Team Jack 49: Our Perfect Little Piece

*1:40 - Jack mentions how when we see Renesmee touch someone to communicate, we will hear a slight whisper. It’s Mackenzie’s voice manipulated.

*2:20 - Podcasting from Jack’s hotel room (Cohen states the most people ever in a hotel room)

*3:42 - Podcast was recorded the day before the premiere.

*6:40 - Fan Camp felt like a love fest this year.

*7:10 - Jack cried during Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years Part 2” at the Fan Camp concert.

Christina Perri telling the story of and signing “A Thousand Years Part 2” at Fan Camp.

Short video of Jack and some Team Jack ladies swaying to music during the song -

*7:40 - Mention of The Forever Party.

*8:25 - Team Jack had a big swig of moonshine prior to podcasting.

*11:12 - Thoughts of meeting Stephenie Meyer at Fan Camp. Traci said it made her cry.
Nancy told Stephenie we are all here because of her and the dream she had.

*14:14 - What was Stephenie’s dream that she had that created Twilight? It was the original meadow scene in Twilight.

*16:30 - The film version of the meadow is not the same as it is written in the book. The actual meadow scene was never filmed originally. They had to go back and film it at a golf course in LA.

*18:26 - Twilight was the first book that Cathy EVER read because of her dyslexia. She fell in love with them and has read them all 28 times each. Since then she has read more books!

*20:35 - Reading Twilight changes your life.

*23:50 - Jack went through all the camps.

*35:45 - What happens in The Forever Party photo booth stays in the photo booth??

*37:55 - Xena Conventions are the natural evolution of the Twilight Lesbian.

*38:30 - What is next for the fandom? Forever in Forks!

*39:40 - Breaking Dawn Part 2 seems to be everyone’s favorite movie. It references the entire saga.
*40:25 - Jack gets a special thanks credit.

*41:30 - Jack says watching the movie will be a shitshow. *Personal note: from being inside that theater during the premiere the audiences reaction was a complete ShitShow!!
The audience’s reactions from inside the theater:
*42:50 - Deanna discusses the wine bottles she had made as a gift for Jack and the group. *Personal note: They are fabulous.

*51:30 - Jack says we all have a head full of crazy, because we are fans, which is short for fanatics. Jack admits he wears his fan badge proudly.
*53:00 - Talking about how we are imperfect just as Bella Swan was in the beginning. Which makes it all so perfect. Helps makes it all relatable.

*57:51 – TwilightCougar1’s husband told Stephenie thank you for making all these women happy.

*58:08 – Nicole gives a shout out to the entire fandom family.

*59:25 – Forever.


Posted on November 29, 2012 .