palpable, but shifted as she's a vampire and so they're equals now.

29. Will we get to see Jacob strip in front of Charlie? ;) LOL!
Jack: Too soon to tell!

30. Will the last scene of the movie be the same as the book, when Bella shows Edward her thoughts? Thanks! :)
Jack: I will never tell you what the last scene is.

31. They probably won't do a commentary with Rob and Kristen, huh?
Jack: My answer for all commentary-related questions is the same for all international promo and premieres: above my pay grade.

32. Is the soundtrack list complete?
Jack: No not yet.

33. Was anything in the SDCC clip from reshoots?
Jack: I don't think so, no.

34. When Will There Be A Nomad Poster? (Yes, I realize that's above your pay grade, but u knew it was coming.)
Jack: Here's hoping!!!! If not, we'll make our own!!!

35. How is Bella's shield created? Is it visible in some way or not?
Jack: You'll be able to tell when it's up and working.

36. Will we see the necklace Aro sent to Bella as a wedding gift? It wasn't in the trailer.
Jack: Yes you will. 99.9999999 percent of the movie is not in any trailer or still.

37. Will Muse be on the last soundtrack!?
Jack: Too soon to tell.

38. Was there anything specific that Bill was adamant about getting into the film that he had to push for?
Jack: Not during the editing phase, no.

39. Jack, what is going on with the character Kachiri? Tell us about it please!
Jack: I've never heard of this character? She's not in the movie.

40. Will Nahuel be in BD2, or just his Aunt?
Jack: Both of them. @PardoJD for the win!!!!

41. No news for the TVF awards?
Jack: What news should there be?

42. Is the music in the Comic Con clip during the hunting scene Cater's score or not?
Jack: That's a temp version of Carter's cue, yep.

43. In BD1 there is a painting of a dog next to the light Bella switches off the night before wedding... a dog of yours?
Jack: No, I think that painting has been in her room since Catherine's movie, no?
ed.note: yes, it has been in her room since Twilight.

44. Is the last scene in the book (where Bella lets Edward hear her thoughts for the first time) included in the film?
Jack: Too soon to tell.

45. Who will be doing the commentaries?
Jack: My answer for all commentary-related questions is the same for all international promo and premieres: above my pay grade.

46. Is the date for the release of the last BD2 trailer determined yet?
Jack: Shnope.

47. Do you know when we can preorder the soundtrack and/or score? Can't wait!
Jack: Nah, I haven't heard yet -- sorry! Hey @CiderSkyBand is playing the Olympics!!!

48. Why did Billy Burke not participate in the Twilight panel at SDCC?
Jack: No reason, really.

49. The wolves have changed a bit in each movie. Will BD2's be different or more like Eclipse/NM?
Jack: They'll be exactly as you saw them in PART I.

50. Will we ever get an official Renesmee poster?
Jack: We haven't yet, no. I bet she'll be with her parents on at least one poster from some country.

51. Do you know if we'll get a sneak peak at Carter Burwell's score before the film release?
Jack: No idea sorry.

52. Will we see any songs from other soundtracks repeat in BD2?
Jack: Such as what?

53. Are the gorgeous cheekbones of VampBella Expert makeup, CGI or combo of both? FLOVE how she has been transformed!
Jack: Hey Nicole! Absolutely no CG has been used on Bella's cheekbones! All make-up and reality!

54. Congrats on the 40th episode! Do u guys miss the absent co-host? And does he ever check in with you or comment on episode?
Jack: Thanks! Sure we miss him and I talk to him almost every day one way or the other. He doesn't listen, no.

55. After BD2 will the podcast still continue?
Jack: Yeah, for sure!

56. Will everything we've seen so far of BD2 make the final cut?
Jack: I think so, yeah.

57. Was there a particular scene that required tedious editing?
Jack: There was one sequence that had A LOT of footage to review!!!

58. Hi Jack! Is the song that plays during Bella's first hunt in the SDCC clip written by Carter Burwell?
Jack: Yes it is and you'll hear a fuller recording with real instruments properly mixed in the movie.

59. Thanks! Any chance you can put in a good word for a blooper reel in the DVD? :D
Jack: Sure, although I don't think there's much.

60. What is your favourite scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2?
Jack: Oh, so many. Too many.

61. Any scenes worthy of a fifth MTV best kiss award? ;) ps: thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions!
Jack: Yeah absolutely worthy. And you're welcome!

62. Are there any cute Jacob/Renesmee moments in BD2?
Jack: Yeah, OF COURSE!

63. Do you have any fun pictures of Bill and Carter at Abbey Road?
Jack: I do, but you will never see them. Sad Panda Express!!!! ;)

64. Which scene are you most excited to see after editing?
Jack: I've already seen them all a hundred times!

65. Why is Tyson (Quil) not in BD2?
Jack: We already answered this, unless it's a campaign.

66. Kristen said at SDCC that she was still finishing stuff with Bill. What are they finishing?
Jack: ADR.

67. If the Condon crew decides to direct another movie, do you think Baton Rouge will be in running? We loved having you!
Jack: Baton Rouge will always be in the running if it's an appropriate setting and the rebates and incentives stay on. The cast and crew loved shooting and living there, so the feeling is mutual!

68. Why is the Charlie holding Renee holding Phil shot not in the movie? Is it in the companion.
Jack: Weren't you meant to send this to me?

69. OMGGG! New photos! That's real. Right? I'm shocked! :O http://tmblr.co/ZSv8lvQ_kbor
Jack: Those are all real, I think. Must be in the EW. Thanks!

70. In the book Bella describes it as a red haze or something so my guess is that's how it'll be since we basically see via her POV
Jack: Nice guess!! ;-P. It's VERY cool, and I'm an effects nerd from the 70s and 80s. It's very tough to describe.

71. Safrina and Senna's sister that brings Nahuel and Julien with Alice?
Jack: Not in the movie!

72. You sure know how to tease us. So how far is Bill in the editing process, almost done, or a bit more to go?
Jack: The editing is completely finished. It's all visual effects and final sound mix now.

73. Which is the best? Which do you think the fans are going to like most?
Jack: I can't answer that! ;-P

74. It looks like Carlisle on Edward's shirt in the photo with Renesmee looking up at him? http://ohmykatniss12.tumblr.com/post/28969688245/omggg-new-photos-thats-real-right-team-jack
Jack: It could be another still on the next page bleeding through.

75. Hey Jack! Have you been watching the Olympics?
Jack: Heyo! Not beyond the opening ceremony, nope.

76. Will the brown pick up truck be making another appearance in BD2?
Jack: Hmmm, I'm not sure.

77. Can we please please please have Deleted/Extended scenes on the BDpt2 DVD extras. Gutted they weren't on the BDpt1 DVD.
Jack: You should know the answer to this by now! Commentary track for the win?

78. In BD1 wolf Jacob runs across road in front of the brown truck. In appears in Eclipse and New Moon. Coincidence or inside joke?
Jack: Coincidence.

79. You said Bella doesn't hiss in the movie but does she snarl when she's pissed at Kate when they're working on Bella's shield?
Jack: Hissing and snarling are not really things that people do.

80. When will we see the full trailer? Hi from Spain ^^
Jack: Hello, Spain. No idea, sorry.

81. Have you and/or Bill seen any of the Hillywood parodies? Thoughts?
Jack: Bill watched the BD1 parody and really enjoyed it. I haven't seen any of them, honestly. Sorry!

82. Do you know if some commentary tracks of all Twilight movies have been saved for a superfanbox edition?
Jack: I imagine they've been saved but don't know what's being used for that box set.

83. Jack do you work for summit right?
Jack: I confirmed that we DO NOT work for Summit.

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If you have any questions about the filming of Breaking Dawn, please check here first, as there are a lot of questions that he has already answered. You can easily search this blog with keywords for Frequently Asked Question, such as:

What are Rob and Kristen like?
Jack: They're are great people and Bill loves them, but I have never met Rob, Kristen... or Bear, for that matter.

Are you going to be in the film? Maybe the wedding scene? 
Jack: No way. 

Here is where you will find all Jack's Q&As for the lead up and subsequent squee-fest of the Breaking Dawn Part One film and DVD release. We've tried to tag as much as we can, and there is a handy SEARCH button over there on the right, but really, I suggest reading through them all because it's all great fun and great info.


1. Why doesn't Bella have her scar on her arm in some scenes?
Jack: Continuity error.

2. Why doesn't Edward sparkle on the beach?
Jack: He sparkles at the waterfall, all other times it is overcast and cloudy.

3. What was your favorite scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1?
Jack: Too many to mention, honestly!

4. What is Bill’s favorite part of BD1?
Jack: A favorite moment of his is when Bella comprehends her pregnancy.

5. What was the most difficult scene to shoot?
Jack: Maybe the birth.

6. What do you think about the birth scene?
Jack: It's very intense, realistic and subjective.

7. Have any of the actors seen the film yet?
Jack: Yes, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor have all seen many cuts of it, from the first rough assemblage through the final cut.

8. Will we see the night before the wedding in Bella’s room? The stag party?
Jack: Sort of.

9. Will we see the garter throwing at the wedding?
Jack: Nope.

10. Do we see Bella and Edward telling Charlie about the wedding?
Jack: You’ve already seen it.

11. Jack, where is the break between BD 1 and BD2?
Jack: You don't really want to me to give away the ending, do you?

12. Is Rob is going to speak Portuguese in the film?
Jack: Yes.

13. In the behind the scenes footage, we saw Jacob and Edward fight when Edward finds out about the imprinting. Why wasn't in the movie?
Jack: Bill decided that he preferred Edward learning that Jacob imprinted at the end of the battle. 
Dunno if it will be on the DVD.

14. Why didn’t the movie have any of Bella’s inner monologues?
Jack: Bill and Melissa didn’t feel it was needed, I guess.

15. Why was scene where Edward slams Jacob into the wall cut?
Jack: Bill came to feel that it was best for Edward to learn about Jacob
having imprinted when and as he does in the movie. Also, he decided against
showing Edward having a negative reaction to it, as he does in that deleted

15. “Was the scene filmed where Edward bites the pillows?”
Jack: Schnope!

16. "Is Bella wearing pajama jeans in the first scene?"
Jack: Uh...I have no idea. Check the Blu-ray in two weeks (Editorial note: I saw the movie 6 times. Those are totally pajama jeans, IMO ;)

17. "Why does the bridal bouquet disappear during the wedding? Bella has it at the beginning then nothing?"
Jack: She tossed it? No idea. Sorry! There's no deleted scene there, I don't think.

18. "I would love to know why the Volturi's "home" is different from what we saw in New Moon."
Jack: Bill and his production designer Richard Sherman wanted to go in a different direction with that set.

19. "How long was the first cut of BD1?"
Jack: I can't remember, honestly. How much longer will the last cut of it be, is the real question.

20. "who designed Bella's wedding dress in the nightmare?"
Jack: Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer for both parts.

21. "who played chelsea and corin volturi?"
Jack: Uh who are they?

(Editorial Note: think they meant the new wolves? Collin (Brayden Jimmie)Brady (Swo wo Gabriel)

22. "What kind of cellphone does Edward have? The LG Optimus black or GT540?"
Jack: I have no idea - sorry!

23. Was using the instrumental from Turning Page for Bella's walk down the isle Bill's decision or Carter Burwell's?
Jack: It was Bill's decision but Carter was fully in agreement with it. They just saw each other today, btw.

24. (follow up) They saw each other today? Working on BD2 already? Or just socially?
Jack: Already working on BD2.

25. "Is there any chance ever of a director's cut?"
Jack: Yes, there's a chance... I should add that the cut you saw in theatres is really more or less Bill's cut. We all know what's missing. ;)

(Editorial note: ::scowl:: Teasing Brat.)

26. You've said you had some creative input in BD1, can you please tell us what?
Jack: Did I really say that? Was that my exact wording? I'm too...I dunno, shy about that, but I earned the credit.

27. Why didn't we see the last pic in the companion in the movie?
Jack: The author photo? ;-P Which photo are you referring to?

28. just before Bella opens her red eyes- is that her pupil you see sealed with venom or just last blood cell?
Jack: Her last human blood cell. Interesting question!

29. "What type of flowers are hanging during the wedding?"
Jack: Fake ones that have been cut up and packaged with that DVD edition in two weeks! :-D

30. Is there a color chart for the pack? In Tippett vid they are color coded.
Jack: I expect so, yeah, but I haven't seen it.

31. Is Bach Violi Concerto in E major playing during wedding 1st or 3rd movement?
Jack: On it!

32. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Jack: Team Peter. I have and wear the shirt to prove it!

33. Why do these movies always stay around 2 hours? is seems the 1st scenes fly by and could use a couple more min each.
Jack: Can't speak for the first three but BD1 is exactly how Bill wanted it, less a few seconds of Rob's back dimples!

34. "Can you please address WHY we are not seeing deleted scenes or additional commentaries on DVD features?"
Jack: WHYYYYY?!?!?! :D No idea about the commentaries, but you may see some or all of the deleted scenes down the road.

P.S. The Official Illustrated Companion is FULL of stills from deleted scenes!

35. "What is the website Edward visits when researching the baby?"
Jack: The Immortaculum, of course! I'm probably misspelling that.

36. Don't laugh- I'm really curious why it looks like they gave Bella padding in her bra and what was the point?"
Jack: Hmm, dunno. I never heard that.

37. "Will we ever see an R-rated edition of BD1?"
Jack: Hope springs eternal! And wouldn't "unrated" be better?

(Editorial note: YES.)

38. In Burwell's Love, Death, Birth hear parts of songs from Twilight & Eclipse. Is there something from NM? if so, which song?
Jack: Hm, I don't THINK so?

39. Do DVD sales get counted in a movie's gross or is that separate?
Jack: Separate.

40. How was filming the reception scene? Was it intentional to make it more funny than in the book?
Jack: Yeah. Bill also thought about having a rehearsal dinner but ultimately decided to get to the wedding faster.

41. Have they ever nominated the Twilight Saga for anything serious? I don't think so. Shame.
Jack: What's wrong with MTV Movie Awards?! :-D

(Editorial Note: So many things, but that's a different discussion :P)

42. Was the "rings being exchanged at the wedding" filmed?
Jack: Nope.

43. "Do you know why DVD editions are so different between US and around Europe?"
Jack: I don't, other than different distributors.

44. "Are some instrumental tracks from the film not present on the score?"
Jack: Probably not. This is usually the case with score CDs.

45. Okay, can you explain a "posed still" to me? What's the point? Since it won't be in the movie. #confused
Jack: It's just a photograph that the still photographer composes to capture an idea.

46. Were Kristen's own rings left on in the first scene on purpose or accident?
Jack: Hmm, who would know the answer to that. Maybe the director.
Keep reminding me. #ringgate2011

47. "Who decided on the honeymoon boat to be a chriscraft?"
Jack: Didn't I just answer this?

48. In and Out Burger Pro or Con?
Jack’s answer:

(twitter/fandom editorial)And Kristen's knee. And lots of thrusting.


49. Jack's One and Only Answer to All Wig-Related Questions:

"There Will Be Wigs", but remember...Michael Sheen will be seen passing through the Vancouver airport as well.  -- Jack

50. What is the run time for BD1?
Jack: The run time is 1:55. It's only PART I and Bill doesn't want it to be one minute longer than it should be for the best storytelling. Pace and flow!

51. Were the wedding rings added post production?
Jack: No, they were not. As Bill mentioned at Comic Con, the fans spoke out when the first Rio stills were released and they did not see wedding rings. Originally, Stephanie Meyer did not have wedding rings as part of the plan to stay consistent with Edwardian customs. The decision to go without rings was reconsidered after fan feedback. Since the bit that was shot without rings was brief, it was unnecessary to go back and add rings.

52. Can you explain what went into the decisions about hair?
Jack: Here's the thing about the haircuts and/or wigs: as Bill said at Comic-Con, he felt like BD was about growing up for most of the characters, or certainly moving beyond high school, so the hair choices are about that. You may like this one but not that but that was the intention and the hair and makeup artists are all extremely talented. And Bill knows his way around this stuff from DREAMGIRLS, which was all wigs all the time. There was thought and design behind all of it, but as with everything in both parts of BD, that doesn't mean you have to agree with the thought or design, or like it. That's just movies. A team of the best people you can get all work hard with a director, and those choices and decisions get filmed and edited anyway.

53. How does the director go about deciding which songs appear under which scenes in a movie?  
Jack: Every single movie happens uniquely--you kind of have to know someone who worked on. or close to any specific movie in order to know how it all happened and came together. And, for these two BD movies, you do!

For PART I--in broad terms--Bill received CDs with submitted songs. He and his team listened to each song a number of times and then take only the songs they like and try them under certain scenes. Once a song feels like a great fit with a scene musically, and sometimes even lyrically, the producers (including Stephenie) watch/listen, as did the music supervisor and studio execs, and approve.

54. How is the orchestral score placed?
Jack: When scoring the film, first the director, the editor, and their team try a temporary score cue over this scene, or a song under that scene, until they get the movie roughly where they want it to be musically. Then the composer and director "spot" the movie in a spotting session, where they talk through all of the score cues needed, what and how they need to be, and when they need to start and finish. Once agreed upon, the composer goes off and composes.

55. What are your favorite songs from the soundtrack?
Jack: My favorite songs are, in order, "Northern Lights", "Turning Page," "Requiem on Water", and "Endtapes." You will LOVE "Cold".

56. What is Bill's favorite song?
Jack: Probably "Requiem on Water" and/or "Turning Page".

57. Which is your favorite of the Twilight Saga soundtracks?
Jack: Not counting BREAKING DAWN I, I'd say the Twilight Soundtrack.

58. Why isn't Muse on the soundtrack?
Jack: I can't explain that, sorry. Not Bill's fault.

LINK: Muse Article on MTV

59. The film Twilight had blue lighting. Do the BD films have a signature color?
Jack: Signature colors are something Catherine Hardwicke does. For example, check out “Red Riding Hood.” Also, we have too many locations for one color. You’ll notice the marketing materials-posters, calendar, trading cards--have the colors of dawn breaking.

60. Do you know when the soundtrack score will be released?
Jack: I don’t think a date has been announced. Patience.


61. Jack, where are the premieres and promotional events taking place?
Jack: The publicity/promotional event/premiere decisions are in the hands of other people. We have no control over that at all. 

62. Will Kristen Stewart be promoting BD1 while she’s filming SWATH? 
Jack: I have ZERO control or influence over what any of the actors choose to do or not do -- sorry. As you know, Kristen Stewart is shooting right now, and not all productions are accommodating for other movies and their promotional/publicity schedules. 

63. When will you be at Tent City, Camp Breaking Dawn? 
Jack: When WON'T I be there?

64. Are you coming to the London Premiere?
Jack: I will be visiting Tent City for the London Premiere on the afternoon of the 16th. See you there.

65. When are more trailers coming? 
Jack: There will only be TV spots from here on out.

66. Is Summit going to release the Comic Con trailer? 
Jack: I do not know. 

67. Will Breaking Dawn come out in IMAX?
Jack: I don't think so. HAPPY FEET 2 took all the IMAX screens. 

68. Was BD filmed in 3D? 
Jack: The decision was made early on not to film either chapter of “Breaking Dawn" in 3D.


69. What special features will there be on the DVD?
Jack:Haven't they been announced?

70. Will Bill be record his commentary solo or with others?
Jack: Solo

71. Is there going to be an UNEDITED DVD version of "Breaking Dawn"?
Jack: Hope springs eternal

72. Rumor has it that Edward's thrusting was cut from the film. Is that true?
Jack: Don't you worry.

73. Can you please tell Bill that we want an R-rated version of the film on the DVD?
Jack: Bill has heard the requests for an R-rated cut of the film.

74. Are Robert and Kristen going to be on the DVD commentary?
Jack: Hope springs eternal.

75. confirmation on whether the DVD has deleted scenes?
Jack: It doesn't.

76. Was there any behind the scenes footage shot during the actual last scenes filmed in the Caribbean?
Jack: Yup and it's included in the awesome DVD documentary.

Our epic Twilight 4Peat Contest!

We all know Breaking Dawn Part One was the best movie this year, so let's show the world!

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Not signed, but fun prizes anyway:

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So keep voting and let's get ourselves that historic Twilight 4Peat!

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This blog is mostly a place to compile the podcasts, tweets and Q & As from the ever-lovely and generous Jack Morrissey.

What do all the things on the Team Jack logo represent?

Jack: If you listen to my second appearance on Kevin's morning show I named them all (without the art in front of me!) Supertrain, the failed NBC series from the late 70s, a kodama from MONONOKE HIME, and the Emperor from STAR WARS.


Team Captain
Tumblr Captain:
Blog Captain:
Twitter Mavens:


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Q&A: I've Waited A Lifetime...

In BD2 how are they going to show Bella's eyes change throughout the movie?  
Jack:Yes, everyone has been very detailed-oriented about Bella's eye transition! #wegetyou!! P.S. Sometimes via contact lenses, sometimes via digital visual effects.

Are there sweet moments between Kate and Garrett in BD2? Thx for your kindness and patience! from Italy! :)
A: Hello, Italia! I think you'll be very happy with all the colors in that relationship: two great actors = good fit. Thanks for following us and for your fandom! :-D

Will we see Edward's Christmas gift to Renesmee?
A:I don't think so though the piano duet with Dad fills that space emotionally & she gets stuff from Mom and Jacob.

I don't like this quote, "Goodbye Jacob, my brother, my son" Is it in the movie?
A: Shnope, that quote is not in the movie.

What are Edward and Bella like as parents? What is this scene?Embedded image permalink
A: E and B are great, protective parents and what do you think they might be looking up at? Or who? ;-D

Do you know where I can find an email for Summit/Lionsgate? I want to make a suggestion for BD2 Promo.
A: I would tweet their official handle a few times. What's your promo suggestion?

Just wanna ask if we'll see Jasper with scars because of Bella being a vampire and seeing everything more clearly :)
A: You'll literally see through Bella's new eyes, but Jasper's scars are not among the sights in the movie.

If half movies box office goes to studio does that mean only domestic gross? Is actor's pay included in the budget?
A: Cast and crew pay is included in the budget, but you'll almost never read a true movie budget number in the press. Every movie's gross/net return depends on the deals between the studio and exhibitors. Sometimes half of global- sometimes not.

I miss @gregyolen Anyway you can demand his presence for the next TJ podcast?
A: Serving he and @erikodom up tomorrow at http://SModcast.com and iTunes - thanks for listening!! :-D TEAM JACK Episode 48: "The Assassination of @gregyolen by the Coward @erikodom "

What's up with this "new ending" for BD2? Cuz a few people are freaking out a little.
A: Everyone needs to relax, cuz the last 35-45 minutes of this movie, into the closing credits, are SO. GOOD. Remember that Stephenie and Melissa conceived it then Bill developed it fully and directed it.

I’m putting money down that either Demetri or Felix gets whacked at the end of BD2 because too many Cullens are gunning for them.
A: Why does it have to be one or the other?! Or neither?! ;-D

Why is the soundtrack being released so late this time?! I'm sad because now I won't be able to listen to it while camping out!
A: We love it because you should really hear all the music inside the movie. And you're cheating with all these questions?!

What's the runtime for BD2?
A: One hour and 55 minutes, including end titles

Did you hear about the girl who was denied her diploma for copying the Eclipse graduation speech?
A: Well what'd she expect for plagiarism?!

What kind of software did they use for editing the movies? Studying this right now.
A: Avid.

Will we see Nessie as a teen or adult? I mean in a flashforward or something?
A: Yes - I think we've already seen a still of this.

Does our beloved Peter have any interactions with Jasper in BD2?
A: Yes he does, as described in the novel, I believe! Hi, Allison!

Will there be more posters?
A: I'm sure there will be a few more posters, internationally and merch.

How will Bella's power be shown? Will it be invisible?
A: Bella's shield is invisible to everyone around her and probably even her, but the audience sees it and it's subtle!

Have we seen the Volturi wives in the new trailer?
A: Probably? It's hard for me to remember what is and isn't in the trailers and tv spots. #Theyevenbroughtthewives

Alice and Emmet: both their back stories are in the books, why not in the movies? And have you read all the books?
A: I have not read all the novels, no, and I don't know why their origin stories didn't make it into any of the first 3 but there wasn't any need or space for them in BREAKING DAWN, which we see as one long movie released in two parts.

Quote Bill, "We're trying to fit that into the long version, you know, the one movie." Will there be a longer version?
A: Bill never lies. ;-D See my last tweet re: one movie made from one novel.

Will Jacob be jealous of Nahuel, the half vampire like Nessie?
A: No, he won't be.

In the book Edward shows her the house and clothes in the closet. Is this in the movie?
A: Haven't we seen stills of this? There are pages devoted to it in the COMPLETE FILM ARCHIVE book that just came out.

Have you heard Renesmee's lullaby or seen the scene? What do you think?
A: I love it. You will, too -- it's vintage Burwell. I could tell you a secret right now...but wait 29 days!

Who is the person sitting between Tanya and Benjamin in the fire still? Is it Jacob?
A: Jacob, yes, I think.

Does our beloved Peter have any lines in #BD2?
A: Not one spoken by him, but one spoken about him...by Bella! It's in Amanda Bell's Examiner interview with him.

Is "now you know; no one has ever loved anyone as much as I love you" in the film? Hands down my face quote :-)
A: Hope Springs Eternal

Will Charlie hold Renesmee in his arms? Will we see her first steps?
A: I think you've already seen that in a still, but no first steps, no.

Is the EW cover the last scene?
A: 29 days!

Does Carlisle weigh Renesmee everyday to see her growth in BD2? Will Bella see Nessie right after the hunt?
A: He uses a wall chart to measure her growth, and yep she meets her right after she drinks that mountain lion!

Will the movie tie in books have the new ending from the movie?
A: I don't think any of the tie-ins will have stills from that, no.

Favorite song in New Moon?
A: "Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke - are you following my daily musical countdown on FB?

Will BD2 reference Tanya's feelings for Edward? No other film has addressed this!
A: Shot during the wedding reception and will hopefully go back in at some point!

Have you seen Cosmopolis? Has Bill? If yes, give us a short review please.
A: Bill saw and liked both the film and Rob's performance. I haven't seen it yet - I was scuba diving when he went.

Is that Stefan I spy on the right attacking the Volturi with the Cullens?
A: Yes of course!

Who does Bella drop kick?
A: You should know!

That mountain lion shot... damn. Was that thing CGI'd?? Cause it looked reeeal! #badass
A: Hi, Nicole! It's real until she has it, and you haven't even seen the best shot yet! The DVD doc covers this well.

Why was Renesmee's backpack red and not black?
A: I've no idea, sorry! :-D

Did Rob and Kristen do that last stunt in the trailer themselves? Can you have Bill on a podcast?
A: Yes they did and no he would never sit for that. I'll get McKellen on before I get Bill.

Is there no mention of the necklace Aro gave Bella as a wedding present? WB note: I bought one at Hot Topic! lol
A: The Voturi necklace gift is still in the theatrical cut, I think.

Is the ending of the movie totally different than the book? Looks that way in the trailer, but its just a trailer.
A: 29 days 'til you know!

Why are the trailers showing so much of Kate and Garrett?
A: I think that's just random, honestly.

Daughter wants 2 know if we'll see Alice stick her tongue out at Jasper after the vase breaks. We just read that part

How do they make the water move by, is it Benjamin? :)
A: Benjamin -- and a combination of real water and digital visual effects.

Do you have any idea why Bella emerges from the woods alone? Looks like the cliff from NM, new scene?
A: I'm not sure which shot you're referring to, but Edward's always with her on the hunt and yes, completely different locale.

Curious if anyone noticed that it is Benjamin who punches the ice in BD trailer? Is that correct?
A: Correct! Good eye! I would do - and did do - the same frame-by-frame with BSG, which is my fandom.

Is the Score from the trailer, specifically the fight scene, going to be in the movie?
A: It's all going to be in the movie! Wait, sorry - the score isn't, I don't think.

will we see Bella's Ferari in BD2?
A: Shnope, sorry.
I'm playing a trivia game with friends. Can you give me any info on BD2 that isn't well known?
A: Uh.....???

For the drive to 3500 followers you should wrestle @erikodom! WB note: I wanna see that! :P
A: Thank you?

I think fans are ok with enhancing the end, but not a completely different ending.
A: You'll see, you'll see...trust in Bill.

How are the effects for Kate's spark and the ice punch done?
A: Digital visual effects.

Who's YOUR one/freebie?! lol WB note: I so wanna hear this answer! :P
A: That subject has never once come up.

Bella's cuff?! Can you confirm this is legit?Embedded image permalink pic.twitter.com/1p7VGUbR
A: It's legit merch, yeah.

I don't know if you know but is registration only for US and UK will be just usual routine?
A: I've no idea, sorry.

Volturi fans are waiting for their poster yet!
A: The international styles and battlefield panorama are full of Volturi!

Have you seen The Perks Of Being a Wallflower? Perhaps you and the team can discuss it next podcast?
A: Hafta see it first!

Curious if anyone noticed that it is Benjamin who punches the ice in BD trailer? Is that correct?
A: "Such a clever girl."

Will we see Bella's birthday in BD2? Will she be gifted with the key to the cottage?
A: 29 days and counting!

Is BD2 rated yet? Is it true the soundtrack isn't coming out until Nov 13?
A: BD2 is rated PG-13 and yeah that soundtrack release date is accurate.

We already know there will be a premiere in our country. Will you come with Bill? :)
A: Which country are you in? I'm only flying for London.

In The Complete Film Archives there's a still with Bella, Jacob and Billy looking older. Is it from BD2 or not?

Posted on October 17, 2012 .

Epic Q&A is Epic

1. The Volterra arial shot in BD2 trailer, it that the REAL Volterra, Italy or just a random italian town? or CGI?
Jack: GREAT question. Bug me on this and I'll ask Bill. Actually, lemme go ask him right now...see how this works?
For consistency's sake it's Montepulciano, which stood in for Volterra in NEW MOON as well http://twilightersanonymous.com/new-moon-movie-location-montepulciano-not-volterra-italy.html
There's no CG present in that shot, btw. 

2. Do you know if there are plans to release movie posters of the new additions in #BreakingDawn2 ?
Jack: I don't know actually, Amanda. I hope so, though, for obvious reasons... @erikodom 

3. I loved the part in the book when Charlie visits the Cullens and realizes Renesmee is E&B's child. Will this be in the movie?
Jack: It's gotta be, don't you think? Yep yep. 

4. Will Edward carry Bella across the threshold again?
Jack: No, Bella is a vampire now, so she's in control. You will like this. 

5. Will Bella attack Seth in the imprinting scene like in the book or Jacob? I'd really like it if she hurt Jacob!
Jack: You'll enjoy all aspects of the scene where B. learns that J. imprinted on Renesmee. Both J. and S. are in it. 

6. On the podcast- what movie was @CamelToad talking about with a bunch of characters from games?
Jack: Love a podcast-related question, so thanks! http://disney.go.com/wreck-it-ralph/ 

7. Can you confirm at this point that the song from the Target clip will actually make the cut? *fingers crossed*
Jack: Yes, the song from the Target clip will be in the movie, I believe. 

8. What are the forces of the new vampires in BD2? WB: I think she means powers- and which ones will we see?! :)
Jack: Hmmm, why don't we go one vampire at a time? 

9. Will Nessie ever know that Jacob imprinted on her? that its her destiny to stay with him?
Jack: Hmmm, no I wouldn't put it that way. 

10. I'm dying to know, though the scene was only alluded to in the book, will we see Jacob strip in front of Charlie?
Jack: Hope springs eternal. And you should know what that means by now. Nice body. Very nice, as you know. 

11. Is the flower design on Renesmee's locket from the book or an original design?
Jack: Oh, good question. That might be one for Greg Yolen. Keep asking me that until I get an answer for you. 

12. Will there be a scene where Renesmee bangs on a spoon waiting for Bella to feed her?
Jack: No, we don't have that scene. Sorry! :-( 

13. Is it true no Bill at SDCC? Is there someone he can send in his place? He was so good with Rob and Kristen last year!
Jack: Are you coming to Comic-Con? You're going to be VERY HAPPY with what yer gonna get in Hall H, don't worry.
Thanks for the compliment - Laura from @TwilightLexicon has said so repeatedly.They all really like each other. 

14. Do the Denalis have a crest? There's much contemplation right now! WB: I know, I know! Another crest question! Lol ;)
Jack: Not that I've noticed, actually. I don't think so. 

15. Bill won't make it to ComicCon this year ???
Jack: Bill will be recording the score for the LAST. TWI. MOVIE. EVAR at Abbey Road Studios, in London, with Carter once again. 

16. You mentioned you have @erikodom's audition tape? Any chance of seeing it???
Jack: Maybe eventually! 

17. In the trailer, where did all the Volturi witnesses go? I'm assuming that its only the Volturi army attacking the Cullens.
Jack: Just wait for the final shots. 

18. Greetings from MA - Will there be a lot of Daddy moments with Renesmee?
Jack: Hey there, MA! Yeah, you'll be satisfied with Daddyward or whatever you're calling him now. ;-P

19. Hey Jack .... any possibility for the Philippines to be included in the Breaking Dawn pt. 2 promo tour ? *begging
Jack: Not the promo questions again!!!! This is way above my pay grade, folks, and is decided by your country's distributor. 

20. I wonder if the Volturi would be in a private plane. I don't suppose they'd swim the Atlantic, fur coat and all
Jack: I think private jet, yes.
...and the fur coats have been left home, for the most part. 

21. Will BD2 start with Bella running thru the forest or when she wakes up? I'd love to see her backflip off the table.
Jack:  Both. Heh heh heh. 

22. Did Mr Condon/Summit/Lionsgate intentionally release the trailer on Edward's birthday? That's a fan-loving detail!
Jack: I think we have to thank Team Summit for that! 

23. Will Rose and Jacob have any funny interactions in BD2 that we missed in BD1?
Jack: Too soon to tell. 

24. Ok in BD1 there is a different version of the song Sister Rosette playing in the background than on the soundtrack. WHY?!
Jack: Hmm, good question. No idea. Are you OUTRAGED!? 

25. What does it take for a film to be theater released in China? Why does none of the Twilight films make it there?
Jack: That's a question for Google, Christine. I have no idea. Sorry! 

26. With the The Twilight Complete Film Archive book do you think there will be a BD2 companion book?
Jack: I'm not sure. 

27. Will we be seeing any flashbacks in pt2? Esp. with Bella's newfound power?
Jack:  Mmmmmmmaybeeeeeee..... 

28. When Nahuel and Hulien come to intervene in the final battle will he also have one of his sisters with him?
Jack: No, he will not. Just his aunt. 

29. I do not understand anything. Everyone spoke of vision about the final battle. You confirm the battle is real?!
Jack: I confirm nothing! ;-D 

30. BDpt1 had 2 music videos. Will BD2 have the same or more/less?
Jack: Too soon to tell - no idea yet. 

31. Is there any scene with Alice and Jasper looking for witnesses? :)
Jack: Too soon to tell! 

32. Have you ever considered Rob or Kristen as podcast guests?
Jack: I haven't even met them!!! 

33. Does Bella wear a coat? Will Mackenzie be at SDCC? Will we see Alec use his power in BD2? WB: I combined her ?s
Jack: 1. Yes 2. Dunno. 3. Yes. 

34. Are there more special effects in bd pt.2 or pt 1.?
Jack: Way more visual effects in PART II. Waaaay more. 

35. When does Bill have to have the final cut of BDpt2 completed? Is there an actual date?
Jack: The cut is already completed. 

36. It would be very interesting to know in what order the scenes for BD2 were shot. WB: I agree!
Jack: That would be impossible to list - it was shot simultaneously with PART I over the course of 104 days. 

37. is this going to be a regular TWI promo or a special one considering its the last movie?
Jack: No idea, really. 

38. How long does it usually take to make the wolves in the cgi process?
Jack:  It depends on the shot and how many wolves are in it. 

39. Is the ending of BD2 exactly the same as the book or will there be some variation?
Jack: Too soon to tell! 

40. How does your experience with the Twifandom compare with other fandoms you have experienced?
Jack: The Twifandom in my experience has been more intense and more emotional. In other words...WIN. 

41. Will we have some flirtation between Tanya and Edward in this film? Hugs from Columbia!
Jack: No, he's a faithful husband. 

42. I need deleted scenes on the BD pt 2 DVD! Since there weren't any on the part 1 DVD... ;)
Jack: "Need"? 

43. Any chance they'll release a preview for us of Edward playing Renesmee's lullaby?
Jack: Not that I've heard, not yet. 

44. Hi! I wanna know if in BD2 we are gonna get a lot of the relationship between Edward and Renesmee?
Jack: Yes, we are. 

45. I wonder how and who decides what will be on the movie poster? How did they come up with BD2 posters?
Jack: Summit marketing. 

46. Bella will have her shield? Will we see it when she wakes up?
Jack: Too soon to tell! 

47. Can you tell us what is happening in the scene of the new still (many characters sitting around a camp fire)?
Jack: Trading war stories, after the snow starts to stick.... 

48. Did shooting for BD have a lot of rehearsals or were the scenes filmed directly for that 1st feeling?
Jack: There were rehearsals with lots of room left for discovery in the moment. 

49. Bill surprised us with Flightless Bird, American Mouth at the wedding in BD1. Will there be more surprises in BD2?
Jack: Yes, more surprises coming... 

50. Some people think that in that scene, the Romanians are telling what the Volturi did to them. Are they?
Jack: Yes they are, amongst other witnesses telling war stories... 

51. In the beginning of the trailer Bella holds her baby for the first time. Was it a real baby?
Jack: Shot to shot different methods, and babies, were used. 

52. Could I have any hope of seeing Angela Weber and Bella's other human friends again in Part 2? I love Angela!
Jack: You can always have hope! 
Posted on July 8, 2012 .

Team Edward's PeaCoat!

1. By any chance is the jacket Edward wears in the promo poster the same as used in Twilight?
Jack: I don't think so, but I should ask. I really doubt it, though. 

2. Can you tell us who plays Jenks? The character isn't on the IMDB list!
Jack: We answered this already. Its Wendell Pierce

3. What company made the contacts worn in BD2?
Jack: Oh I dunno. Stay on me about this and I'll find out from Greg Yolen.

4. Is there gonna be an extended version of BD1?
Jack: What did Bill say about this in his commentary track on the PART I Blue/DVD?

5. Love the new E/B/R pic from @EW... who designed Bella's pants? I love them!
Jack: Costume designer Michael Wilkinson either designed or selected them.

6. How many phases of Renesmee's growth will we see?
Jack: Many more than one!

7. If we don't get the full trailer till fall, do we still get scenes at Comic Con Anyway?
Jack: You'll see stuff you haven't seen yet inside Hall H for the last TWILIGHT panel at SDCC. Better get down there!

8. Why did they label Renesmee as "Wild Child"?
Jack: Yeah, I just looked at that again and wondered the same thing. It's catchy. Don't worry about that, trust me.

9. We want Kristen and Rob doing the promo together like in Twilight please :( without Tay
Jack: Taylor's a person, too.

I know but Rob and Kristen since Twilight they haven’t have one promo that they've done together and we (the fans) miss thatJack: I don't have any influence on that stuff – sorry!

10. Noticed lots of people putting in requests for BD2 soundtrack to Jack. Makes me wonder, does he ask Bill?
Jack: Do I ask Bill what? Soundtrack requests coming in the front door usually can't go anywhere. By the way, listening to "With You In My Head" by Unkle from ECLIPSE as I type this...

11. Can you please thank Bill or whoever is responsible for bringing back Edward's pea coat?!
Jack: Sure, that would be Bill and the recently-mentioned Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer. 
ed. note: #TeamPeacoatFTW

12. Please keep podcasting after 50 episodes! I don't want them to end! Lol :) thank you
Jack: Don't worry about that - we'll keep making them as long as we, and you, keep digging them. Thanks!

13. By the teaser, I can say that there will be A LOT of the Volturi, am I right? I LOVE THEM [Aro and Jane, specially]
Jack: Yep, a whole field full of 'em. "They even brought the wives.”;-D
P.S. SO MUCH Aro and Jane for you to look forward to.

14. Is it possible BD2 will premiere in Italy? With Rob and Kris?
Jack: International premiere questions, and who's attending, all have the same answer always.

15. Are we going to get more Action Bella? Are we going to see a fight: Bella versus Jane?
Jack: I think you got at least part of your answer in the new teaser. Too soon to tell anything else.

16. Does Nessie get a Cullen Crest Necklace?
Jack: Not quite - she wears another accessory of significance.

17. Will Bella get her Ferrari in BD2?
Jack: Already answered!
ed. note: see previous Q&A. Search "Ferrari"

18. Will there be an extra scene in the credits for BD2 like there was for BD1?
Jack: Hmm, too soon to tell.

19. It would be great if they'd release a character poster a week for BD2. WB: agreed! Where's Peter?! #TeamPeter :)
Jack: Keep your eyes peeled across the interwebs...

20. In the teaser, when Irina tells them about Renesmee, Aro says "All mine" or "Oh my..."?
Jack: "Oh my..."

21. Has Bill Condon ever been to Turkey or Istanbul?
Jack: Not so far as I know.

22. I like the look & everything & that each character has their own. Will there be other kinds of posters though?
Jack: I hope so! Or at least a few calendars, right?

23. You should do a TJ meetup at Comic Con! WB: :D
Jack: You can handle that one, WB. Give those directions out!
WB:You mean to the hall H line? ;) We'll have banners and shirts! You can't miss us! Lol ;)Jack: Pigpen FTW!!!
WB:*whispers* um, jack... This year we have silhouette shirts. Remember? ;) and buttons to hand out!! ;DJack: Didn't I see the word "banners" above?! : Scrolls up: Um, yes!!!!!
WB: you are correct! Yet another detail I missed this evening, the banner is our lovely mascot PigPen! :)

24. Will there be an explanation or even a mention of Quileute’s is Shape-Shifters and not Children of the Moon?
Jack: Hmmm, too soon to tell in June...

25. Will we be getting a character poster for Renesmee? I would love that!
Jack: I don't know if she'll get her own poster or theatre banner but I'm sure she'll be included on one of 'em.

26. Are you following Rob and Kristen in Cannes? Is Bill excited about it?
Jack: Bill kept up with the reviews, yeah, as he always does.

27. Do you know when will be the next worldwide promotion stuff?
Jack: Comic-Con, it's not worldwide it's limited to US. Then I guess the final trailer.

28. Is there a reflection in Jacob's eye? It kind of looks like it but it’s hard to tell since it’s so small. (in poster)
Jack: Hmm, I kinda doubt it, but ours are hanging in frames in the editing room, so I can't even run up and look.

29. Why is BD2 coming out over a year after it was filmed and BD1 came out in theaters?
Jack: There are over TWO THOUSAND visual effects shots that need to be finished.

30. You saw #SWATH? What did you think?
Jack: We liked it, how 'bout you?

31. Will we see more of baby Nessie w/ Edward and Bella or will it be everything with Mackenzie?
Jack: Both, and also other growth between. Half-human/half-vampire kids - they grow up so fast!!!!

32. Because this film created such an epic romance, is it possible to get Rob's audition video released?
Jack: Hmmm, who knows? Tweet Summit - we don't have it! I only have @erikodom's audition - and it's AWESOME!!!

33. Do you know if Kristen kept any props/costumes from Breaking Dawn? WB: or anyone, for that matter?
Jack: I don't know, actually. I kind of doubt it.

34. Will we get to see anymore of agonizing Bella during her transformation or do we go straight to vamp mode?
Jack: Well kinda sorta...

35. What are your favorite trailers?
Jack: Uh...for future movies or older movies?

36. Was Bill happy with the MTV Movie Award? WB: Can't recall if this was already answered. Apologies in advance if was.
Jack: Yeah he was. We don't have it yet, though. Hmm.

37. Will *you* be at Comic Con? :)
Jack: Yes I will, and thank you for asking - it'll be my TENTH consecutive Comic-Con! See YOU there?

38. In the posters we see E with a kinda classic look like in the 1st 2 films. Will he wear clothes like this in BD2?
Jack: Yes, everything you've seen on the EW covers and posters are actual costumes seen in the film.

39. Do you have a picture/info on the music for the score song Love Death Birth please? I wanna play it!
Jack: Like sheet music? Did they ever publish any? We don't have it, I don't think.

40. Can you tell Bill that he won the TVF award for Best Director and Best Movie?
Jack: What's TVF?

41. RIP Pigpen... Have you and Bill made room in your hearts for a new dog yet? A Schroeder or Linus perhaps?
Jack: No, and this will not be happening as I myself am enjoying my freedom again.

42. I know you answered this before but I was confused by twitter lol...do you know how the premier is going to work? Thanks :)
Jack: Are you asking about LOTTERYGATE 2012???

More: lmao yes that would be it, I've just heard so many things by now would love to know what's going on for real if u can tell us :)
Jack: HONESTLY there's nothing to tell as NOTHING has been decided yet. Do NOT lose sleep over this, is my advice. Seriously.

More: The Hunger Games premier was an awful experience & since they are under the same company now...ya know? Thanks for the info hun!!
Jack: TWILIGHT and THG were handled by two separate teams and Team TWILIGHT will be finishing what they started and grew.

More: Ohh really? That's awesome! I mean THG movie was great but the premier thing was horrible. Stood in a parking garage for 13 hrs
Jack: That was their first premiere. Team TWILIGHT has executed four. Don't worry about it.

43. Will Bella be attacking Jacob in bd2?
Jack: Too soon, too soon...

44. So bd2 does not start with quotes like the other four, right?
Jack: Maybe not, maybe...

45. Can't wait to see what we get for Bella's birthday! Any hints? WB: btw, LOVE the birthday theme this year, ;)
Jack: I have no idea, when is that again? Hey, I'm a BATTLESTAR guy, not a Twihard!

46. Bella’s BDay is the 13th of September. And Renesmee's is the 10th of September.
Jack: Hmmm sounds like prime trailer time to me! And no, that is not official and I'm not hinting at anything I know.

47. Is this the last trailer we will see?
Jack: Nope - still have a final trailer and all those talk show clips and TV spots to freeze-frame in the fall! -- J.

48. What was Your favorite part of the teaser trailer? Best moment?..

49. Does Bill get "final cut" for his films in general? Did he get it for Bd1&2?
Jack: That's a complicated question. I'd say he's generally very very happy with the cuts for both parts.

50. Is the trailer for US theaters only? It should be available to all countries.
Jack: I don't know, honestly - depends on the distributor in each territory and also the exhibitors in same.

51. Hey Jack, are we going to see Jacob run away with Renesmee...or. you can't tell us now?
Jack: I think it's a bit soon for that. :-D

52. When in the movie do we first get to see Renesmee?
Jack: Just as soon as her vampire Mom gets to see her.

53. Did Rob play the entire song on the piano? Would be cute to see a full version on the DVD.
Jack: Hmm good idea, if they have the footage.

54. Will all of the images from the trailer be in the movie?
Jack: That's a great great question and the answer is YES.

55. Comic Con is in July. Who will be there for BD2?
Jack: Comic-Con is less than a month away. Lots of cool people involved with the movie will be going down there! ;-D

56. What was the most emotional scene to film in bd2?
Jack: Depends on which emotion we're talking about. ;-P

Jack: None.

More: even for the last scene of the movie?
Jack: Ask me about crying in movies in November.

57. The battle in the trailer with everyone running against each other is a vision of Alice's or real?
Jack: Looks real to me!

58. Did we see any of the additional photography aka "reshoots" in the trailer?
Jack: Yep, one shot. No, I won't tell you which one. Rob isn't in it. ;-P

59. Hey, Noel Fisher (Vladimir) will show at the movie right? Excited for his part!
Jack: Oh yeah, and he's great in it. Do you follow him already?

60. Is there a Bella’s birthday mention in BD2?
Jack: Yes.

61. B&E will go to Alaska to find Denali's clan contrary to the book where they wait for everybody?
Jack: Correct. It's in the teaser trailer.

62. So much action in the trailer! I hope there will be romance also?
Jack: Yes, there will be plenty of romance throughout.

63. Oh question! We see a shot of Jane shaking her finger at a kid...looks to be old times...is it a flashback to when she was alive?
Jack: No, she's pretty vampire there. @TwilightLexicon posted an article yesterday about the Immortal Children. That's it.

More: Ahh ok, thought so cuz of her clothes but I always hoped to see her & Alec as the human "witch twins" woulda been cool
Jack: Agreed, but gotta keep the story moving forward.

64. Any idea when the first single from the soundtrack will be coming out? #BDPart2
Jack: No idea, actually. Early days on all of that.

65. I heard there were a lot of pranks being played on set. Who did the most pranks?? What was the worst prank??
Jack: I was only on set for one day, so I have no idea. Sorry!

66. Can you confirm that the song from the Target clip will actually make the cut? *fingers crossed*
Jack: I can't confirm that, actually. I'd have to ask. Ask me again in a few.

67. Is Alice's vision going to be the reason behind Bella finding out about the Immortal Children???
Jack: Kinda sorta.

68. Have the clips which will be shown to CC already been chosen?
Jack: You're over your daily question quota, sir or ma'am.

69. When will Twilight be at Comic Con, Thursday? I so hope that for you, M. Or can’t you say that yet, Jack?
Jack: Too soon to tell, so ya better get in that line good and early! ;-)

70. Was a Zafrina-Renesmee scene shot? I mean, when Zafrina shows Nessie her powers. :) PS The trailer is epic! I love it so much!!
Jack: Thank you for saying so! A variation on that scene was shot, yes.

That's awesome! Thanks! I loved that scene in the book! Also, part of why the teaser is so epic is the score. Is it original?
Jack: I think its original music from the trailer house - it's not part of Carter's score for the movie.

71. How long is the second half?
Jack: Hahahaha nice try.

72. Benjamin is the ninja bending the water like a boss in the trailer, right?
Jack: Yes, and that's exactly how he's described in the script. ;-P

73. Okay will you see Jacob shape shift in front of Charlie?
Jack: Not answering that one either, which you've asked before haven't you?

74. Will there be character posters for each of the new vampires?
Jack: I hope so, but who knows?
Posted on June 21, 2012 .

Team Jack Q&A June 18 – 20

1. Will Twilight Cast come to Turkey?
Jack: I have no idea. I don't get involved with cast movements.

2. Can you tell us the running time of the BD2 trailer?
Jack: Schnope!

3. Does Breaking Dawn 2 start with any quotes?
Jack: It does not, Alex.

4. We discovered that there are French vampires in BD2 ... Do they speak French in the film?
Jack: They do not

5. Do you think that in BD2 there will be one specific kiss which can go and win to MTVMA 2013?
Jack: Yes

6. Will we need some handkerchiefs for BD2 except for the end?
Jack: Yes

7. Do you already have a favorite scene for BD2? If yes which scene and with which characters?
Jack: My answer is the same as for PART I.

8. Did Bill make the trailer? Have you seen it yet?
Jack: Summit marketing and their trailer vendor made the trailer, and lots of good folks, including Bill, weighed in on many cuts.

9. When Bill used clips at end of BD1 did he have to get permission from other directors?
Jack: Shnope, Summit owns all that!

10. Can you pitch to whoever is in charge of DVD to have Rob and Kristen do a commentary for BD2? :D
Jack: I can not do that.

11. Who's in Bella's eyeball??
Jack: Who do you think??

12. At the final HP premiere the cast gave a speech & thanked fans on the carpet. Maybe final BD premiere can do the same? #suggestion
Jack: Maybe...

13. Do you think there's a possibility that the next DVD will be even more special because is the last one?
Jack: Well, I hope so.

14. Do you know why there wasn't a Rob/Kristen/Tay commentary for BD1 DVD?
Jack: I do not.

15. Someone needs to tell Jack that Taylor is NOT RK's lovechild; therefore we don't need him to be included in the damn photo shoot.
Jack's Answer: SHUSH

16. Could you tell us if we are going to see Renesmee in the new trailer?
Jack: She's on both covers of EW this week, so what do you think?

17. Can we get a photo shoot of just Rob and Kristen like back when Twilight came out??
Jack: I'm sure you will...

18. Will we see Jacob actually phase in front of Charlie?
Jack: Maybe. ;-P

19. Will there be a South East Asia promo tour?
Jack: Too soon too soon too soon...

20. A  security head from SEM, Charles, who has been employed by Summit for years, told me that Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere would be an online lottery. He shared this information when I went over to say hello to him while he was working at the LA Film Fest. Fans would register online and randomly selected to attend the premiere and/or camp.

This seems rife with problems in this fandom: hundreds of thousands entering with no intention of going and taking away diehard fans chances, some friends winning the lottery and some not, tickets scalped by those that won, people that have attended the premiere and supported the Saga since the first film being shut out etc etc. Online lottery may work in less passionate fandoms but that is not us.

I understand you are not Summit and the easy answer is tstt but it's a concern I'm hoping is heard some way. This is the final premiere for a special community. People want to travel far and wide to be with close friends they've made during the Twilight era as this final chapter in the fandom ends. We'll continue to be friends but this curtain that's falling was the start of it all. There's a lot of emotions at play here and I hope they are considered heavily.

Please advise or help spread our concern. Thank you for your time.
Jack: You are SUCH a naughty girl. LOL. I don't know shit about this yet. Who put Charles in Charge? It's all going to be fine LIKE IT ALWAYS IS.
Posted on June 20, 2012 .

Epicly Epic Jack Q&A from June 16, 2012

1. Any suggestions for film festivals to send in an LGBT documentary?
Jack: Hmmm, Outfest in L.A. and Frameline in S.F. Beyond those two, Google!
Is it true BD Promo starts Wed with the release of 3 character posters? WB: Oops! We're late on this one. :) sorry!
Jack: ...and did you like them? Pretty different from the character teaser posters for PART I, eh?
More: YES, IT'S (meaning IT WAS) TRUE! More new stuff coming for you very soon. The countdown to November 16th is on!!!

2. Can you please tell us what happened to Kristen in vancouver? (re: her injured foot)
Jack: I have no idea, honestly. Nothing major at all. She's always spraining something, right? #doesherownstunts

3. Were the scenes in the Cullen cottage filmed?
Jack: Yes, of course!!! Didn't you see the exclusive footage at Target? That was in the cottage.

4. How does BC choose his next project after such a long term gig?
Jack: The same way he chooses all of 'em - by reading and responding to the script or book. You heard about SIDE SHOW?

5.Will you continue with "Team Jack" after the end of BD2?

6. I kinda miss all the tweets from Team Jack telling us to vote for BD1 :( Now what?
Jack: Wait one year and we'll be right back at it. In the meantime, though, I should keep making Condon sign stuff to give away in contests, etc. What contests should we do? In other news, I kinda want Panera for lunch.

7. Any chance you &/or Bill can share something visual from BD2 to honor all of us Twilight moms on Mother's Day?
Jack: No, there is no chance, sorry. More coming soon, though!

8. That is it. The one about why Renesme is older in the movie then in the books? Thank you so much.
Jack: Per Greg Yolen, it would have been impossible and incredibly time consuming to even attempt to coax a performance out of a three-year-old.

9. In the Target sneak peak Edward asks Bella if she wants a bath. Will we see a vampire bath scene between them both?
Jack: No, something else happens after that moment that propels the plot.

10. Why is Bill waiting for the BD2 DVD to release BD1 deleted scenes?
Jack: ...PART I commentary track, por favor?

11. Will we see Garrett's speech against the Volturi?
Jack: "Too soon to tell", which heretofore will be abbreviated as "Tstt" in future tweets. So say we all.

12. Will there be a photo shoot of just Rob, Kristen and Mackenzie together?
Jack: Did you get both EW covers or...just the one? ;-D

13. How many songs will Edward play?
Jack: As Ian McKellen improv'd while taking a martini off a party tray in GODS AND MONSTERS, "Just the one."

14. Will there be destruction in any part of E/B cottage during their sex scene in BD2? Like bed, wall or furniture... ;)
Jack: No, Emmett!
ed. note: nice Twihard response, Jack! <3

15. Did Bill include the scene from NM where B and E are running? would be the best way to show Alice's vision came true!
Jack: You've already seen Bella racing through the forest on the first teaser trailer, so yes. YES.

16. Were there body doubles used during the BD sex scenes? I don't think so but there are rumors online.
Jack: Okay, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Let's send that to all of the rumor-monger types with their busy rusty typewriters.
ed. note: please share this far and wide! Sheesh.

17. Question: so long after filming is done is it probable that BD would need something reshot? WB: wow! We are REALLY behind Sorry!
Jack: Yes. LOL. Done, done and done.

18. Question: Will the BDp2 soundtrack be released prior to the movie and how close is the soundtrack to being finished?
Jack: The soundtracks are always released in advance. Carter is delivering score cues regularly and many songs are in.

19. Do you know how long Pt 2 will be yet?
Jack: Nah, it's too early to tell. Then of course there are 2 - wait, 3 valid answers. No, I won't explain. ;-P

20. Is there a possibility BD2 will be longer than BD1? This is the last one after all! ;)
Jack: Too soon to tell, too soon to tell, tstt tstt!!!!!

21. Enough of posters with the trio! Its the end of the Saga, we want B&E! Will we get this?
Jack: So angry, so angry. So demanding. You got one of those for PART I. Yet apparently not enough for you.

22. Just for fun, have you ever thought about doing a cameo in BD2 as a Volturi witness w/ all members of team jack?
Jack: That was all shot a year ago! And no, I avoid the camera almost always.

23. What did people do onset to entertain themselves?
Jack: iPhones and Cigarettes, which coincidentally is the title of my new memoir. Except I don't smoke...cigarettes.

24. We want to know if there will be more intense sex scenes in BDp2 (thrusting?)
Jack: Hmmmm...yes and no. Tricky tricky tricky, as I sometimes am (see TRAILER ANSWER OF TWO WEEKS AGO.)

25. Will there be any type of Saga overview on the final DVD?
Jack: I have no idea, actually. I hope so.
More: That overview book that was just announced is going to be AMAZING, though!!!!

26. How about a podcast on your favorite DVD commentary? Mine- Evil Dead II
Jack: Thanks for the idea, but I never listen to commentaries! Ever! I live them instead! Muahahaha! #notreally

27. In part 2 will we see the part where Charlie comes to the Cullen house to talk to Bella?
Jack: Yep.

28. Did Rob wear a wig in the additional shots for bd2?
Jack: not sure how it went down in the end, but the shots are in and guess what? He looks EXACTLY THE SAME!!

29. Since Rob & Kristen will be back together you guys should record a BOOK ACCURATE Meadow for the final DVD#wishfulthinking
Jack: What does BOOK ACCURATE mean? And how many different meadow locations have been used? One in L.A. and one in Vancouver?
ed note: I could write several long winded and painfully detailed essays on The Meadow Scene, as could most Twihards. Do not ask such questions if you don't want an earful.

30. Have they considered adding bloopers to the final DVD?
Jack: There's no BD blooper reel that I've ever seen -- except pretty much any time @erikodom is "acting". 
ed. note: ZING!

31. Where's Jenks?
Jack: Seattle.

32. Wonder if Summit will ever release the full scripts for both BD movies! Please I'm dying to read them!!!!
Jack: Ask me in two years lol.

33. Question: Will we see the scene of Renesmee riding on Jacob?
Jack: Can we re-phrase this. *ahem* 
 ed. note: *facepaw*

34. I really expected you to be at the theater watching Cabin In the Woods tonight. I expect a full review!
Jack: ...and I was! I liked it alright.

35. After my re-run of epi 16: AlecPeters! did @CamelToad ever track down that Hellboy tshirt we wanted? :0
Jack: No!!!! Shit follow-through!!!

36. What had Alice seen when she called Bella on the honeymoon?
Jack: The pregnancy, I presume.

37. Can Jack ease concern of a scheduling clash between BD promo and R&K's upcoming projects?
Jack: Again, it's the end of TWILIGHT and they're going to be fully present to say goodbye. Don't lose sleep.

38. I'm reading through the Q&As... what is the 'New Moon Hunting Dress'??
Jack: The hunting dress that Bella is envisioned wearing while hunting in NEW MOON.

39. My 1st TJ podcast. regardless of being a twifan- I found it really informative. All the fucks were an added bonus.
Jack: Thank you! I'll try to throw in a few more for you!!!

40. Obviously Rob and Kristen are too good of ACTORS to need doubles for the sex scenes. No hidden jokes in this tweet.
Jack: I don't think either of them felt any need for body doubles or had any interest in them. Especially Kristen mmmkaaay.

41. That's the movie business for you, LOL! 'Based on' basically means 'I'll change what I want to, thank you very much!'
Jack: Anytime Bill makes a change from page to change, he's thought a lot about the options, sweated and often talked it out with his collaborators, and then chosen carefully. That's exactly his job and he takes it very seriously.

In response: I am not saying it is bad. I am just wondering. I would assume the closer to the books the happier the book fans?
Jack: There are often countless variables to consider behind each choice needing to be made.

Question: Yeah, that's where you lose me. I know it says they are in the script, but they don't ACT like they're hunting in NM.
Jack: Well that's NEW MOON, another movie. ;-D

42. When was the last time Bill directed a stage production?
Jack: Well, do you count the Best Original Song medley of the three nominated songs from DREAMGIRLS on the Oscar show? ...or the 81st Oscars, which he produced?

Follow up question: Nope. ;-) The medley was awesome but that was still for a TV audience and not the same thing as a fully staged musical.
Jack: Correct. The answer is never, of course.

43. I think they have done a fantastic job with the movie adaptations. Meyer seems pleased as well.
Jack: I know that she's been very pleased with BD at least. I wasn't around for the first three. ;-D

44. How true to the book was Mr. C in regard to Renesmee? I hope he didn't just gloss over her baby form.
Jack: Can you say that another way? It sounds a bit gross in its present "baby form". ;-P -- J.

Follow up question: how true to the book was Mr. C in regard to Renesmee? I hope he didn't just gloss over her baby form. Mackenzie seems awesome and I know how handy the team is when it comes to CGI, but is her toddler form displayed as well? Better?
Jack: Yes you will see a progression of her rapid growth, again achieved through a variety of methods, some old and some new. 

Question (continued): but of course, Jacob has a huge role in Renesmee's life & contrary to negativity, I think the imprinting made sense.
Jack: Agreed.

45. Will there be a RENESMEE doll come Breaking Dawn promo? Or maybe vampire BELLA?
Jack: I mean, I would hope and think so. Watch Tonner and also Barbie, right? Maybe at Comic-Con in a month?

46. Will there be any reference to the reason of the divergence between Romanian coven and the Volturi?
Jack: Yes.

47. What is the scene shown on Jane and Alec's EW still? Where are they... Seattle?
Jack: Mmmm...naw. They are not in Seattle.

48. I hope Summit will have better marketing strategy *cough* more Rob & Kstew *cough*,lol
Jack: I think you're going to be very happy.

49. Do you know if it is necessary to do row for when they give us the bracelets, for the avant premiere at the Nokia Theater?
Jack: I have no idea - it's June!!!!! ;-P

50. November is so far away and so close to the end. How would you describe the phenomenon of Twilight in three words?
Jack: 1. Bella 2. Edward 3. Jacob

51. Are you gonna attend comic con?
Jack: Yeep -- my 10TH consecutive Comic-Con!!!!!!!

52. Do you know what is Bill's next project after BD2.. or too soon to ask?
Jack: Too soon to tell! -- J.

53. Prediction of when the trailer of BD pt 2 will come out?
Jack: So soon. Sooooo sooooooon. ;-D -- J.

54. Jack, can you answer if we will see Bella's Ferrari in BD2? it's okay if you can not give this information
Jack: Shnope.

55. Can you tell us who is playing Jenks? The character is not on the list on IMDB.
Jack: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0682495/

56. Will there be alot of EB scenes in BD part 2 ?? like alone without renesme ?
Jack: Yes, do not worry about that

57. Summit probably is going to do the special edition for all 5 films, maybe they'd add a blooper reel in?
Jack: Maybe they would, maybe they would.... ;-D

58. Are there going to be posters with E&B&Nessi for this BD2 promo? Like a family?
Jack: Dunno -- probably?

59. Hey Jack,  do you know why we're not produced BD1 Toys for NECA?
Jack: No idea, Alex.

60. Will we have other posters until the final one? I'd LOVE to see a poster for each Cullen allies coven
Jack: SO WOULD I, especially @erikodom !!!!

61. Will Rob and Kristen be present at comic con this year?
Jack: I can neither confirm nor deny, but what do you think? It's the end of TWILIGHT!!!!!
I think that will be the case but it is safe to say that they will show a new clip?
Jack: Nobody wants seven thousand fans to file out of Hall H feeling disappointed. And TWILIGHT is going out with a bang.
Yes you're right but that clip ultimately ends being being online , no? Like the honeymoon clip last time?
Jack: Yes, on YouTube, etc. But not in a formal HD way, usually.
Question: are they going to show a new clip at the Comic con event?
Jack: online are really almost always going to get the same reply no matter what the movie is: no.
More: I don't know what they're going to show, but all @Team_Jack members please take note of this answer because I want to say that WHATEVER GETS SHOWN IN HALL H WILL PROBABLY NOT BE PUT ONLINE IN THE WEEK AFTER. EXCLUSIVE COMIC-CON CLIPS ARE EXCLUSIVE BECAUSE THEY'RE PART OF WHAT MAKES COMIC-CON UNIQUE AND SPECIAL. MOST, IF NOT ALL, STUDIOS DON'T PUT THEIR EXCLUSIVE CLIPS ONLINE MUCH ANYMORE. Ten thousand tweets asking when the Comic-Con clips are coming
How cool! Excitement is spreading... Is there a list of confirmed cast members set to appear (at Comic-Con)? Mackenzie, even?
Jack: Not my department, but even if there was I couldn't share it early. Sorry!

62. Can you ask Jack if Robert has hypermobility syndrome..?
Jack: Uh.....? I haven't even met him! 
ed. note: Jack is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV. :)

63. Question: Will we get to see some cute scenes of E/B with Renesmee as a baby?
Jack: YES!

64. Question: In my opinion, the issues w/ heavy Jacob promo are justified. TWILIGHT is 1st & foremost Edward & Bella's love story.
Jack: It's all good - why does it have to be one or the other?

65. It was different not to see a teaser on The MTV Movie Awards this year... but the show sucks this year without all our nominations.
Jack: Maybe next year! Their ratings were pretty down this year.
Posted on May 23, 2012 .

Lots of Breaking Dawn Questions, Answered!

May 22nd, 2012

1. When will we see a new trailer for BD2?
Jack: I honestly have no idea. Hopefully soon, right? But you're gonna like it! :D 

2. Will Bella get a Cullen Crest in the last movie?
Jack:  Hmmmm...pass! 

3. I know its too early to ask but do you have any idea when the BD2 premiere in LA will be?
Jack:  It's never too early to ask anything, but I honestly don't know. Probably pretty similar to last year, right? 

4.Can we expect an epic musical score from Carter Burwell for BD pt 2?
Jack:  I think so, yes. Epic is the order of the day! 

5. Was the whole cast in Vancouver or just some of them? Will it be a closed set?
Jack:  Just a few of them and yes it was a closed set. ;-D 

6. How about the MTVs in July... will there be a teaser?
Jack:  I honestly don't know. Will you watch either way? And are you voting every day!? 

7. I suggest some things about BD2 scenes... amazing effect and music and big + volturi and rensemee...
Jack:  Check, check, check, check, and check. 

8. No question. Just wanted to say I love the podcast. They are great. Keep them coming. Give Bill a hug for me.
Jack:  THANK YOU SO MUCH! Podcast listeners have a special place in my heart. I really really appreciate you tuning in.

9. Why won't Condon guest on the podcast?
Jack: Who's Condon? ;-D Because he hates microphones of any and all varieties. Super shy and anxious. 

looks like we are going to have to settle for Scott Bakula!
HAHAHAHAHAHA right!?!? We actually have a SPECIAL GUEST STAR on tomorrow's episode, #31 
(Ed note: Check it out on iTunes! It's HAWT.)

10. I just saw a BD2 poster in collider earlier. Was it a 3D poster?
Jack:  I don't think so, no. 

11. What themes are being emphasized in BD2? Or do they just focus on story and let themes fall where they may?
Jack:  Hmm, that's a tough question. I would say that the characters and story always come first, but if there are a few threads worth considering, it's true love, as always in TWILIGHT, and now family. 

12.Who snuck in the address of 420 Woodcroft ave on the wedding invite? Here come the marijuana bots...
Jack:  What are "marijuana bots"!? 

(Ed Note: nothing our younger viewers need to know about, just know that twitter bots are evil.)

13. Will there be sweet family moments and paternal love between Bella, Edward and Renesmee?
Jack: Well, I should hope so, right? You won't be disappointed. They're greeeaaaaat parents. ;-D 

14. Can you ask Bill Condon to consider giving the 4 core stand-ins screen credits for BDpt2? Would appreciate it :) -Ben
Jack:  I'll look into this, Ben. Cheers 

15.Should I be afraid in some way that you are following me on tumblr?
Jack:  It depends on what you're hiding. ;-D 

16. In the end will there be a peaceful testimony or a real fight?
Jack:  Well which are you in favor of? 

17. Wow as both a Beatles & Twilight fan I'm ecstatic that the BD soundtrack recorded in such a memorable venue.
Jack:  Yeah and they haven't changed anything in those historic stages. You can smell the history in every board.
All the STAR WARS and LOTR scores were also recorded on those stages, and most if not all of the POTTER scores

18. Hey Jack! How are those reshoots? Feel free to tweet us (fans) an E/B pic or 2! November is still so FAR away! Plz?
Jack:  The additional photography wrapped weeks ago and I'd be shot in the face if I tweeted stills, which I don't have. November gets closer every day! But first...Comic-Con! 

19. Will we see a still of the family pic of Edward, Bella and Nessie used in the locket?
Jack:  How do we even know there's a locket?

(it's in the book. ;)
So? ;-P 

20. I have a request... Can we get some Mackenzie shots in the trailer?
Jack: I'm sure you'll be happy. 

21. Will Muse be on the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn part 2?
Jack:  Too soon to tell! 

22. Is Bill going to see Snow White and the Hunstman?
Jack:  Um, YES!!!! 

23. We have scenes of E&B making love in the forest?
Jack:  Too soon to tell! 

(the following is a conversation about rumors and posters . I hope I credited the right people with the right thing.)

24. @iamboobs Do you know when the posters will be revealed for BD2?
Jack: Yes. Nice handle ya got there. 

@iamboobs so does this mean you do know when? I got told it was tomorrow....
Jack: Told by who? 

@iamboobs breakingdawnrevelation.tumblr.com
Jack: God, that hunting dress from NEW MOON!!!!! 

@iamboobs I know, but read the post! :')
Jack: Don't believe everything you read. But believe some of it sometimes. ;-P 

@iamboobs I know, so I'm realllllly hoping this isn't just a rumour!
Jack: Why? Once the teaser posters are out, then it's on to the one-sheet, then release, then NOTHING!!!!!!! 

(Ed Note: ...except reading the books again...and watching the movies again and again everyday of forever.)

@iamboobs Lmao, that's what you zeroed in on on that page? The NM hunting dress. AKA...the scene that should never have been...(Ed Note: don't get me started...)
Jack: You are going to get GREAT HUNT.!!!!!!

SpriteGirl yes! I cannot wait! And since BC said they were unlike any twilight poster he's ever seen I have really high hopes!
Jack: They're pretty bold alright. I hope you like 'em! 

@twibetween have you seen them?!
Jack: ;-D 

(end of cryptic conversation)

25. We also want to know if there will be R/K commentary on the DVD. This IS the very last one. PLEASE?
Jack:  My answer on this won't change -- all depends on their interest in doing one and their availability. 

26. Can you define "before too long"? WB: I like this question, because you give this answer a lot. :P
Jack: Well what was that in reply to of late? 

27. How is the order of cast appearance in the credits chosen? Why are some before others even though we see them less?
Jack:  Negotiated contracts. 

28. The films have had great soundtracks! Do you know yet which artists will perform on the next one?
Jack: Some yes, but most not yet, no. And thanks for the compliment! 

29. Will there be an extended BD2 trailer or clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards?
Jack:  Not that I'm aware of yet. Hmm, deja vu. ;-D 

30. Notice on some sites there's a character Sasha (Denali's mother) is she in pt 2, made up, or cut from pt 1?
Jack:  Uh, I don't think we have any Sashas up in here. Where'd you get that? 

31. Someone said they were casting for Sasha (Tanya's creator), wasn't sure if it was true
Jack: This is not true. Scoop! LOL. 

32. What does Edward say to Bella in the car before she calls Rose for help with the baby?( they are in Brazil at the airport.)
Jack:  Isn't it something to the effect of "Wait here."? 

33. The full sentence he says "Wait here while we load." I'm ALMOST positive. It's more than "wait here".
Jack:  I'm sure you're right. I haven't watched PART I in a while. When's it airing on Showtime? 

34. In the book Nessie grows quickly, 1 minute she's crawling then walking, are they going to show this in the movie? or skip or it?
Jack:  Well, hasn't Bill said how PART II begins? 

35. Several of my members ask 'Will we ever see Rose hit Jacob with the dog bowl?'
Jack: Magic 8-Ball says.... "Maybe!" Didn't Bill talk about Deleted Scenes in his commentary on the PART I DVD/Blu-ray? 

36. Did you ever see "Where the Day Takes You" and what did you think? Love the pod!
Jack:  Thank you so much for listening - EPISODE 31: CHICKEN LITTLE is en route for your listening pleasure tomorrow. 

I did see it in the theatre actually and remembering thinking it was alright. What makes you think of that? 

37. Is "Forever is Now" really the tagline for Part 2?
Jack:  Shnope, and that poster is a fake. Hi, Amy! 

One Step Closer: Q&A from April 19th

38. I'm worried that the imprinting will prevent a lot of father-daughter screen time for Edward and Renesmee. Say it isn't so.
Jack: It isn't so

39. Will Mackenzie Foy be available to promote the movie?
Jack: I would think so!

40. How do you feel about the final battle sequence? Do you feel it will live up to the hype?
Jack: What hype?! And I'm not sure what battle you're referring to -- battleSTAR GALACTICA?!

(ed. note: *cough* nerd *cough*)

41. Will Edward have a lot to do in Part 2? I feel like we haven't seen much of his creative side since the first movie (Twilight).
Jack: He'll have plenty on his hands, believe me. And in them. ;-P

43. Will the movie have strong pacing and a good balance of action and romance?
Jack: Yessssss!!!! :-D

44. Can we expect various Rob/Kristen photoshoots during promo time?
Jack: Why wouldn't there be?

45. Will the posters present Edward and Bella as a united couple and as proud parents with Renesmee? I'm excited for this in the film
Jack: Too soon to tell!

46. Have you seen any poster or photoshoot of Braking Dawn: Part 2?
Jack: I have not. Swear to God!!! Bill has, though. As you already read.

47. You gonna be visiting tent city again this year?? It was totally cool when you visited!!
Jack: Thank you and yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Or is it a thousand years? ;)

48. Can you tell us if we'll get to see Garrett's [American nomad] speech about the Volturi's bad intentions?
Jack: Too soon to tell!

49. I'm most excited to see Bella's shield- especially after seeing the wolves minds and the imprinting in part 1 - Bill amazes me!!!
Jack: Thank you on his behalf. I'm excited to see the final shield as well -- so far I've only seen the rough version.
And if you've seen the teaser, you already know you're gonna get a taste of what it feels like to be a hunting newborn.

50. I wonder if we'll be able to see everyone's powers (like blurry waves described in book) or just the physical effects.
Jack: I think you'll be very happy.

51. Will we wee some E/B meadow scenes (missed in BD1)?
Jack: Too soon to tell.

52. Will we see as much as romance in BD2 as in BD1?
Jack: Yeah of course.

53. Can't wait ... Super excited -how am I supposed to sleep now- teasers and tent city on my mind ... What's a twihard to do?!
Jack: Start reading the novels again, then watch all the movies again, then all the special features and commentaries!

54. "I'm excited to report that before too long...'' What is "too long"? Weeks, months? for the Mtv VMAs in June?
Jack: It's really just a phrase. I don't make release date announcements for trailers and posters.

55. How did they shoot the accelerated vampire movement?
Jack: The effect is achieved through a variety of methods that vary from shot to shot, and sometimes within a shot.
Posted on April 20, 2012 .

More Q&A from March 28th! Woot!

1. Will the wolves be in human form or wolf when it comes time to face the Volturi?
Jack: What do you think?

2. what's your favorite scene coming up in BD2? Tease us with it!
Jack: There's way more than one, but any scene with Peter in it. @erikodom

3. Animated gif poster for BD2! Just throwing the idea out there!
Jack: Well it's all Lionsgate now, so...

4. Do you know if there are any plans for a Japan premiere? WB- If there were, would u go with? :P
Jack: I dont know of any plans for any premieres but L.A. - way too early - and would I go to Japan? It's sooo faar!

5. Will the scene with Denali's mother and newborn baby vamp be in Part 2?
Jack: You mean the immortal child ;-D

6. Should we try to talk to Jackson about getting 100 monkeys on the BD2 soundtrack?
Jack: Good luck!

7. What was the funniest thing that happened during the recording of BD2?
Jack: I couldn't tell you - I was only there for a day of it.

8. BD2 Trailer at Comic-Con? And Bill and Robsten? WB- And you, PLEASE! :P And @erikodom!
Jack: Way too soon to tell for any of it.

9. When will the site for BD2 be launched?
Jack: I have no idea, sorry. When are they usually launched?

10. Will the songs from the BD Target clip be on the soundtrack?
Jack: I think you only heard one song, no? And I suspect that one song will be, yes.

11. In Target preview Bella's eyes are not red nor reddish. What gives? Is it pre-colorization? Bella hides RED eyes.
Jack: Sometimes she wears contacts in the movie, but that was probably pre-coloring. (JM)
12. @twilidiot At that point in the book, Bella's eyes are described as no longer bright red.
Jack: Thanks, Gretchen. What she said!!!

13. Are they working on the soundtrack now? And can fans make suggestions?
Jack: They are starting to work on it, but honestly I wouldn't spend a lot of time obsessing over it.
(Ed. note: have you not met these people, Jack? Obsessing is part of the package!)

14. There are a lot of vamps with gifts in pt 2, some more difficult than others. How is Bill going to approach it?
Jack: Through the use of VISUAL EFFECTS! ;-D

15. What is the current and target running time for BD2?
Jack: Well there's no target per se, and there's not much point in announcing the runtime of a work-in-progress.

16. Tell Bill to listen to "Come In Closer" by Blue October. Fits BD2.
Jack: If its already been released....

17. When will the premiere days be released? What about camping rules? Questions from Finland.
Jack: Probably very similarly to last year's announcement timetable, so anyone remember those dates?

18. The altercation between Emmett and Bella will be in the movie? It's so funny in the books.
Jack: Which altercation? I love answering questions with questions! #evasivemaneuvers

19. How do you feel about the Lionsgate idea of more films?
Jack: ...so long as they're based on more novels, right?

20. When are we gonna see a soundtrack list?
Jack: Not for months and months and months.

21. The Logo that will appear at the beginning of BD2 will be Lionsgate or Summit?
Jack: A bit early to know but certainly at least Summit, like always.

22. Will Charlie be told Bella died?
Jack: Well did she?

23. Is BD2 finished?
Jack: Shnope!

24. Why are there 2 identical books on the shelf in the Target BD2 clip?
Jack: Obsess much? What are they?
(Ed. Note: see previous note.)

25. Will Edward play "Esme's Favorite song" on the piano?
Jack: Shnope.

26. How were the other vamps chosen? Did they have to audition or did Bill already have someone in mind?
Jack: They all auditioned "on tape" - they were all recorded and loaded to a secure site online for viewing.

27. How were the other vamps chosen? Did they have to audition or did Bill already have someone in mind?
Jack: Might wanna ask @erikodom for his experience of the audition process.

28. Will we see Bella give Renesmee the locket with the inscription on it in BD2?
Jack: What do you think? What's the inscription say?

29. Do you know anything about the BD2 soundtrack? Can we hope for Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park and Rob to be on it?
Jack: Way too soon to tell. It's March!!!

30. Will Jacob show Charlie his wolf?
Jack: (So to speak.)
(Ed. Note: *giggle*)

31. Is this poster real? http://twitpic.com/92pepw
Jack: Shnope. Pretty, though, and pretty well done!

32. Do you know why the BD DVD isn't being released until the middle of the year in some countries?
Jack: I don't - various foreign distributors and their release schedules.

33. plz tell me there's plenty of @noel_fisher @GuriWeinberg Romanian banter in BD2!
Jack: Yeeeep!

34. How kickass are my Demetri and Felix gonna be?
Jack: Pretty kickass. And with better costumes.

35. Have you or Bill heard of 50 Shades of Gray? Thoughts about it starting as Twilight Fanfic? I assume Steph M. is aware?
Jack: 1. We've heard of it. 2. We have no thoughts of our own. 3. We have no idea as to what, if anything, SM thinks.

36. Whats up with Kristen wearing a long sleeved shirt on the beach during the honeymoon scene?
Jack: Uh.....?

37. Why doesn't Bella sparkle in the trailer?
Jack: She's inside.
Jack: "Those people are crazy."

38. Will we see Edward teach Bella how to hunt?
Jack: Have you seen the teaser trailer?

39. Is it true "My Immortal" by Evanesence will be playing when Bella comes back to life?
Jack: NO.

40. Any chance of BD2 in 3D?
Jack: Shnope, no chance.
(Ed. Note: *whew*)

41. Will NY have a BD2 Premiere? I think it should just to be fair.
Jack: It's March it's March it's March.

42. What's happening in this picture? http://twitpic.com/92pgdq
Jack: A mother is talking to her daughter before a wedding.

43. Will you see SWATH? What do you think of the Cosmopolis trailer?
Jack: 1. Yes. 2. A giant rat?

44. When are we gonna see the Target clip?
Jack: That's not that hard to find, is it?

45. Will there be a Twilight collection DVD with bloopers deleted scenes and tons of goodies? :D
Jack: Only time will tell!

46. Jack, any news on more trailers, stills etc for BD2?
Jack: When do you think?

Probably Comic Con but we're being asked if there's anything before that so thought I'd ask :)
Jack: Hmmm, maybe.

LMAO that's cryptic. So nothing before Comic Con then??
Jack: That's as far as I go.
Posted on March 29, 2012 .

Jack Morrissey On Comparisons

While The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter are all based on best selling young adult series and both Twilight and THG have a strong young female hero, to my mind the similarities end there. Twilight is primarily a romance in a light fantasy setting with some action, THG is an action series in a heavy sci-fi setting with some romance, and we all know what Harry Potter is- fantasy/adventure. They just all found their way to the center of pop culture in the same section of the bookstore.

There's a specific reason that Twilight and HP got conflated in the press- New Moon took the release date of an HP movie that had to push, and they made bank.

Otherwise, I think it's comparing pineapples to bananas to blueberries. They're all fruit, but all so different.

Lastly, it's worth noting that both THG and HP have strong male interest and fandom, as well as strong female interest, where Twilight is mostly female driven. As you well know from the reactions to your fandom that you get from the men in your life.

Jack Morrissey on Fan Reactions: 

As we get closer to the release and you start to see more, some folks will have gripes and stuff they hate. You can't please all 25 MILLION fans on FB all the time, so you deliberate, decide, and call action. As Bill's said before, he's produced an Academy Awards show (three years ago, with Hugh Jackman hosting), so he knows what it's like to go to work with a target on his back. You think and think and think and then pull on your big boy pants and get down to making the movie.
Posted on March 21, 2012 .