Team Jack Podcast Guide Episode #53: “Frank and Chromeskull”

4:05 Jack introduces guests James Duval “Donnie Darko, Independence Day” and Nick Principe of the “Chromeskull/Laid to rest” franchise of two movies. Also in “Hatchet 2.”
Nick recording Episode 53:
Nick and Jimmy:
5:50 Matt knows Nick from “The FP” movie that his friend Jason Trost directed.
7:00 Discussion of “werewolf rapist movie” short film that Nick and Jimmy recently worked on. Loosely based on Red Riding Hood.
8:04 “Laid to Rest” series. Cult following? Nick made the cover of “Fangoria” which was a dream for him. Magazine that used to be the only source for horror movie news.
10:25 “All Superheroes Must Die” discussion. Trailer:
11:00 Back to Chromeskull. What does he look like? Jack has to look it up. They LOVE Chromeskull in Germany! People waited outside Nick’s hotel there.
Fanmade You Tube list of Chromeskull kills that Nick mentions:
Examples of Chromeskull Fan Art and Tattoos:
14:41 Jack and Jimmy Duval’s origin story. Actually met about twenty years ago. Background on Jimmy: Starred in Donnie Darko as “Frank the Bunny” but mostly known for the  Gregg Araki “teenage apocolypse trilogy”—Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, and Nowhere.
Jack recording Episode 53:
Jimmy mentions “This is How the World Ends” a never aired 2000 MTV pilot that he did with Gregg Araki. Watch it here:
16:00 “Totally Fucked Up” was the first movie Jimmy ever did. Still speaks with Gregg Araki. Discussion of other actors from the trilogy, many were non-actors at the time.
Worked on it with actor Alan Boyce from “Permanent Record” and “Seven Minutes in Heaven” Jack just bought “Seven Minutes in Heaven” on DVD.
19:12 Jimmy ended up doing “Doom Generation” (1995) with Gregg Araki, had a lot of great cameos.
Doom Generation Kwik E Mart “Eat My Fuck” scene:
20:45 Jimmy is always recognized for the Araki movies, even couples in their 50’s will know him from The Doom Generation. Plays the lead in all the films in the trilogy. Jimmy is Gregg Araki’s alter ego? Difference of making independent films back then. Era of the “Queer New Wave.”
24:00 Discussion of movie “Nowhere” and actors he worked with on it.
Jimmy and Nathan Bexton in Nowhere:
26:20 Jimmy actually came to director Roland Emmerich’s attention as a result of the trilogy. Roland recognized him from “Totally Fucked Up” and “The Living End” when Jimmy was a waiting on him at a restaurant. He then went to see him in “The Doom Generation” at Sundance and cast him in Independence Day as a result.
Jimmy in “Independence Day”:
28:41 Jimmy has nothing but respect for Roland, learned a lot from working with him. Recently worked with Martin Landau, “true craftsman.” Martin was James Dean’s best friend and favorite photo subject. Photo session with Landau and Dean:
32:00 Discussion of new movie he just finished with Martin Landau “Without Ward”:
34:00 Mark Hamill and new Star Wars discussion with JJ Abrams. How will it be with the older actors in the new movies? Has Mark Hamill aged well? Bad plastic surgery.
Hamill Episode 7 Fan Art:
37:44 Jimmy just recently finished working with Hamill on a movie called “Sushi Girl.” First time meeting him, went to his house in Malibu last summer for a barbeque. Jack says a lot of buzz on the movie, now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. Big influence on him, great guy.
41:20 Eventually Hamill did talk to the other actors about Star Wars while filming but he doesn’t really like to...Hamill told them he’s not a big fan of the movies so he doesn’t like to talk about it?  And then the stories poured out during the shoot: “You know when we were filming Empire...”
43:11 How did Jimmy land Donnie Darko?
Late nineties, had finished “SLC Punk” and “Go.” SLC Punk now getting a sequel! Set eighteen years after the original, all original cast. Says the sequel script is “fucking awesome.”
48:37 Back to Donnie Darko. Jason Schwartzman originally attached to the movie and he was excited to work with him. Jimmy had to figure out “what it meant for him.” Created his own backstory for the character. Worked for two and a half weeks on the movie, entire film shot in LA in 28 days.
Donnie Darko/Frank the Bunny theater scene, actually was shot in the Aero theater:
54:50 Discussion about props from Donnie Darko? How many masks were there? Three, one was chromed. Jimmy Fallon has one in his house. Much drama about the masks!
Only knows of one complete costume that was ever made, specifically made for Jimmy’s height and build.
Frank the Bunny tattoo:
Some examples of Frank the Bunny Deviant Art:
Jack’s very own Frank the Bunny/Jimmy Duval action figure:

57:56 What did he wear under the costume? Jeans and a t-shirt. European cut of “Without Ward” will be full frontal.
58:45 When did Jimmy first see Donnie Darko? Saw a different version at Sundance. Theatrical release made only $600,000.  Cohen actually saw it in the theater after being really excited by the trailer. Also a huge fan of Southland Tales after hating it when he first saw it.
Matt recording Episode 53:
1:03:44 How many movies has Jimmy done and how many have been released and/or disappeared? Has probably done 40 movies that have never been released.  New definition of distribution? Online, things going viral etc.
1:06:44 Randy Quaid gave him really good advice on the set of Independence Day (before he “went crazy”).
Jimmy and Randy on set:
1:09:10 Independence Day Two and Three coming? Roland Emmerich has talked about it, also. Twenty-Twenty five years in the future. Mostly based on the sons of the main characters. A trilogy?
1:12:43 Jack talks about discussing Star Wars with Roland Emmerich. “Hard core nerd with Spielberg and Lucas movies.”
Likes his movie 2012’s “Ark” design:
1:15:50 Jimmy brought mask from Donnie Darko over!
In box:
And then Frank on Jack’s couch!:
Jack’s Donnie Darko t-shirt:

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