Team Jack Episode 41- ”Fall Movie Preview”-originally aired Aug 9, 2012

In which Jack, Cohen and Hentges do exactly what the title says... and some other stuff.
Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen
Steve Hentges

6:55 - 1941 – “Must See” Steven Spielberg movie
9:25 -Jack can’t recommend scuba diving enough – 3 dives off Catalina Island
but warns - Drinking and Diving don’t mix
12:20 - Matt doesn’t get in the ocean Giant Sea Bass scare him “Fuck That” was his exact phrase when he saw a picture of one
14:58 – Jack saw Todd Solondz’s new movie Dark Horse over the weekend but was kind of bleh about it.
17:55  - Cirque du Soleil “Iris” at the Dolby Theater -  Taylor Lautner has seen it 3 times. Steve liked it, Jack has not seen it.
19:00 - Steve’s favorite Cirque du Soleil  is Ka. The stage gets vertical.
20:00 – Matt LOVED Love but he said he was into mushrooms at the time
22:30 - Matt went to the Big Apple Circus as a kid, he’s not a Circus guy
24:10 – Matt saw Point Break at silent movie theater, said it was awesome. Jack never saw it.
25:00 – Movie Klown - Matt wants to check it out
25:50 – Hollywood and Swine – Len Wiseman going to movie jail for Total Recall
29:00 – Original Total Recall Camp and Fun and violent, that didn’t take itself seriously – Steve says new one takes too seriously and was diluted down with the PG-13 rating.
33:45 – Matt gives spoiler of deleted scene. Ethan Hawke was supposed to be changed to Colin Farrell – So he originally looked like Ethan Hawke - link to article -
34:48 – Discussion of The Fall in new Total Recall – picture of the Colony vs Republic of New Britain
44:25 – Matt gives scoop on possible Silver Surfer picture
46:25 – Wolverine 2 shooting right now in Japan. Early Wolverine storyline. Supposed to be R rated.
48:15 – Avengers is the best movie Matt and Steve saw all summer BUT they still have issues with it.
51:50 – Matt and Steve both enjoyed the Conan remake
52:55 – Jack’s favorite movie of the summer is Prometheus – Jack only saw the first 10 mins of Avengers
56:50 – The Master – creation of Scientology *personal note: SO excited for this movie – tash
Matt heard Paul Thomas Anderson made this movie cause Tom Cruise converted PTA’s sister to Scientology – Steve says he doesn’t think that’s true.    
See the full list of movies opening in Sept as listed on IMBD discussed on Podcast.
1:02:439 – Rec 3 – Steve and Matt enjoy the Wreck movies, looking for these. These are Spanish. Remade as Quarantine for American audience (NOT GOOD)
1:03:40 – Perks of Being a Wallflower – Possible Academy award winning – O
See full list of movies coming out in October as listed on IMBD
1:05-23 – The Paperboy – Jack says check out the trailer, it’s RIPE
1:06-30 – Argo – Ben Affleck movie – True Story –
1:07:50 – Killing Them Softly, - Matt says good trailer
Matt’s WAY into the Silent Hill Revelation Trailer
1:08:20 – Cloud Atlas – trailer and featurette – Jack is VERY interested in it
1:10:09 – Steve saying the Matrix holds up, he just watched again. – BUT ONLY THE FIRST ONE
See full list of movies coming out in Nov as listed on IMDB
1:10-50 – The Man with the Iron First- Jack’s a little too white to pronounce Rza’s name
Wreck it Ralph is Matt’s movie of the year
Skyfall – 2nd trailer better than the first one…way better than the first. They are actually interested in it now.
1:12:40 - Lincoln – only ONE pic of soooo far. Will DDL get the Oscar, not necessarily
Breaking Dawn Part 2!!!!! --- *personal note: YESSS - tash, but I know I speak for all TJ girls
Red Dawn - Matt says Bullshit
1:15:50 – Is three movies for The Hobbit too much…answer is YES – maybe the 3rd Hobbit movie will connect with the first Lord of the Rings.
1:18:35 – McKellen said theaters all bought the box – meaning expect 48fps for The Hobbit
youtube example of 48fps -
1:25:47 – Steve will visit Tent City SO here’s a pic!        
1:27:20 – OUT!

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