Team Jack Episode #5-The Empire Strikes Jack: originally aired Nov 9, 2011

“In which Jack and Greg are joined by Kerrigan Hennings and a bottle of Scotch to discuss the ‘Worst’ movies of all time.”
Guests:Jack, Kerrigan Hennings, Greg Yolen, Matt Cohen
Annotated by Kathleen @kaybeevee
5:00 Greg is back! Update on Greg’s twitter: 0 tweets, 1 follow, 0 favorites, 38 followers.
6:29 Old friend Kerrigan Hennings. On twitter @kayaytche (KH phonetically spelled).
8:00 The boys are drinking scotch that was a gift from Bill Condon’s attorney. Ardbeg-finest scotch in the world? Jack does a nice reading of the label. Since 1815:
10:05 Greg just saw “The People vs George Lucas.” Matt Cohen is in it! Matt assures it is not an indictment of George Lucas but a “cry for help.” Lucas’ attack on fans? Jar Jar Binks “fuck you” in Episode 2.
Seriously? There was Jar Jar merch?
14:28 George Lucas supposedly making his own documentary. Cohen discusses new version with new scenes. Not very “fan friendly.” Who owns art?
16:05 Discussion of Troll 2 documentary. “Best Worst movie.”
18:30 Kerrigan is awaiting his California Bar Exam results, finds out November 18th-same day as release of Breaking Dawn Part One!
22:00 How is the scotch? Update. Discussion of weather.
24:00 Discussion of Troll movies and “The Room.”
27:00 What is the worst movie ever made? Criteria: NOT amateur quality but attack of the worthys, as in excessive sanctimony and finger wagging.
Greg brings up The Ides of March and Up in the Air. Syriana. Jason Reitman and sanctimony.
33:07 Greg just got back from Vancouver. Jack discusses top of Grouse Mountain.
Vancouver: Don’t call it “The Couve.”
34:25 Greg raves about restaurant in Vancouver: Chinese Brasserie “Bao Bei”
36:00 Waterworld discussion “Mad Max on the high seas.” Jack saw the actual Waterworld Trimaran once on dry land in Long Beach:
37:35 “Battleship” discussion, opening Summer 2012. Most expensive film ever made? Teaser trailer:
40:12 Greg’s “other half is welsh” so he hates the Irish. Drunken ramblings continue...
41:23 Worst movies of all time picks-again.
Cohen: “Sucker Punch”, “Gerry” by Gus Van Sant
43:45 Taylor Lautner to make movie with Gus Van Sant?
Jack actually says “specifical.” BAH. More drinking...
45:20 Kerrigan’s worst movie pick: “Broken Flowers” with Bill Murray.
47:10 Kerrigan HATES Brokeback Mountain! He’s gay! In Jack’s words: “A big fat sloppy pass around party bottom” Greg says: “Don’t touch me.” Kerrigan thinks there should be more sex.
48:40 Kerrigan thinks “Transamerica” is a much better representation of what was happening in the gay right movement at that time.
53:20 Jack’s “worst” pick. American Beauty? Problem living in LA, it’s hard to go into a hyped movie without baggage. Might be coming around to the movie more now, same with Brokeback Mountain. “There’s a lot to like in American Beauty.” Jack LOVES Sam Mendes next movie “Road to Perdition” much more. Cohen and Greg disagree.
Greg: “What is that movie about?!?!?!”
59:42 Jack asks: Best Chicago movie ever made? The Untouchables. “A fucking masterpiece.”
The Untouchables Stairway shootout scene FTW!:
Baseball bat scene *warning*:
1:00 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off discussion. More on The Untouchables.
Ferris Bueller Museum Scene:
1:02:25 Discussion about Alan Parker
“Can’t get a job directing commercials now.” WTF? Future podcast guest?
Greg’s pick for most pretentious/movie piece of shit? To be continued in Episode 6...

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