Team Jack # 48: The Assassination of Greg Yolen by the Coward Erik Odom-originally aired October 18, 2012

3:45 GREG IS BACK! Nice Herve Villechaize impression Greg! Remember when Greg was a co-host?

OK, this is really Greg (adorbs) AND I love that nakey statue behind him.  (per Jack, it is St. Sebastiane) Casa Condon/Morrissey statue FTW!

5:13 This podcast is a continuation of Episode 39 “Nomads” about Erik-jump ahead 52 minutes in that episode for “Twihard” content at


Jack provides a quick description of Episode 39.

Erik recording the podcast (and mirroring THE statue a bit):

Cuteness (but no hottie statue this time):

10:09 Discussion of production of Breaking Dawn 2 (Baton Rouge and Vancouver). How was Baton Rouge? Greg loved Baton Rouge, cast and crew stayed at “Perkins Rowe”-shopping center area, condos. Greg, however, diid not appreciate the shopping center Christmas music 24/7!

Ashley Greene poses with fans at Perkins Rowe during filming of Breaking Dawn:

13:00 Erik and some other cast (witnesses, nomads) stayed at the Hilton.

14:05 Greg’s fight/getting kicked out of a bar story in Baton Rouge. Greg sticking up for nomads! Greg’s Michael Sheen impression FTW! “Greg, are you alright? I heard you had a bit of a kerfuffle.” Ack!

18:30 Erik talks about flying into Baton Rouge with other cast members. American nomads and some Irish coven members. Two sets in Baton Rouge: snowfield set (filmed in an agricultural center/arena) and Cullen house (built inside a studio).

Still of Peter and Charlotte from BD2:

 You know you are part of the Twilight Fandom when manips of you start being made!

22:00 How long is Breaking Dawn Part 2? 115 minutes/One hour and 55 minutes long, including title and end credits. NEVER long enough for the Twilight Fandom.

New behind the scenes featurette:





New tv spot “Generation”





Charlie meets Jacob:

24:20 Discussion of Peter and Charlotte fan fiction. Peter gets around! A lot of crossover...Peter and Bella?!?! Some examples from Team Jack Fan Fiction expert @allthingsHHH:






Examples of Fan Fic artwork featuring Peter and Charlotte:

26:30 Peter and Greg Yolen Fan Fic? Fake twitter accounts for Greg and Bill Condon.

27:20 Back to Baton Rouge...A lot of time standing in a field. Was fun watching Michael Sheen work. Greg describes it as “theatrical flourishes.” He would have two different ways to approach things in different takes. Amazing. Bill pretty much knows what take to use when he sees it, won’t finish a scene on set until he knows how it is all going to come together.

Aro in Breaking Dawn Part Two:

And because this is the best thing EVER! Michael Sheen reading Twilight Fan Fiction:


30:20 Jack and Greg have started to look at materials that will be included on the DVD/Blu-Ray. Greg talks about shooting in Baton Rouge, how monotonous it got, a little claustrophobic and weird. Constantly surrounded by fake paper snow. Interviews with the actors during that time really show this surreal experience.

32:29 Jack talks about “second unit.” Animatic treatment replacing scripts? Discussion of Ridley Scott’s process. Less interested in the script than the visuals? Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

37:30 Jack asks the boys what they are doing Saturday night? Universal’s Halloween Horror Night?

38:30 Discussion of Erik’s LA theatrical debut!!!!!! Rogue Machine Theater’s production of “A Bright New Boise”-Obie award winner from 2011. Erik gives a synopsis-takes place in a HOBBY LOBBY, which Erik describes as a “Michaels on steroids.”

Article on Rogue Machine and Erik’s play:



Photos of Erik in “A Bright New Boise”:

43:25 Greg’s description/reenactment of Erik’s “audition process” for A Bright New Boise. So so good. “I AM PETER FROM TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN! I AM PETER!”

Greg and Erik:

Greg mirroring statue this time:

Get more info and your tickets here!



45:45 Erik will be performing the week of FAN CAMP (formerly Tent City), the camping site for Breaking Dawn, Part Two at Nokia Live. They cancelled the show scheduled for the night of the premiere. Erik’s mom gets to come to the play and his premiere.

Tent City 2011:

Erik’s character art as Peter from Breaking Dawn Part Two was released last Friday. FINALLY! Greg Yolen thinks it’s the best of the bunch so far-nasty, menacing and “vampirey” (AGREED!)

New Face Friday interview with Erik:





Bill Condon’s comment when he first saw Erik’s character art: “That’s amazing. No matter what happens from here on out he’ll always be that one thing in this franchise.” Forever.

50:58 Podcast listener questions!

Kathleen (ME!) for Greg. What did you think of the Lincoln trailer?

Answer: Greg says he is excited (pumped for Lincoln) and can’t wait to see it! Impressed that it looks like he grew his own beard. Interested to see the atmosphere of this movie. Liked the spot that aired during the first presidential debate:


Lincoln trailer:


Spielberg on set with Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln:

Allison Smith question for Erik Odom. Where can she get Erik Odom’s poster?

Have to make your own, will not be made into a poster.

Twilight Lexicon for Erik: what do you enjoy more: film work or stage work? A lot more responsibility on the actor for stage work. Pros and cons to each.

Question for everyone: Will we see all of you at TwiCon in Burbank? Jack says yes, Greg will probably be busy at the junket for Bill Condon, Erik will more than likely not be there (working)-not a paid guest (WRONG!)

Sausha @tashpalo: How is Erik feeling about his big screen debut now that it is only a month away? Can’t wait! Dying! “That movie will play so well in that theater, fans will lose their minds.”

Suzie Acres: What was the hardest/most rewarding part of playing a vampire? Most rewarding-first time he was all decked out as a vampire. Hardest: Trying to go back and fill it up with as much as possible, you have your moments/maximize without going overboard.

Debbie Prins: Number one on your bucket list? Greg says really looking forward to Lincoln. He would love to get a dog. Discussion of Mayan/2012 end of the world thing.

1:04:00 Any other looming announcements? Bill Condon’s “Sideshow” production: re-imagining of the original musical that came out about 15 years ago. Opening at La Jolla Playhouse next year. Kennedy Center opening Spring 2014.

Info on original production of Side Show:


LA Times article about Bill’s production:





Performance from Tony Awards:


Other movie prospects are happening for Bill as well! Exciting!

Look up Erik Odom on Facebook! And on twitter! @erikodom.

Greg is on twitter but never uses it. Unfortunately!

Silent Hill Revelation 3D opens Friday! Jack wants to check it out:




Oh hi Jack! Notice the hat!

Matt Cohen was quiet today. Episode 50 may take place at Kevin Smith’s house? Can’t wait! Make that happen Cohen...


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