Team Jack 43: The Proposal -first aired September 6, 2012

 In which Jack, Kerrigan and guest Kyle Bonnici chat about the movie biz and pop a very special question.
annotated by @tashpalo
Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen
Kerrigan Hennings
Kyle Bonnici

* 3:30 - Michael Clarke Duncan passes away at the age of 54
* 4:25 - Jack points out that Kyle and Kerrigan are together. Like together, together. Aww, look how cute they are.
* 5:00 Kyle has a top secret job (you can google) and Kerrigan is doing a Walk for Lupus Now fund raising campaign. You can support Kerrgian and the cause here.
* 7:45 - Two things we learned about Michael Clarke Duncan since he passed away (according to Matt Cohen) 1) He had a heart attack 2 months ago and has been in the hospital which no one said anything about and 2) he was dating Omarosa
* 9:51 - Kyle is embarrassed that Daredevil is his favorite movie. He likes Jennifer Garner’s fight scene.
* 12:50 - Kyle and Kerrigan went to a Kiki over Labor Weekend. Kiki as defined by Urban Dictionary -

A party including good music and good friends, held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress and generally fighting ennui. May involve locked doors, tea and salacious gossip.
Everyone: "Let's have a kiki!"

* 15:45 - Kyle grew up in Vegas...he says it’s oddly very boring. Kyle’s dad is the GM for the 6 major radio stations in Las Vegas.
Kyle’s Dad - Tony Bonnici
* 19:42 - A Hollywood tour bus stopped and started pointing out the Almore Liquor store when Jack and the crew were there.
* 21:10 - Jack discusses the Moonshine lovely Team Jack member Cathy sent Jack. They start drinking! Here’s a pic of Kyle and Kerrigan.
* 27:58 - Jack is working with Kenny Wormald (who played Ren in the Footloose remake) to learn how to club dance so he will be ready to live it up at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 in London!
* 30:35 - Kerrigan wants to know if Kenny knows how to do the Melbourne Shuffle because he needs to know for his Halloween costume. He’s going to be a Zombie Candy Raver.
Melbourne Shuffle basics - youtube clip 
* 33:50 - Hocus Pocus Sequel or Reboot. Jack believes more likely a reboot.
* 35:20 Jack says pay attention to Reeve Carney. He played Spiderman in the Broadway production...also dated Ashley Greene.
* 37:40 - Another shot of moonshine! - this is not a pic of Cathy’s.
* 38.40 - Drinking Strawberry moonshine the previous weekend. It’s kind of too epic for words!
*39:38 - Summer Box Office down 100 Million dollars from number it was at ten years ago.
*45:58 - Jeremy Renner is Kerrigan’s One freebie. Matt’s dad has no one who he is, saying “Who is this guy and why is he in movies?”
* 47:38 - Kyle’s one is Zac Efron. Jack describes his new movie The Paperboy, as a slutty, mcslutty movie. Watch Trailer.
* 49:17 - Paperboy was also a Nintendo video game - You can still play online here.
* 50:42 - Should Zac Efron play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey? Personally note - I prefer Henry Cavill for that role - Tash.
* 58:23 - Did you see Clint Eastwood talk to the chair? Holy Shit!
* 1:04:30 - Jack does a dramatic reading of Edward’s proposal to Bella, as done in Eclipse.
1:10:32 - Sia My Love

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