Team Jack # 50: “Shades of Smith” -originally aired March 6, 2013

3:20  Jack is back after three and a half months! Matt: “You can all stop tweeting me now!”
4:30 Jack traveled abroad over the break and has now just finished the rough draft of the movie he and Erik Odom have been working on:
5:05 Joining them today is Kevin Smith @thatKevinSmith-”Darth Smithius” Kevin got Jack into podcasting AND twitter. Kevin starts talking about the “life of movie production.” Jack compares it to “nervous release” (a Kinsey term). Kevin asks for further description (of course!) Here he is recording the podcast with Jack:
Kevin’s desk-where the Smodcast “magic” happens:
Kevin’s Post-It notes (I want these!)
6:50 Jack describes his vacation-spent Christmas and New Years at Ian McKellan’s house. Loved looking at Sir Ian’s Christmas cards on his mantel. Pet Shop Boys card (front and back):
7:59 Weirdest moment for Jack was at Ian’s party when Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber!) insinuated himself into the conversation he was having with some people. Jack’s favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard.
9:34 Kevin Smith’s Alan Rickman story. Funny! He was in his movie Dogma, would love to work with him again. They can never quite time it right.
Alan with Kevin on the set of Dogma:
11:40 Kevin asks Jack more about the release of Breaking Dawn Part Two. Jack tells Kevin to listen to the episode he recorded with “all the twihards” the night before the BD 2 premiere, much crying...
12:15 Maybe Twilight isn’t over-just like Star Wars. Kevin is VERY excited for the new Star Wars movies and having a fan’s point of view in the new movies. IMDB page for Episode 7!  Jack thinks the goal/mandate for Lucasfilm is to compete with the Marvel movies, especially with regard to the “free standing” movies.

"George Lucas himself actually references the Kevin Smith movie "Clerks" Death Star independent contractor controversy (best Clerks scene!) in this commentary.
Some cool Episode 7 Fan art:
15:00 Guardians of the Galaxy movie discussion. Kevin says the studio wants to “hook ‘em while they’re young.” Rocket Racoon.
17:20 Jon Favreau and the Ironman movie-him saying yes and working his ass off made The Avengers work. Kevin thinks the first Iron Man is the best of all the Avenger movies-”non broody Superhero.” Favreau had to fight to get Robert Downey Jr. cast. 
Kevin is very positive about the new director for Iron Man 3, Shane Black-thinks it might make more money than the first two. Iron Man 3 Director Shane Black and Don Cheadle at Comic Con 2012:
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-underrated Shane Black movie. Trailer.
Will Val Kilmer make an appearance in Iron Man 3? Kevin hopes so...
21:37 Jack asks Matt and Kevin their takes on new Comic book movies coming out? Chronicle, Marvel, Daredevil, Galactus, Fantastic Four. Describes comic book movies as the “modern day westerns.”
28:00 X-Men discussion. Days of Future Past? What ifs?
Jennifer Lawrence returning to film new X-Men movie “Days of Future Past” after Oscar win:
33:00 The Hobbit discussion. Kevin is “not a Hobbit guy.” Matt was not a fan of the newest movie. Talk about Rankin/Bass version of The Hobbit.
Jack really likes their version of Gollum, “they give good Gollum”.

35:20 Discussion of “Heavy Metal" cartoon with R rating.
  Heavy Metal trailer:

Heavy Metal “Flying through Landscape” scene:

Kevin likes all the boobs in Heavy Metal (Cohen too):
36:03 Creepshow discussion. Bad episodes? Jack tells Kevin that he owns “Fluffy” from 1982.
Jack’s Tom Spina Fluffy:
37:00 Jack tells Kevin he recently met his friend Dave Mandel. Wrote for SNL, Seinfeld, now doing Clerks cartoon. Discussion of his extensive collection of memorabilia (Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet!) Hero props and Hero comic book works-even has Dark Knight pages, which you usually only see in museums.
39:30 Back to “The Hobbit” discussion. Jack says it runs long and starts out slow but once they go on the road “the old magic starts.” Matt points out that it actually takes forty minutes to get out of Bilbo’s house. Jack loves the eagles in the movie.
Matt has tattoo of Bilbo’s sword on his arm. Photo of Matt recording Episode 50:
43:27 Jack and Matt lent their voices to Kevin Smith’s new animated movie “cartoon opus” Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Trailer:

Originally started with an idea for a web series/project Jay Mewes made with Steve Stark, who initially contacted Kevin on twitter. Reminded Kevin of one of his favorite animated short films growing up: Lenny Bruce’s “Thank You Mask Man”

Everyone in the “Smodco family” has done a voice for Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Movie pokes fun at superhero and comic movies. Total stoner comedy (of course!) Tickets went on sale March 1st, and they are taking the movie on tour.
Info here: Whole movie only cost $69,000.
49:00 Jack talks about Bill’s idea for Breaking Dawn Part Two premiere and says Kevin should do it. End of BD2 movie credits has “curtain call” for all the actors. When the lights came up he wanted all the actors to be lined up on stage and also all the directors but they weren’t able to do it.
I always wanted to do this tribute to the actors at the end as a way to extend this feeling of saying goodbye and the sense of connecting it to where it came from.” - Bill Condon
Full video of Breaking Dawn Part Two Credits (Amazing!):
51:10 Kevin asks about the Robsten break-up before Breaking Dawn Part Two came out. Were they melting down? Jack can’t wait until he can go into this further and tell stories (!) but insists it was real and not for PR. Nothing was done to “sell the movie.”

Kevin brings up the wife and children affected by the scandal.

54:25 Jack gives them credit for “getting over” this whole media event.  Reminds Kevin of Meg Ryan and Russell Crow and their very public extramarital situation:
Kevin’s dog barks, here he is taking a sunbath:
57:30 Celebrity stoner talk. Charlize Theron was caught! Also celebs that live in Jack and Kevin’s neighborhood. Kevin had no clue about most of them.
1:00:00 2013 Oscar talk. Bill Condon talks about coming back and doing another show. He previously did the one hosted by Hugh Jackman in 2009. The one where the Oscar winners talked about the nominees (Bill’s great idea!)
Kate Winslet’s winning Oscar intro-Shirley Maclaine tells Anne Hathaway to “keep singing”-how prophetic! Loved this:
Hugh Jackman’s opening number with Anne Hathaway:

1:08:00 Why no Bond reunion/tribute this year like was rumored? Turned into the Shirley Bassey performance. Disappointing. Bond clip reel was terrible too.
Better fan made one here and at
Jaws music plays off nominees-WTF?
Example-Best Visual Effects winners:
Richard Dreyfuss tweet during Oscar broadcast:
I always dreamed that the score of one of my films would be used to play people off at the Oscars. We did it, Steven! #oscars2013
1:21:00 Talking about Rhythm and Hues/green screen visual effects. Matt brings up a Tumblr that shows films without visual effects, just green screen:
It’s Jack’s birthday! February 28th. Jack thanks Kevin for getting him into podcasts AND twitter! Jack has higher follower count than Kevin now! Twitter talk. “Dogging” in parks talk. Jack gives detailed instructions on dogging location at Runyon Canyon (!)
Jack recording on his birthday:
I spy Jack’s sunglasses!
Jack’s t-shirt is half Tron/half Tron Legacy (nerd alert!):

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