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What are Rob and Kristen like?
Jack: They're are great people and Bill loves them, but I have never met Rob, Kristen... or Bear, for that matter.

Are you going to be in the film? Maybe the wedding scene? 
Jack: No way. 

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Looking Ahead

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1. "Where will the BD2 Premiere be located?"
Jack: Don't you think there'll be more than one in the world? Softballs!!! :D

2. Will Bill be releasing any BD2 stills in the near future? Like the Chirstmas gift we got two years ago.
Jack: Not that I've heard yet, no.

3. "Can you tell us where Bill is with BD2 at the moment?"
Jack: Sure, he's meticulously scrutinizing every take that was shot as he assembles his director's cut with his editor.

4. Will Lionsgate/Summit merger have any effect on BDpart2?
Jack: We think it's all good, honestly. The TWILIGHT SAGA and HUNGER GAMES, together under one roof! WIN!

5. Me and a LOT of other fans want 100 Monkeys on BD2 soundtrack. Got a petition but what else can we do?
Jack: Hmmm, what's Jackson say?

6. Please say that BD2 will NOT have Edward in a vest. (no need to answer, I'm a smartass)
(Editorial note: AGREE!)
Jack: I don't think so, no.

7. "Perfect idea for BD2's credits! EVERY outtake/blooper from the movies. wow."
Jack: I wouldn't get your hopes up!

8. "Is it true- 1st teaser trailer for BD2 in March?"
Jack: Who said that?

9. Can you say how many new characters there are that Stephenie did not write herself, like 2 vamps in French coven?
Jack: Maybe one more?

10. Will you be available for Q&A right after the Target's Sneak Peek?
Jack: Sure, if Sharon reminds me.

11. "Is the BD2 Sneak Peak at Target only or will it be online too?"
Jack: I think that's a Target exclusive.

12. So when will the 3 disc DVD with the deleted extended scenes come out? :)"
Jack: "Somewhere...over the rain-bowww..."

13. "Will Bella have a Cullen Crest like the rest of the clan?"
Jack: I'm not sure.

14. "Will BD Part 2 have more sex scenes?"
Jack: Yes.

15. "Is there gonna be an E/J fight in BD2 over imprinting? We want E to kick his ass!" WB- I agree! :P
Jack: Not quite. That was cut from PART I - the wall punch!

16. "Is the BD2 soundtrack completed yet? Lana Del Rey would be a cool add. Strong female."
Jack: Nowhere near settled. She'd have to submit a song or two, like every other artist.

17. "Will there be some good family moments between Edward, Bella and Renesmee in BD2?"
Jack: Yeah, plenty of them. You'll be happy.

18. @Team_Jack @eemn83: "I was wondering since there were clips of all the movies at the end of pt1 will it be different for pt 2?"
Jack:  :)

(Editor's note: BRAT)

19. When will we start seeing stuff for BD2?
Jack: At Target on the 11th!

20. Will the volturi wives make an appearance in BD2?
Jack: Yes. "They even brought the wives."

21. Will Part 2 title treatment and color theme be the same as for Part 1?
Jack: Too soon to know - probably?

22. Does Bill have plans to slip a little something at the end of BD1 credits?
Jack: Hope Springs Eternal!

23. Is Rob going to be on the BD2 soundtrack?
Jack: I am not sure, but either Rob isn't doing anything with his music at the moment, or he wants to keep it separate.

24. Why can't BD2 come out sooner?
Jack: I hear you, but the next movie won't be done until next spring. That is a pretty tight for a summer release.

25. Will Bella show Edward her thoughts?
Jack: What do you think?

(Ed. Note: Someone needs a spanking, methinks.)

26. Do you think they will do a premier for BD2 in NY?
Jack: No idea - way too soon for anyone to have decided anything yet. This goes for ALL premiere location questions, folks.

27. OK - you told us that you think the Summit/Lionsgate merger is a good thing. But how much of a ‘merger’ is this? Or is it more of a take over? Are any of the personnel staying the same? Specifically what do you think it will mean as far as promotion for BD2? Will it be business as usual or will they change the way things have been done in the past? (You know... cause some of us have already booked our trip to Tent City...)
Jack: Lots of people will stay, lots of SOP will likely stay the same, and lots will change. How's that for an answer?

Q & A from March 19th and Teaser Trailer FTW!

28. When it came to the edit process of BD did Stephenie have anything to do or say about it, or was it all Bill?
Jack: Aside from the however many seconds of "Thrustgate", the cut is pretty much how Bill made it. I don't remember Stephenie having many notes. I heard she was very very happy with the movie.

29. Why did they change the engagement ring in BD2?
Jack: Asking @gregyolen....
Greg says the ring wasn't changed.

30. Which do you think is better to buy, the DVD or BluRay version? Any differences between the two?
Jack: The Blu-ray picture and sound are superior to DVD. As for features and packaging, I'm probably not the expert.

31. During transformation the last image is Charlie and Renee holding a baby Bella. Is that her own memory?
Jack: Yes, remember she's seeing herself in a mirror.

32. The BD1 guide has a pic of several bodies in tower of the volturi. Is that from the deleted "Inviting Aro" scene?
Jack: Yes, exactly, that used to open the movie before cutting to Jacob running from his house.

33. What exactly do you know about Brazil?
Jack: Almost nothing, sorry!

34. Still fascinated by Jack's cool laid-back nature. Is it the result of @CamelToad's 2nd hand smoke?
Jack: Oh hell no - it's the result of years and years spent in therapy!!!

35. On one of the special features I saw an image of the wedding invite with the wrong date: 2011! What's up with that?
Jack: Is it right in the movie or wrong? This would be the propmaster's job.

36. What advice do you and Bill give to an aspiring producer or director?
Jack: That's different advice for each, and too complex for Twitter and 140 characters, I'm afraid. "Don't do it"? ;)

37. Given all the camera angles, views w/ guests and w/out, about how many takes did the wedding kiss have? Was it timed?
Jack: I have no idea how many takes or whether any of it was timed. Sorry!

38. Was there a longer version of the wedding dance at the reception?
Jack: No, I don't think so. Not that I ever saw, anyway.

39. For Edward being such a traditionalist, why does he say Bella instead of Isabella in the wedding vows?
Jack: Sounds like a question for screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg!

40. On Bill's commentary, I heard him say there will be a 4 hour single Breaking Dawn movie one day with extended scenes?! When?!
Jack: When do you think?

41. Why were so many scenes left out of the movie when the running time was relatively short?
Jack: Because he came to feel that they were extraneous to the pacing and flow. Editing is never about runtime.

42. Do you know how I can get an autograph from Twilight?
Jack: At one of the official Twilight conventions? What's the Twilight Creation Entertainment handle, WB? (ED: check out for Twilight Convention info.)

43. Is there a hidden easter egg on the BD1 BluRay?
Jack: I don't think so, no. The DVD came out for V-Day, not Easter. ;) CONFIRMED: no Easter eggs.

44. Have you seen @ThatKevinSmith's "What I Really Do" version? Love it!
Jack: I haven't yet!

45. Did Bella's dress sleeve rip when Edward carried her in the house?
Jack: I dunno, you tell me!

46. The scene with Edward in the ocean while Bella walks out to meet him: Legit or CGI? Looks too perfect to be real!
Jack: A blend of both. It depends on which specific shot you're wondering about.

47. Were the wedding speeches scripted or ad-libbed?
Jack: Scripted, I believe.

48. Was "Thousand Years" originally in the movie and then later moved?
Jack: It was never in the movie, but "Turning Page" was originally titled "A Hundred Years"!

49. Did Rob smoke a cigarette before every take/scene?
Jack: Nope.

50. There is an extra you can see during both wedding scenes has shoulder length grey hair. She is stunning! Who is she?
Jack: Uh, just a wedding guest?

51. How many months was filming in Baton Rouge? Was it fun being in Louisiana?
Jack: Maybe six months total in Baton Rouge, including pre-production. I never went! Ask @erikodom how fun it was.

52. Hey Jack! When are you coming to Jersey for dinner?! :)
Jack: Not anytime soon, I'm afraid. :-(

53. Why does the Twilight Saga never get nominated for Oscars?
Jack: It's not what we call an awards movie.

54. What was your first impression of Kristen and Rob?
Jack: That they walked around like normal people, honestly.

55. Why in the movie do Edward and Bella not have sex three times on the honeymoon like in the book?
Jack: Twice was sufficient. ;-P

56. Why does the UK BluRay cover say it has a 6 part making of doc but doesn't? I'm very disappointed!
Jack: Buy an all-region player and order one of ours. I guess that was a packaging error? Write your distributor.

57. The movie companion says B wears E's clothes on the honeymoon. In what scene? Was this cut?
Jack: The first breakfast scene, maybe?

58. Why does Bella wear her wedding and engagement rings on different hands?
Jack: I have no answers where any of these ring questions are concerned, folks. I wasn't there.

59. Why did Edward stop wearing his Cullen Crest wristcuff after the wedding?
Jack: I believe that was a choice of the costume designer's and Bill.

60. I have just one thing that troubles me: sparkles! We didn't see any "diamonds" on Edward on BD1, hope to see some on Bella in Part Two.
Jack: What about the waterfall?

61. Any news on when promo for Part 2 will start? We need to batten down the hatches! :)
Jack: It's starting!!!!

62. Breaking Dawn Part 2 logo was revealed. What do you think? Is there anything you can tell us about the color choice?
Jack: Full-on sun, right?

63. Is the trailer that will be released on the 23rd the same as the Target one?
Jack: No, it's completely new and completely awesome.

64. Will the trailer be in front of The Hunger Games internationally or only in US?
Jack: Probably worldwide. Probably.

65. What is the run time of the trailer?
Jack: Maybe a minute or a bit more - the usual teaser length. But it's what they fit in to that time...

66. Will the BD2 trailer be in front of The Hunger Games in IMAX, or only in regular theaters?
Jack: Probably IMAX as well.

67. Will we see Renessmee/Edward with Renessmee in the trailer?
Jack: Wait and see!

With a TEASER TRAILER like this, we don't need any more teasing, Mr. Morrissey! ;)

68. what does Alice say at the reception. "Aversion" or "Virgin" of fashion?

69. I really want @100MonkeysMusic on the BD part 2 soundtrack! Is it possible? It would be AWESOME!
Jack: Hope Springs Eternal!

70. Why wasn't there a voice over on Bella on how she was feeling as if the movie were on her point of view like the previous movies?
Jack: I couldn't say, honestly. Just an artistic choice, I guess.

71. Can you explain what the credits scene was all about?
Jack:  That's the single best frame in that entire movie. ;-P What didn't you understand about the epilogue?

72. Follow up: Who wrote the letter and what does Aro want from them?
Jack:  I think Carlisle wrote it and I won't answer your second question. Guess away - you have a whole year to figure it out!

73. 'Turning Page' really needs to be submitted for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards this year. It's as good if not BETTER then the rest of stuff out there!
Jack: I think a few songs could/should be submitted, including "Turning Page", but we'll see!

74. What do you think of people saying BD is causing seizures?
Jack: Well it seems to have done so at least twice. This happens every now and then with movies and tv shows -- Pokemon anyone?

75. What do all the things on the Team Jack logo represent?
Jack: If you listen to my second appearance on Kevin's morning show I named them all (without the art in front of me!) Supertrain, the failed NBC series from the late 70s, a kodama from MONONOKE HIME, and the Emperor from STAR WARS.

76. Do you know if is going to be a CD deluxe soundtrack? I know there's the digital one.
Jack: I don't know -- I hope so, though. I'd buy a bunch! Only ECLIPSE had one, right?

77. What was Kristen was really drinking in the blood drinking scene?
Jack: It was the usual Karo food syrup, but without the toxic red dye #5. 
A better, less toxic coloring agent was used.

78. I was wondering why Bill decided to start BD1 with Edna St Vincent Millay’s poem and not the preface?
Jack: i think I know why, but type the preface out, wouldja? Don't make me go find Bill's copy!

79. Did you go to Rio during the filming of BD?
Jack: No, I never went to Brazil. Someone had to stay in L.A. and look after Pigpen!

80. Now that Bella married Edward and is a vampire, will she have any accessories with the Cullen crest?
Jack: Too soon for that answer!

81. How many Edward & Bella scenes have been deleted?
Jack:  I have no idea.

82. Are there more scenes between Edward & Tanya at the wedding?
Jack: No.

83. Why does Bella have her engagement ring and not her wedding ring during the "bathroom scene"?
Jack: I have no idea. The ring obsession.

84. Hey! I wanna know if the scenes with Bella and J.Jenks would be in BD-2?
Jack: Yup!

85. Will you give me something about what we are gonna see in the BD2 sneak peek? pretty please with cherries on top? Jack the great?
Jack:  Bella and Edward.

(ed. note: Bratty answer? Hard to say. Experience says yes.)

Happy Valentine's Day from Jack

86. Jack! What is the name of the band and the song that was played during the Target Exclusive Breaking Dawn Part Two clip?
Artist: Iko
Song: Heart of Stone


87. Music as Bella wakes up Comic-con clip: 
Artist: Passion Pit’s
Song: “I Think We’ll Be Alright”

The ladies over at Twilight Lexicon asked us for some wallpapers of the super cool Five Movie Poster for the Movie Marathon happening all over, and here they are! Get excited!

1280 × 959


 Jack Q & A August 7, 2012

1. Will Heart of Stone be on the BD2 soundtrack?
Jack: Yes, it will.

2. At Comic Con press conference Kristen said vamp sex was rated R, so no sex scenes in BD2 at all?!
Jack: Um, you're gonna get what you want, believe me.
3. Why isn't there a picture of Renesmee in the new calendar?
Jack: That's a good question and I honestly have no idea. There are so many new characters not in that calendar.
4. Will Renesmee be involved in the battle?
Jack: See if you can find her in that aerial shot - "Where's Renesmee?" ;-D

5. Does Bella hiss at all in BD2? Will we have Bella voice overs in BD2 that were missing in BD1?
Jack: She does not hiss, but she's pretty tough. Yes, there's voiceover - you've already heard some in the trailers.

6. Where are Edward, Bella and Renesmee when everyone else is gathered around the fire? In the tent?
Jack: Bella and Renesmee are, yes - you've seen that still. Edward is right outside, talking with Carlisle.

7. One question before I go, in the new EW picture is Bella gifting Renesmee the locket in the tent or is she just showing her it?
Jack: Gifting. 'night!

8. Why does Jack and the Team focus on @erikodom so much?!
Jack: Well why not? He's very talented and attractive in a variety of ways. Also, his nomad is noteworthy.
ed. note: personally, it's all about the beanie for me. Okay, yeah, Peter the Nomad is pretty good, too.-T.

9. Its a bit early, but when does DVD production begin?
Jack: How are you using the word "production"?
Follow up question: When would they start recording a commentary?
ie: Later = more time to cool off = more likely to get a R/K commentary
Jack: Commentaries are recorded further down the road.

10. When will we get new official posters?
Jack: Probably right around the same time as they've come out for the first four movies, honestly.

11. Will we see mother/daughter bonding when Renesmee tells Bella about her day and her memories?
Jack: Yes.

12. Why don't Edward and Bella's hands sparkle in the trailer? Are they not in direct sunlight?
Jack: Correct!

13. Hey Jack! How's it going? Will there be a podcast this week?! I missed it last week :(
Jack: Thanks for saying so - Episode 41: FALL MOVIE PREVIEW will be online at iTunes and tomorrow! (August 8th, 2012)

14. Will BD2 runtime be about the same or longer than the previous movies?
Jack: Each of the previous four movies had a different runtime.

15. Still haven't gotten an answer as to why no Quil/Tyson in IMDB credits for part 2. Why no Quil in part 2?!
Jack: He's in PART II. Blame IMDB.

16. Will we hear Bella's Lullaby in Carter Burwell's score?
Jack: Yes, of course. That's always been a main theme as it's essentially Bella's story, isn't it.

17. Will BD2 have the Summit logo and title shot at the beginning like the others or jump straight to Bella's eyes?
Jack: The Summit mountain always opens the picture, like the Paramountain always opens theirs.

18. What company has Summit hired to do the posters/ promo pictures? Is it the same company as for the past movies?
Jack: Yep yep.

19. Any chance we'll see the cast dance prank on the DVD extras?
Jack: I don't know, I still haven't seen it myself.

20. Any cast members on the last soundtrack to close the loop?
Jack: Nice try. ;)

21. Do you know if Summit plans to include in the Mega DVD edition for 5 films the SDCC panels and/or Q&As from Twi-cons?
Jack: Absolutely no idea - sorry!

22. If Jack is Bill Condon's partner, why did Team Jack have to stand in line for Comic Con?
Jack: Same as why I slept out with the team the night before - it's an essential part of the experience.

23. What does Renesmee call her parents? Mom and Dad? Or momma like in the book?
Jack: Momma, I think.

24. Are we going to see some Charlie/Sue love during the Christmas scenes?
Jack: Yes, you will!

25. Why are you guys so obsessed with @erikodom? he seems to get a LOT of attention. WB: a repeat, but a good one! LOL!
Jack: Why AREN'T you obsessed...yet?! ;-P He deserves the attention.

26. Will we see Bella wearing elegant, sexy dresses in BD2? And I'm not counting the blue dress we've already seen!
Jack: She looks hot and sleek but I'm not sure there are lots of dresses. I'm a guy, after all.

27. Is there a reflection in Jacob's eye in the poster? of Renesmee maybe?
Jack: I don't think so. Have you seen one in person since asking?

28. Will the relationship between Edward and Bella change too much or is it like in the other movies with same sexual tension?
Jack: The attraction is still definitely palpable, but shifted as she's a vampire and so they're equals now.

29. Will we get to see Jacob strip in front of Charlie? ;) LOL!
Jack: Too soon to tell!

30. Will the last scene of the movie be the same as the book, when Bella shows Edward her thoughts? Thanks! :)
Jack: I will never tell you what the last scene is.

31. They probably won't do a commentary with Rob and Kristen, huh?
Jack: My answer for all commentary-related questions is the same for all international promo and premieres: above my pay grade.

32. Is the soundtrack list complete?
Jack: No not yet.

33. Was anything in the SDCC clip from reshoots?
Jack: I don't think so, no.

34. When Will There Be A Nomad Poster? (Yes, I realize that's above your pay grade, but u knew it was coming.)
Jack: Here's hoping!!!! If not, we'll make our own!!!

35. How is Bella's shield created? Is it visible in some way or not?
Jack: You'll be able to tell when it's up and working.

36. Will we see the necklace Aro sent to Bella as a wedding gift? It wasn't in the trailer.
Jack: Yes you will. 99.9999999 percent of the movie is not in any trailer or still.

37. Will Muse be on the last soundtrack!?
Jack: Too soon to tell.

38. Was there anything specific that Bill was adamant about getting into the film that he had to push for?
Jack: Not during the editing phase, no.

39. Jack, what is going on with the character Kachiri? Tell us about it please!
Jack: I've never heard of this character? She's not in the movie.

40. Will Nahuel be in BD2, or just his Aunt?
Jack: Both of them. @PardoJD for the win!!!!

41. No news for the TVF awards?
Jack: What news should there be?

42. Is the music in the Comic Con clip during the hunting scene Cater's score or not?
Jack: That's a temp version of Carter's cue, yep.

43. In BD1 there is a painting of a dog next to the light Bella switches off the night before wedding... a dog of yours?
Jack: No, I think that painting has been in her room since Catherine's movie, no?
ed.note: yes, it has been in her room since Twilight.

44. Is the last scene in the book (where Bella lets Edward hear her thoughts for the first time) included in the film?
Jack: Too soon to tell.

45. Who will be doing the commentaries?
Jack: My answer for all commentary-related questions is the same for all international promo and premieres: above my pay grade.

46. Is the date for the release of the last BD2 trailer determined yet?
Jack: Shnope.

47. Do you know when we can preorder the soundtrack and/or score? Can't wait!
Jack: Nah, I haven't heard yet -- sorry! Hey @CiderSkyBand is playing the Olympics!!!

48. Why did Billy Burke not participate in the Twilight panel at SDCC?
Jack: No reason, really.

49. The wolves have changed a bit in each movie. Will BD2's be different or more like Eclipse/NM?
Jack: They'll be exactly as you saw them in PART I.

50. Will we ever get an official Renesmee poster?
Jack: We haven't yet, no. I bet she'll be with her parents on at least one poster from some country.

51. Do you know if we'll get a sneak peak at Carter Burwell's score before the film release?
Jack: No idea sorry.

52. Will we see any songs from other soundtracks repeat in BD2?
Jack: Such as what?

53. Are the gorgeous cheekbones of VampBella Expert makeup, CGI or combo of both? FLOVE how she has been transformed!
Jack: Hey Nicole! Absolutely no CG has been used on Bella's cheekbones! All make-up and reality!

54. Congrats on the 40th episode! Do u guys miss the absent co-host? And does he ever check in with you or comment on episode?
Jack: Thanks! Sure we miss him and I talk to him almost every day one way or the other. He doesn't listen, no.

55. After BD2 will the podcast still continue?
Jack: Yeah, for sure!

56. Will everything we've seen so far of BD2 make the final cut?
Jack: I think so, yeah.

57. Was there a particular scene that required tedious editing?
Jack: There was one sequence that had A LOT of footage to review!!!

58. Hi Jack! Is the song that plays during Bella's first hunt in the SDCC clip written by Carter Burwell?
Jack: Yes it is and you'll hear a fuller recording with real instruments properly mixed in the movie.

59. Thanks! Any chance you can put in a good word for a blooper reel in the DVD? :D
Jack: Sure, although I don't think there's much.

60. What is your favourite scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2?
Jack: Oh, so many. Too many.

61. Any scenes worthy of a fifth MTV best kiss award? ;) ps: thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions!
Jack: Yeah absolutely worthy. And you're welcome!

62. Are there any cute Jacob/Renesmee moments in BD2?
Jack: Yeah, OF COURSE!

63. Do you have any fun pictures of Bill and Carter at Abbey Road?
Jack: I do, but you will never see them. Sad Panda Express!!!! ;)

64. Which scene are you most excited to see after editing?
Jack: I've already seen them all a hundred times!

65. Why is Tyson (Quil) not in BD2?
Jack: We already answered this, unless it's a campaign.

66. Kristen said at SDCC that she was still finishing stuff with Bill. What are they finishing?
Jack: ADR.

67. If the Condon crew decides to direct another movie, do you think Baton Rouge will be in running? We loved having you!
Jack: Baton Rouge will always be in the running if it's an appropriate setting and the rebates and incentives stay on. The cast and crew loved shooting and living there, so the feeling is mutual!

68. Why is the Charlie holding Renee holding Phil shot not in the movie? Is it in the companion.
Jack: Weren't you meant to send this to me?

69. OMGGG! New photos! That's real. Right? I'm shocked! :O
Jack: Those are all real, I think. Must be in the EW. Thanks!

70. In the book Bella describes it as a red haze or something so my guess is that's how it'll be since we basically see via her POV
Jack: Nice guess!! ;-P. It's VERY cool, and I'm an effects nerd from the 70s and 80s. It's very tough to describe.

71. Safrina and Senna's sister that brings Nahuel and Julien with Alice?
Jack: Not in the movie!

72. You sure know how to tease us. So how far is Bill in the editing process, almost done, or a bit more to go?
Jack: The editing is completely finished. It's all visual effects and final sound mix now.

73. Which is the best? Which do you think the fans are going to like most?
Jack: I can't answer that! ;-P

74. It looks like Carlisle on Edward's shirt in the photo with Renesmee looking up at him?
Jack: It could be another still on the next page bleeding through.

75. Hey Jack! Have you been watching the Olympics?
Jack: Heyo! Not beyond the opening ceremony, nope.

76. Will the brown pick up truck be making another appearance in BD2?
Jack: Hmmm, I'm not sure.

77. Can we please please please have Deleted/Extended scenes on the BDpt2 DVD extras. Gutted they weren't on the BDpt1 DVD.
Jack: You should know the answer to this by now! Commentary track for the win?

78. In BD1 wolf Jacob runs across road in front of the brown truck. In appears in Eclipse and New Moon. Coincidence or inside joke?
Jack: Coincidence.

79. You said Bella doesn't hiss in the movie but does she snarl when she's pissed at Kate when they're working on Bella's shield?
Jack: Hissing and snarling are not really things that people do.

80. When will we see the full trailer? Hi from Spain ^^
Jack: Hello, Spain. No idea, sorry.

81. Have you and/or Bill seen any of the Hillywood parodies? Thoughts?
Jack: Bill watched the BD1 parody and really enjoyed it. I haven't seen any of them, honestly. Sorry!

82. Do you know if some commentary tracks of all Twilight movies have been saved for a superfanbox edition?
Jack: I imagine they've been saved but don't know what's being used for that box set.

83. Jack do you work for summit right?
Jack: I confirmed that we DO NOT work for Summit.

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