Team Jack Podcast Episode Guide-Episode #7 “Generations” -originally aired November 23, 2011

“In which Jack is joined by film critic Peter Debruge and Hypable founder Andrew Sims for a chat on film criticism, conventions and what exactly is "Hypable"
Guests: Jack Morrissey, Peter DeBruge, Andrew Sims and Matt Cohen
6:06 Introductions-old friend and new friend.
Old friend: Peter Debruge @askdebruge, one of two lead film critics at Variety @askdebruge
Andrew Sims @sims started at Mugglenet (Harry Potter fandom site), and now Does “Mugglecast” a Harry Potter podcast. Also, “Imprint” the Twilight podcast. “Hype” is Hypable’s podcast.
11:00 Penn State/Joe Paterno discussion. Ashton Kutcher dumb tweet controversy that resulted in his publicist taking over his twitter. Discussion of celebrities having flunkies doing their twitter accounts etc.
14:40 Club Penguin alternate swearing forms “Sofa King” Jack mentions seeing this art at Tent City. I remember that too!:
15:52 Life for Sims post Harry Potter? Warming up for Hunger Games! Releasing trailer soon. New Harry Potter theme park? Hypable covers probably 30 fandoms.
19:00 Andrew says that even though tv ratings have suffered, Glee still has a huge fandom.
20:25 The Hobbit movie discussion. Should it be two parts? (recently announced that it will be THREE parts). Will people watch The Hobbit first and then the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Continuity with all the films?
24:50 New Batman movie-opinions? Debruge not excited for the next Batman movie. Who’s going to get the franchise next?
28:00 Lord of the Rings book discussion. Other books are double the length of The Hobbit.
Lee Pace (Garrett in Breaking Dawn 2!) is in The Hobbit as Elvish king Thranduil, who is the father of Orlando Bloom's Legolas from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. NICE!
Thorin “the hot dwarf” from The Hobbit?
30:00 Jack says “every geek has to have a major.” Tolkien is not his major, that would be Battlestar Galactica. Peter thinks the Lord of the Rings movies play better than they did 10 years ago.
33:15 Discussion of fandom names-”Twihards” “Muggles” What will Hunger Games fans be called? Friends of Jacks/Gamers-staying home on Saturday nights to play their own copy of a game ALONE, not together even though they have the same game.
37:40 Movie theme concerts. Even video game concerts. Hollywood Bowl does them a lot, mainly John Williams. Star Wars fans bring out lightsabers during the Star Wars music. Jack never needs to hear the Raiders march AGAIN. Every summer and it always sells out.
Hollywood Bowl venue is amazing.
50:20 Comic Con Discussion. Every year journalists like to say that Comic Con is dead and movies always end up going. Disney movies discussion.
53:00 Trailers/spoiling. Matt likes as much information as possible. Tumblr is hugely spoilerific. People these days want more pictures, more info.
57:00 Garth Franklin ( shout out! Andrew met Jack through Garth at Comic Con.
Garth on a panel at 2007 Comic Con:
59:00 Peter has a Totoro bumper sticker on his car.
Like this?
1:00:00 TEAM JACK ALERT! Infamous “Sister Sister”/Bill Condon license plate story. Listen, you will NOT be sorry.
1:04:17 Walking Dead. Jack and Sims are fans. The only show Jack is watching. It’s hypable!
1:07:47 Andrew suggests Bill and Jack camp out at Tent City-Jack laughs! My, my, how times have changed! Jack camping out with Team Jack at Comic Con 2012:

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