Team Jack Episode 37- ”Crave”-originally aired July 5, 2012

In which Jack and guest Charles de Lauzirika chat about the ins and out's of DVD special features, Ron Perlman's affinity for "Rastas" and so much more
Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen
Charles de Lauzirika
6:15 - Charles is in charge of DVD special features. ‘‘99-’07 was the DVD Golden Age”
Now days, not all movies will get special features where all movies used to get them.
9:30 - Certain directors will get whatever they want when it comes to special features.
11:00 - Most of the good stuff comes from Japan. * Personal note: I couldn’t agree more; have you seen the stuff for the Twilight Saga DVDs sold in Japan! Way jealous! -tash
12:06 - The titles Charles wants to be most remembered for - ie...Blade Runner, (he does Ridley Scott’s special features)
14:55 - Finishing up Prometheus disc. He can’t talk about what’s on it but it’s mind blowing!
17:02ish - Charles directed his first feature movie - Crave
18:20 - Crave origin story


A downtrodden photographer, haunted by the urban violence and decay around him, retreats into an inner world of dark fantasies. Those dangerous visions explode in reality with deadly consequences when his intoxicating new relationship with a beautiful young woman goes sour.
22:00 - Charles describes Crave as Walter Mitty meets Travis Bickle -
30:32 - film shot in 21 days.
36:00 - Shooting in Detroit - beautiful decay and grittiness
37:10 - They shot a scene in the movie here at the Detroit Belle Isle Aquarium. Originally the scene was to be shot at a playhouse but Charles thought this worked better.

42:30 - Happy Accidents - Ron Perlman’s last day - “Pete is down with the Rastafarians”

49:39 - 30th Anniversary Box set of Blade Runner includes new concept spinner toy - Avail Oct. 23, 2012
51:00 - Ralph Mcquarriee FX Darth Vader concept helmet -

54:28 - Drive changed Charles world. If he had seen Drive prior to making Crave, it would have been a completely different film.
55:50 - The gun fire, blow job, train scene of Crave shot on L train in Chicago because Detroit wouldn’t allow the scene to be shot there. 

59:20 - Story of how Justin Caine Burnett came to do the score.
1:06:50 - Is there gonna be MORE Prometheus on the DVD/BluRay. Charles wouldn’t say but would say it will be amazing. Jack saw the movie again, still makes him cry.
1:10:07 - OUT!

Posted on July 20, 2012 .