Team Jack Episode Guide-Episode #6 “Return of the Red-Eye” Originally aired: Nov 16, 2011

“In which Jack, Greg and Kerrigan Hennings continue their Scotch fueled descent into ‘worst movie’ madness.”

Guests: Jack Morrissey, Greg Yolen and Kerrigan Hennings

Annotated by: Kathleen @kaybeevee

4:50 The boys are still drinking Ardbeg! “Many fingers into the scotch.” DRUNK.

Even Keanu drank Ardbeg in the movie Constantine. Hot.

6:00 Star Wars Episode 3 really based on George W. Bush? “You’re either with me or against me.”

7:26 Bill Condon enters and quickly runs downstairs. Jack orders him to “take pigpen out by the pool! Do it!” Bill just returned from final press junket day for Breaking Dawn Part One, opening everywhere November 18th!

8:59 Worst movie ever made discussion continues...

Matt: ANY Terrence Malick movie
Greg: Starship Troopers

NPH as Nazi SS in Starship Troopers! Jack describes it as “war porn”

Kerrigan: Brokeback Mountain! No, no answer yet...Anything with Holly Hunter? Hates her! Oh, come ON!

Jack: Warhorse Discussion.

18:00 Star Wars Phantom Menace in 3D. Jack saw poster at local theater and it stirred NO emotion/interest in him.

20:00 Kerrigan’s really emotional personal story about Jurassic Park. He comes from a huge military family and when he told his dad he was gay he was kicked out of his house. They later reconnected over seeing Jurassic Park Two, The Lost World.

Kerrigan and his dad bonded over T-Rex’s invading San Diego!

Classic scene: “There’s a dinosaur in our backyard!”

23:00 Kerrigan and Jack’s origin story. Met because both worked at Houstons, a restaurant in LA. Both grew up in the same “whitey” suburb of St. Louis.

Houston’s spinach artichoke dip FTW!

26:20 Greg describes this “Over the Cliff” scene from The Lost World as one of the best scenes Spielberg has ever directed:

26:40 Kerrigan does his Oprah scene/The Color Purple line reading. won’t be sorry. Oprah’s version:

27:27 Oprah’s new network. Matt’s take on it:  “Hey women, be scared of your vagina network.” Perfect network for the Twilight saga?

28:39 Back to Kerrigan re-bonding with his father. Greg describes it as the healing power of Spielberg: “he can make movies that make men cry but not feel like they are pussies.”

Greg’s AWESOME website:

31:00 Comparison to Michael Bay movies-all spectacle, no feeling.

32:30 Steven throws George under the bus for Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? And Shia throws himself under the bus!


34:00 Matt says Spielberg did the same thing to Kubrick in A.I.? And Yolen defends the ending of AI?!?!? “He will defend it to the death.” Jack brings up seven minute Ben Kingsley monologue?

Article that changed Greg’s mind

36:40 What Jack loves about A.I...John Williams score, weeping lions, submerged Coney Island, Blue Fairy etc...”Spielberg sense of wonder”

Matt compares A.I. to K-PAX

39:00 Matt asks Greg what Spielberg movies Greg does NOT like. Does not like The Terminal does like Amistad, but may be biased because main character (Joseph Cinque) actually originally landed in Greg’s hometown. Statue in his honor in the Town Square in New Haven, CT:

Joseph Cinque story

39:50 Greg likes Minority Report. War of the Worlds, discussion of alien sounds and that ending was disappointing. Saddest parts in Saving Private Ryan. Adam Goldberg vs. Nazi knife fight? Giovanni Ribisi death?

42:20 Saving Private Ryan was nominated the same year (1998) that Bill Condon won his Oscar. Jack talks about the shock after the ceremony (he was there) when Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare in Love for Best Picture. His words: WTF?

44:00 Favorite films of last year discussion. Greg says Toy Story 3? Jack is finishing his scotch.

45:20 Favorite movie of this year? Matt says Drive with Ryan Gosling

AND I Saw the Devil, a Korean movie

Greg (last year): Red Riding Trilogy

48:00 Greg’s favorites this year: Midnight in Paris and Bridesmaids. Jack LOVED Bridesmaids! Saw it with Erik Odom!

They especially loved the brazilian food scene...


51:00 Matt’s favorites from 2010: French movie Micmacks, How to Train Your Dragon, Four Lions, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

52:00 Kerrigan’s favorites of 2011 (what he’s seen): Justin Bieber movie(saw it on Jack’s birthday), The Debt, Crazy Stupid Love, Contagion

Good excuse for another Ryan Gosling pic!

53:40 Greg’s critique of Crazy Stupid Love. $3,000 shoe discussion.

57:45 Jack’s favorite movie this year? Weekend, small British movie, very low budget.

Saw it at the small Laemmle Sunset 5 theater. RIP:

1:00:20 Greg LOVES Elite Squad:The Enemy Within (Brazilian Cop movie)


1:01:20 Jack saw trailer for documentary on Limelight club, famous NY club located in a church.

Brief discussion of the movie Studio 54-Greg brings up Mike Myers and his terrible New York accent and Jack brings up Ryan Phillippe in short shorts-Hey Yo!

1:04:00 Worst movie ever? Ishtar?

Wild Things?

1:05:40 Starship Troopers Discussion (again!), Jack knows many gay guys who LOVE the scene where Casper Van Dien has to get lashed up by his wrists shirtless and “take a lickin” -they’re ALL about it.

Actual whipping scene:

Jack can’t get out of his chair at this point. ARDBEG. And no more Star Wars podcast titles!

Cheers and OUT!

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