Team Jack Podcast Guide-Episode 4 “A New Pope” -originally aired November 4, 2011

“In which Jack, Cohen, and special guest Kyle Cummings discuss Tintin, tracking, a brief history of Disneyland, and so much more.”

Guests: Jack Morrissey, Kyle Cummings and Matt Cohen

6:25 Guest Kyle Cummings-designed Team Jack logo containing all of Jack’s obsessions

8:17 Ian McKellan-holocaust survivor in X-Men and Holocaust not-survivor in “Bent”, a play by Martin Sherman.

It is stated by Kyle that he was not in the movie verion of 1997, but he actually was, in a cameo-played “Uncle Freddie”:

10:30 Tintin discussion. Kyle excited for movie version, Matt is perplexed-”not a fan of ginger boys and their dogs.” Second Tintin trailer is good. Christmas release.

22:00 Box office expectations for Tintin discussed. Opening internationally first.

24:45 “Tracking” discussion. Tracking reports become one of the most important things in your day. Tracking measures to what degree are the american people (statistical sampling of movie-going public) interested in your movie. Are they aware of movie opening and how many of them are interested in seeing it?

26:50 Gregory Ellwood-resident TJ tracking expert.

29:30 Brandon Routh in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Originally an Italian comic book.

32:00 Sci-Fi/SyFy channel discussion. Misfits.Wonders of the Universe. Battlestar Galactica.

35:41 Battlestar Galactica. Lay down Your Burdens.

37:30 Channel Name changes. Sci-Fi Channel etc. Search result issues.

39:40 Animated movie “ParaNorman” from Laika, makers of Coraline (“goth” stop motion gurus). Trailer with Donovan song: Matt is excited! Loves Coraline.

41:12 Stop Motion. Nightmare Before Christmas-bomb when it came out, now huge phenomenon. Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas version in winter. “Tim Burton bedazzled.” Space Mountain-Ghost Galaxy (terrible), not pitch black which is whole point of Space Mountain.

44:30 New Star Tours attraction. Motion machine-HD/3D. Kyle LOVES.

49:50 The Little Mermaid attraction.

51:29 Disney’s California Adventure revamp discussion. Cars Land will be most of the park.

54:08 Universal Studios Hollywood discussion. New King Kong ride-really bad. Jack goes to Halloween Horror Nights there.

57:00 California Adventure Soarin’ Over California. Still awesome!

58:20 Jack won’t do Six Flags/Magic Mountain, not a roller coaster fan. Interactive queues-Indiana Jones, Space Mountain-both good.

1:01:08 Best thing is to be at park when park closing down/empty. “Single rider passes.” Stay at one of Disneyland hotels, get in two hours early. Ride things you’ve never ridden before-like the train which shows you corners of the park you’ve never seen before-a dinosaur in Disneyland? Disneyland better design than Disneyworld.

1:06:00 Mary Blair, conceptual designer/amazing artist that helped design Disneyland/movie concept art with Walt Disney. It’s a Small World concept-amazing:

Example of Mary Blair Picture books discussed:

1:09:01 Vet calls the house. Jack and Bill’s dog (and Team Jack mascot!) Pigpen sick *sniff*

1:11:45 War Horse movie discussion...Jack wants it to work! Kyle can’t watch it-animal movies or horror movies that could actually happen to him are not watchable. Stage production is spectacular-Jack saw it twice in two weeks in London. Horses are full-scale puppets. So moving...

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