Team Jack #45: Shuttle Fever-originally aired Sep 26, 2012

10:46 Recorded on the day Space Shuttle Endeavor arrived in Los Angeles (was carried on top of a plane).

The Space Shuttle flying over Houston on its way to California Science Museum. Steven Hentges is from Houston!

Hentges recording:


Shuttle over San Francisco:

Landing at LAX:

12:50 Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols did a welcome speech/song in LA for Endeavor:

(includes video).

14:08 Jack’s Runyon Canyon Story, wore THIS shirt:

Hentges asks if Olmos gets a kickback from the shirts? WELL, since you asked, here’s an interview with creator of the shirt:

Jack doesn’t usually see a lot of people on his Runyon Canyon route but today there were a ton of people watching for the shuttle (umbrellas and all). Here’s a pic he took that he put on his Facebook wall:

Other Space Shuttle spectators on Runyon:

Reminded him a bit of Close Encounters, yahoos/bumpkins in pickup trucks waiting for the spaceships to show up.

19:27 Matt describes the Shuttle on the plane as “plane sex” and the two fighter jets were voyeurs to the whole thing. Jack watched the shuttle fly over his house with friends

Space Shuttle over Jack’s house *waves*

Jack’s own photos taken from his house:

23:37 Matt discusses his “problems” with the Shuttle. Shuttle also flew over Disneyland.

Over the Matterhorn!

Space Mountain!

25:30 Discussion of the two Space Shuttle explosions.

Challenger (January 28, 1986):

Columbia (February 1, 2003):

28:52 Do people still care about the space program? Evidence that they do based on the excitement over Endeavor’s final journey. New Mars photos, etc.

30:10 Brief 2010 (movie) discussion. Jack and Steve think it’s a great movie. Jack says: “I don’t care if it’s heretical. Go fuck yourself.”

Life on other planets?

32:11 Jack goes there! Discussion of “depressive condition.” Irish melancholy. Japanese term “Mano no aware”

Put this term on his Facebook when his dog Pigpen died. Jack says, “Once you get it it’s fucking depressing.”

38:00 Jack discusses his psychiatrist who teaches at the graduate level at UCLA and works with the federal criminal justice system. Has he worked with mass murderers? Yes.

His shrink is also a horror movie fan. Saw Resident Evil...TWICE!

41:15 Discussion of The Bridge, documentary on Golden Gate Bridge suicides.

Amazing trailer and music:

Excerpt from the end of the movie (Spoiler Warning!)

Matt didn’t feel right watching the movie, Jack loves it and has probably seen it 50-75 times and has given away many copies of the DVD. Jack recommended it to his shrink and he now shows the movie and teaches about it in his classes.

45:00 Jack talks about his family’s history of alcoholism and his own depression. Has never had a suicidal thought though. Steve asks if the movie possibly inspires people to seek treatment? Going deep again! Jack has the amazing score which has never been released (KBV note: I want that!) Discusses survivors from the movie (the people the jumpers leave behind-friends and family) and their stories.

52:10 Discussion of how Bill Condon movies have the same kind of common theme/tone that Jack is attracted to. Thinks Gods and Monsters and Kinsey would have been his favorite movies in those years, regardless if he had ever met Bill. Works in that tone very well and effectively.

Gods and Monsters-The Trenches dream scene (absolutely love!):

Jack loves the music from that scene by Arvo Part,

and cried when he first saw the rough cut of it.

54:30 Talk moves to scuba diving. Recent Catalina dive...

Stayed at Hamilton Cove. Your own golf cart included! Amazing.

Videos on Steve Hentges’ Facebook! Dove 98 feet. Matt went scuba diving ONCE. Freaked out by a free swimming eel and that was IT. Not into “creepy crawlies.”

58:15 Hentges is terrified of snakes, was bitten by a Copperhead snake once at summer camp when he was 12 years old.

1:01:00 WAIT! Losing virginity discussion? HEY YO! Steve was 17, Matt 18, Jack was 29 but says “he still hasn’t.” Confused? Me too.

1:02:00 Back to snake bite story. He ran back to camp with the snake head still clamped onto his boot! He ripped the head off! MANLY!

1:03:53 Back to scuba talk. Scary night dives. Wants to wreck dive in San Diego next-”Wreck Alley” which includes The Yukon, a Canadian Naval Destroyer that was sunk there on purpose:

Video of someone’s Yukon Dive:

Can’t wait to hear about Jack’s own wreck dive! Be careful out there!

1:14:58 Jack like things with scary teeth. This started with Bob Peak’s Great White Time Magazine illustration:

He really wants THIS to add to his collection-scary Donnie Darko bunny “Frank”:

1:15:30 Story about how Jack’s neighbor is an agent at William Morris, represents Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott. He does quite a bit of traveling and last year over the holidays he went to The Amazon to see live piranha. Merry Christmas!

Red bellied piranha, the largest and most ferocious:

Jack wants to do a trip to the Panama Canal with a friend whose family has interests there, may fly a bunch of his friends on the family jet (!) and watch how the canal actually works. Jungle expedition in January to the Panama Canal with Erik Odom?

1:19:00 Social aspects of Scuba in Jack’s life and how Hentges got Jack into it. Jack’s brother is also into scuba, flies all over the world to do it. Jack likes that he can do it fairly locally.

1:21:00 Team Jack shout out to Greg Yolen and congratulations on his recent marriage in New Haven, CT! Greg and his wife met while filming Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.

Bill still finishing effects and song choices for Breaking Dawn. Almost one month out! Squee!

New and final Breaking Dawn poster just released:


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