Team Jack Podcast Guide-Episode #39-Nomads. Originally aired July 19, 2012.

“In which Jack is joined by Erik Odom and Liz Lemon Bennett for a chat about being a transient, being a Twilight cast member; and just being.”
Annotated by Kathleen @kaybeevee

7:41 Intros. Liz Lemon Bennett’s 3rd appearance @Lizlemonbennett and Erik Odom’s @erikodom second appearance...
Erik Odom AKA Peter the Nomad from Breaking Dawn Part Two:
AKA Team Peter, the Nomadic Fuck Machine:
Team Peter TNFM “merch” designed by Team Jack’s own Michelle Tompkins (Cougar) available here!
9:22 Liz visiting from “middle America” for extended vacation after Comic Con. Liz is a nomad of sorts, East Coast originally.
10:45 Erik and Jack are nomads/army brats. Erik’s father retired as a Colonel in Norfolk, VA.
11:30 Origin story: Moved every two years-army brat, born outside Tacoma (FORKS!) Went to college at Virginia Tech, moved to LA at 23 to pursue acting. Until 10 he thought everyone lived like that! In middle school did theater, Shakespeare at 12! Erik started sports in high school and got away from acting-mostly running and basketball. Recruited for running to small schools. Turned back to acting at Virginia Tech his freshman year, went to an audition and got the lead the same day. The play was “Alchemy of Desire” played a soldier, Iraq era. Theater department took note since he was not a theater major. At VT for Nutrition/Physical Therapy but caught the acting bug and was hooked.
“Alchemy of Desire” Still (not Erik obviously):
17:50 Erik was on campus the day of the terrible Virginia Tech shooting. Worst campus shooting, 33 lost their lives. Erik knew the Resident Advisor, Ryan Clark, that was shot and killed:
“Ryan Clark, a popular and gregarious member of the Marching Virginians band, was just weeks away from graduation. A resident adviser on the fourth floor of the West Ambler Johnston dorm, Clark came to the aid of a student the morning of April 16. It cost him his life.”
Candlelight vigil at Virginia Tech, April 18, 2007. Burruss Hall is in the background:
21:00 Erik graduated in 2008. Moved to LA in August of 2009 with a couple other Virginians. All had aspirations in the entertainment industry. Erik tried to find people with similar backgrounds-quickly found out that ”noone is from LA.”
23:23 Weirdness of living in Hollywood. For example: Jack’s dermatologist’s father produced “Platoon” AND “Porky’s.”
25:00 Jack and Erik’s origin story. They met six months after Erik moved to LA from Norfolk. Jack heard his accent and learned he was from Virginia. Jack lived there first three years of high school, formative years for him. Jack’s high school:
Erik’s High School, Maury High School:
28:40 And then “the magic happened” and Jack mentioned he lived at Fort Monroe and Erik told him that his mother worked there (at the time). Fort Monroe dates back to the Civil War:
30:44 Fort Monroe was targeted for closure and then on November 1, 2011, President Obama signed a proclamation to designate Fort Monroe as a National Monument. This is the first time that President Obama exercised his authority under the Antiquities Act, a 1906 law to protect sites deemed to have natural, historical or scientific significance.
More info on Fort Monroe:
32:09 Erik’s mom was one of last people to actually work there. Jack thinks the Fort Monroe coincidence was “freaky/great.” They started to hang out together and got to know each other quickly and discovered their mutual taste in certain horror films (and Billy Madison!)
34:35 Top three horror films that Erik has watched the most-that he will return to over and over again:
1) John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, 2) Return of the Living Dead 3) Exorcist 3 LEGION
From Prince of Darkness:
Jack goes off on his love for Exorcist 3 AGAIN...has all the best Exorcist 3 quotes /sounds on his Iphone *searching*
Jack plays freaky noise from Nurse Station Scene:
40:46 Erik and Jack bonded over these obscure horror movies and Virginia, of course. Erik describes where he grew up. NOT a fan of Northern Virginia “NOVA.” Pacific vs. Atlantic Ocean. Norfolk flooding. Region itself is called “Tidewater.”
44:50 Film School. Discussion of “BEST video store ever”-Naro Expanded Video-Norfolk, VA. Inventory and specification/organization is “mind blowing.”
Next to Naro Cinema, still independently owned arthouse cinema.
47:45 Manhattan Beach Video Archives is where Jack would go when he lived in that area WITH CHRISTIAN BALE. This is the store where Quentin Tarantino worked. Now closed.
Quentin signing in the video store (with Tim Roth and Christopher Penn?):
48:30 Jack says it was good but nowhere near as great as Naro Expanded Cinema. Liz mentions wanting the owner to organize her house (Jack makes interesting comment on this).
49:30 Erik talks more about Naro video. “It had everything.” Anything not in the store would be ordered for you because they wanted the movie in their collection too. Tom Hanks was at the theater the same day as Jack and Erik-posted a video of the marquee on Twitter. He is shooting a movie there with Paul Greengrass “Captain Philips” about the Somali pirates situation
52:30 Talk goes to discussion of Jon-El Odom, MAMA DUKES (Erik’s mom). Erik wants to write a book: “My Mom the Twihard.” Mom is “Twihard with a Vengeance.” Erik’s ex-girlfriend and his mom would have discussions of the greatness of Edward-Mama Dukes is full on Team Edward (Good Taste!)
54:50 Erik has helped Jack to lose 60 pounds, Mount Doom/Runyon Canyon climbs! On these hikes they would talk about Bill’s projects-Salmon Fishing in Yemen fell through and Summit came calling for Breaking Dawn (yeah!) They also approached Bill for Eclipse. Bill immediately hired Deborah Zane: Erik’s casting was “incredibly emotional.” Story about seeing Erik on Bill’s computer during casting.
1:04:00 Erik discusses backstory on Peter the Nomad. Twilight Wiki-who knew?
1:06:30 Liz asks a question: What was your mom’s reaction when she  found out you got Breaking Dawn? He found out at night and called her at 1:00 am (Jack has it on video). She immediately wanted to know who Charlotte was going to be! Mama Dukes will be at the premiere AND Tent City with Erik.Yeah! He will walk the Breaking Dawn black carpet with his mom. Jack assures us this is not a homosexual thing *ahem*
1:10:56 Mama Dukes will need a “clean” Team Peter t-shirt-attention Michelle Tompkins! Update-Design is in the works!
1:11:54 Jack says Peter should have been in Eclipse? The Jasper origin flashback sequence:
1:13:50 Erik will be back on a future podcast to discuss his work on actually shooting Breaking Dawn Part Two, closer to the release.
Erik as Peter in battle scene-second from right (cowboy stance):
1:14:40 Jack and Erik recently took a trip back to Virginia to scout for a potential small, affordable independent film-Jack as director, Erik as actor. Shoot in Virginia/South, partly set in Fort Monroe. Mike Enriquez, Eric Diaz, Adam Cook, Mike Willer and Marc Gilpin all came to Virginia, took about 3,000 photos. Erik and Jack will link to them on their Facebook pages. Won’t be able to tell what the movie is about, it’s “early days” in movie speak. These photos will show an “incredible sense of place.” Working Title-”Tidewater Project.”
Some photos from Tidewater Project trip:
Team Jack member visit with Twilight Mom (Cathy). This is her license plate in North Carolina:
Erik partaking in some evil southern food-potato salad FTW! Yum...
Coming home from scouting “Tidewater Project”-Eric Diaz, Adam Cook, and Erik Odom:
1:19:26 Final thoughts on Comic Con: What was Comic Con like from Erik’s perspective? Erik’s third year. He was in Hall H last year checking it out. Wednesday night was on line for fans. Nice to see some people from Premiere last year at Hall H line. Erik calls these ladies his “warm spot”-Team Jack ladies, Dana, Allison and more. Develops a rapport with these people, even as a new actor to the series.
EW’s interview with the Nomads (including Erik):
1:23:20 Erik’s entrance into Hall H met with thunderous reception. Even Robert Pattinson was taken aback-”Who was that?!?!?” Applause was NOT just from Team Jack ladies. So awesome. When Jack told Bill Condon about Rob’s reaction to Erik’s entrance-he let out a HUGE laugh (Jack did an impression of this), Bill LOVED it.
Erik’s amazing entrance/crowd reaction from Comic Con:
Robert Pattinson's reaction to Erik's entrance! Make sure you watch this, you won’t be sorry!
Erik signing posters at the Summit booth after the Panel:
1:27:20 Jack discusses Ian McKellen’s standing ovation in Hall H for the Hobbit. This NEVER happens. Video of him waiting backstage and then his entrance on Jack’s Facebook page:!/photo.php?v=468244643186794
1:28:15 Liz tells about getting so many wonderful comments about Erik from others in Hall H, how genuine and real he is-so true! Erik definitely made some new fans-fangirl stories. Hear that Summit marketing?!?!?
1:28:50 Erik’s “nerd perspective” on Comic Con. “We’re all nerds so we all have our things.” These girls just happen to be Twilight nerds and regardless of the size of your part you have a responsibility that comes with that (Ahhhhhhh). Jack agrees-huge responsibility to the fans. Be grateful and enjoy it. Let’s hear it for obsession!
Erik and a young fan at Comic Con-so so sweet:
1:31:18 The only one of the “Big Three” that Jack has met is Taylor and what he loves about him is that he is totally “uncomplicated” about this moment in his life and is enjoying the happiness that this moment brings with it. No discomfort on Taylor’s part about being Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga.
1:32:39 Liz’s final thoughts on Comic Con.She “felt slightly nauseous” the whole time but loved every minute of it! It was a blast.
Photo of Breaking Dawn Part Two Vamp Maggie Grace with Liz’s Bella and Edward dolls:
Jack’s thoughts on Comic Con. Cohen’s crazy Comic Con ride! He thought it was the best of his life-he did his Comic Con “after hours”-only spent about three hours on the convention floor, spent $7.00 total. Did the party circuit, usually wouldn’t get back to the hotel until 8:00 a.m. Lost his voice for DAYS. Crazy Matt:
Matt went to True Blood Playboy party-insane, recreated sets from the show, Merlotte’s/Fangtasia, cajun food trucks. True Blood galore!
Matt with True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll:
Comic Con Walking Dead Party, held at the baseball stadium, zombies mixed throughout crowd:
Matt’s favorite was Zachary Levi’s Comic Con “Nerd Party” benefitting Operation Smile:
1:38 The crazy floor at Comic Con-takes forever to get anywhere. INTENSE.
Matt preferred the night life-fun to unwind/party with peers. Matt went to Twilight party-Dang! *Jealous*
Esme seems like she’s having a GREAT time at the Twilight party:
Carlisle steps in:
Cute couple. Huh.
1:40 Nerd culture of LA migrates to San Diego every year. Matt calls it “Geek Summer Camp.”

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