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What are Rob and Kristen like?
Jack: They're are great people and Bill loves them, but I have never met Rob, Kristen... or Bear, for that matter.

Are you going to be in the film? Maybe the wedding scene? 
Jack: No way. 

Here is where you will find all Jack's Q&As for the lead up and subsequent squee-fest of the Breaking Dawn Part One film and DVD release. We've tried to tag as much as we can, and there is a handy SEARCH button over there on the right, but really, I suggest reading through them all because it's all great fun and great info.


1. Why doesn't Bella have her scar on her arm in some scenes?
Jack: Continuity error.

2. Why doesn't Edward sparkle on the beach?
Jack: He sparkles at the waterfall, all other times it is overcast and cloudy.

3. What was your favorite scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1?
Jack: Too many to mention, honestly!

4. What is Bill’s favorite part of BD1?
Jack: A favorite moment of his is when Bella comprehends her pregnancy.

5. What was the most difficult scene to shoot?
Jack: Maybe the birth.

6. What do you think about the birth scene?
Jack: It's very intense, realistic and subjective.

7. Have any of the actors seen the film yet?
Jack: Yes, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor have all seen many cuts of it, from the first rough assemblage through the final cut.

8. Will we see the night before the wedding in Bella’s room? The stag party?
Jack: Sort of.

9. Will we see the garter throwing at the wedding?
Jack: Nope.

10. Do we see Bella and Edward telling Charlie about the wedding?
Jack: You’ve already seen it.

11. Jack, where is the break between BD 1 and BD2?
Jack: You don't really want to me to give away the ending, do you?

12. Is Rob is going to speak Portuguese in the film?
Jack: Yes.

13. In the behind the scenes footage, we saw Jacob and Edward fight when Edward finds out about the imprinting. Why wasn't in the movie?
Jack: Bill decided that he preferred Edward learning that Jacob imprinted at the end of the battle. 
Dunno if it will be on the DVD.

14. Why didn’t the movie have any of Bella’s inner monologues?
Jack: Bill and Melissa didn’t feel it was needed, I guess.

15. Why was scene where Edward slams Jacob into the wall cut?
Jack: Bill came to feel that it was best for Edward to learn about Jacob
having imprinted when and as he does in the movie. Also, he decided against
showing Edward having a negative reaction to it, as he does in that deleted

15. “Was the scene filmed where Edward bites the pillows?”
Jack: Schnope!

16. "Is Bella wearing pajama jeans in the first scene?"
Jack: Uh...I have no idea. Check the Blu-ray in two weeks (Editorial note: I saw the movie 6 times. Those are totally pajama jeans, IMO ;)

17. "Why does the bridal bouquet disappear during the wedding? Bella has it at the beginning then nothing?"
Jack: She tossed it? No idea. Sorry! There's no deleted scene there, I don't think.

18. "I would love to know why the Volturi's "home" is different from what we saw in New Moon."
Jack: Bill and his production designer Richard Sherman wanted to go in a different direction with that set.

19. "How long was the first cut of BD1?"
Jack: I can't remember, honestly. How much longer will the last cut of it be, is the real question.

20. "who designed Bella's wedding dress in the nightmare?"
Jack: Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer for both parts.

21. "who played chelsea and corin volturi?"
Jack: Uh who are they?

(Editorial Note: think they meant the new wolves? Collin (Brayden Jimmie)Brady (Swo wo Gabriel)

22. "What kind of cellphone does Edward have? The LG Optimus black or GT540?"
Jack: I have no idea - sorry!

23. Was using the instrumental from Turning Page for Bella's walk down the isle Bill's decision or Carter Burwell's?
Jack: It was Bill's decision but Carter was fully in agreement with it. They just saw each other today, btw.

24. (follow up) They saw each other today? Working on BD2 already? Or just socially?
Jack: Already working on BD2.

25. "Is there any chance ever of a director's cut?"
Jack: Yes, there's a chance... I should add that the cut you saw in theatres is really more or less Bill's cut. We all know what's missing. ;)

(Editorial note: ::scowl:: Teasing Brat.)

26. You've said you had some creative input in BD1, can you please tell us what?
Jack: Did I really say that? Was that my exact wording? I'm too...I dunno, shy about that, but I earned the credit.

27. Why didn't we see the last pic in the companion in the movie?
Jack: The author photo? ;-P Which photo are you referring to?

28. just before Bella opens her red eyes- is that her pupil you see sealed with venom or just last blood cell?
Jack: Her last human blood cell. Interesting question!

29. "What type of flowers are hanging during the wedding?"
Jack: Fake ones that have been cut up and packaged with that DVD edition in two weeks! :-D

30. Is there a color chart for the pack? In Tippett vid they are color coded.
Jack: I expect so, yeah, but I haven't seen it.

31. Is Bach Violi Concerto in E major playing during wedding 1st or 3rd movement?
Jack: On it!

32. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Jack: Team Peter. I have and wear the shirt to prove it!

33. Why do these movies always stay around 2 hours? is seems the 1st scenes fly by and could use a couple more min each.
Jack: Can't speak for the first three but BD1 is exactly how Bill wanted it, less a few seconds of Rob's back dimples!

34. "Can you please address WHY we are not seeing deleted scenes or additional commentaries on DVD features?"
Jack: WHYYYYY?!?!?! :D No idea about the commentaries, but you may see some or all of the deleted scenes down the road.

P.S. The Official Illustrated Companion is FULL of stills from deleted scenes!

35. "What is the website Edward visits when researching the baby?"
Jack: The Immortaculum, of course! I'm probably misspelling that.

36. Don't laugh- I'm really curious why it looks like they gave Bella padding in her bra and what was the point?"
Jack: Hmm, dunno. I never heard that.

37. "Will we ever see an R-rated edition of BD1?"
Jack: Hope springs eternal! And wouldn't "unrated" be better?

(Editorial note: YES.)

38. In Burwell's Love, Death, Birth hear parts of songs from Twilight & Eclipse. Is there something from NM? if so, which song?
Jack: Hm, I don't THINK so?

39. Do DVD sales get counted in a movie's gross or is that separate?
Jack: Separate.

40. How was filming the reception scene? Was it intentional to make it more funny than in the book?
Jack: Yeah. Bill also thought about having a rehearsal dinner but ultimately decided to get to the wedding faster.

41. Have they ever nominated the Twilight Saga for anything serious? I don't think so. Shame.
Jack: What's wrong with MTV Movie Awards?! :-D

(Editorial Note: So many things, but that's a different discussion :P)

42. Was the "rings being exchanged at the wedding" filmed?
Jack: Nope.

43. "Do you know why DVD editions are so different between US and around Europe?"
Jack: I don't, other than different distributors.

44. "Are some instrumental tracks from the film not present on the score?"
Jack: Probably not. This is usually the case with score CDs.

45. Okay, can you explain a "posed still" to me? What's the point? Since it won't be in the movie. #confused
Jack: It's just a photograph that the still photographer composes to capture an idea.

46. Were Kristen's own rings left on in the first scene on purpose or accident?
Jack: Hmm, who would know the answer to that. Maybe the director.
Keep reminding me. #ringgate2011

47. "Who decided on the honeymoon boat to be a chriscraft?"
Jack: Didn't I just answer this?

48. In and Out Burger Pro or Con?
Jack’s answer:

(twitter/fandom editorial)And Kristen's knee. And lots of thrusting.


49. Jack's One and Only Answer to All Wig-Related Questions:

"There Will Be Wigs", but remember...Michael Sheen will be seen passing through the Vancouver airport as well.  -- Jack

50. What is the run time for BD1?
Jack: The run time is 1:55. It's only PART I and Bill doesn't want it to be one minute longer than it should be for the best storytelling. Pace and flow!

51. Were the wedding rings added post production?
Jack: No, they were not. As Bill mentioned at Comic Con, the fans spoke out when the first Rio stills were released and they did not see wedding rings. Originally, Stephanie Meyer did not have wedding rings as part of the plan to stay consistent with Edwardian customs. The decision to go without rings was reconsidered after fan feedback. Since the bit that was shot without rings was brief, it was unnecessary to go back and add rings.

52. Can you explain what went into the decisions about hair?
Jack: Here's the thing about the haircuts and/or wigs: as Bill said at Comic-Con, he felt like BD was about growing up for most of the characters, or certainly moving beyond high school, so the hair choices are about that. You may like this one but not that but that was the intention and the hair and makeup artists are all extremely talented. And Bill knows his way around this stuff from DREAMGIRLS, which was all wigs all the time. There was thought and design behind all of it, but as with everything in both parts of BD, that doesn't mean you have to agree with the thought or design, or like it. That's just movies. A team of the best people you can get all work hard with a director, and those choices and decisions get filmed and edited anyway.

53. How does the director go about deciding which songs appear under which scenes in a movie?  
Jack: Every single movie happens uniquely--you kind of have to know someone who worked on. or close to any specific movie in order to know how it all happened and came together. And, for these two BD movies, you do!

For PART I--in broad terms--Bill received CDs with submitted songs. He and his team listened to each song a number of times and then take only the songs they like and try them under certain scenes. Once a song feels like a great fit with a scene musically, and sometimes even lyrically, the producers (including Stephenie) watch/listen, as did the music supervisor and studio execs, and approve.

54. How is the orchestral score placed?
Jack: When scoring the film, first the director, the editor, and their team try a temporary score cue over this scene, or a song under that scene, until they get the movie roughly where they want it to be musically. Then the composer and director "spot" the movie in a spotting session, where they talk through all of the score cues needed, what and how they need to be, and when they need to start and finish. Once agreed upon, the composer goes off and composes.

55. What are your favorite songs from the soundtrack?
Jack: My favorite songs are, in order, "Northern Lights", "Turning Page," "Requiem on Water", and "Endtapes." You will LOVE "Cold".

56. What is Bill's favorite song?
Jack: Probably "Requiem on Water" and/or "Turning Page".

57. Which is your favorite of the Twilight Saga soundtracks?
Jack: Not counting BREAKING DAWN I, I'd say the Twilight Soundtrack.

58. Why isn't Muse on the soundtrack?
Jack: I can't explain that, sorry. Not Bill's fault.

LINK: Muse Article on MTV

59. The film Twilight had blue lighting. Do the BD films have a signature color?
Jack: Signature colors are something Catherine Hardwicke does. For example, check out “Red Riding Hood.” Also, we have too many locations for one color. You’ll notice the marketing materials-posters, calendar, trading cards--have the colors of dawn breaking.

60. Do you know when the soundtrack score will be released?
Jack: I don’t think a date has been announced. Patience.


61. Jack, where are the premieres and promotional events taking place?
Jack: The publicity/promotional event/premiere decisions are in the hands of other people. We have no control over that at all. 

62. Will Kristen Stewart be promoting BD1 while she’s filming SWATH? 
Jack: I have ZERO control or influence over what any of the actors choose to do or not do -- sorry. As you know, Kristen Stewart is shooting right now, and not all productions are accommodating for other movies and their promotional/publicity schedules. 

63. When will you be at Tent City, Camp Breaking Dawn? 
Jack: When WON'T I be there?

64. Are you coming to the London Premiere?
Jack: I will be visiting Tent City for the London Premiere on the afternoon of the 16th. See you there.

65. When are more trailers coming? 
Jack: There will only be TV spots from here on out.

66. Is Summit going to release the Comic Con trailer? 
Jack: I do not know. 

67. Will Breaking Dawn come out in IMAX?
Jack: I don't think so. HAPPY FEET 2 took all the IMAX screens. 

68. Was BD filmed in 3D? 
Jack: The decision was made early on not to film either chapter of “Breaking Dawn" in 3D.


69. What special features will there be on the DVD?
Jack:Haven't they been announced?

70. Will Bill be record his commentary solo or with others?
Jack: Solo

71. Is there going to be an UNEDITED DVD version of "Breaking Dawn"?
Jack: Hope springs eternal

72. Rumor has it that Edward's thrusting was cut from the film. Is that true?
Jack: Don't you worry.

73. Can you please tell Bill that we want an R-rated version of the film on the DVD?
Jack: Bill has heard the requests for an R-rated cut of the film.

74. Are Robert and Kristen going to be on the DVD commentary?
Jack: Hope springs eternal.

75. confirmation on whether the DVD has deleted scenes?
Jack: It doesn't.

76. Was there any behind the scenes footage shot during the actual last scenes filmed in the Caribbean?
Jack: Yup and it's included in the awesome DVD documentary.

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