Team Jack Podcast Guide-Episode 38 “Forever.” -Originally aired July 12, 2012

“In which Jack is joined by the ladies of Team Jack to discuss their firsthand reactions to the last Twilight Comic-Con panel ever.”
Guests: Jack Morrissey, Matt Cohen, Kathleen @kaybeevee, Sharon @twibetween, Michelle @allthingshhh, Sausha @tashpalo, Nicole @twopeas1pod, Deanae @robstens_ruby, Marysol @marysolsm, @lizlemonbennett, Laurie @geauxtwi, DeAnna @deannawcampbell, Miranda @msmirandak, Christina @olemiss549, Nancy @socalmom2four, Tracy @tracyC25, Michelle/Cougar @twilightcougar1
Annotated by Kathleen @kaybeevee

Light up/blinking necklace shwag given out Wednesday night at Comic Con.
9:35 Period at the end of Forever(.) KILLS Sharon-”makes it feel like the end Jack.” Jack says “there is a little something extra that you don’t know about-that’s all he’s going to say about that. Period. Forever.”
10:20 Recording LIVE right after Breaking Dawn Panel in Hall H, 18 of 29 Team Jack ladies in attendance.
11:55 Introductions and twitter handles.
14:11 In Comic Con’s Hall H the first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn Part Two were shown and a scene where Bella is going to see her father Charlie for the first time after becoming a vampire-Cullen clan gives her “acting human” advice.
14:30 Team Jack opinions on footage.
21:00 First Comic Con for most Team Jack ladies. Tracy’s origin story.
22:51 Forever Tagline. Michelle/Cougar weighs in.
23:30 Stephenie Meyer was at the line-THANK YOU STEPHENIE (Sharon et al).Opinions on stars showing up to camp Wednesday night before the thursday panel.
Erik’s ass (aka Peter the Nomad)! He actually led the whole group in. Awesomesauce.
Best autograph ever:
24:40 Jack brings up 50 Shades of Gray and how experience of Twilight has similarly affected fans/fandom. Specific to Twilight-has it improved your sex life? Group experience-fandom loves to be together, all ages and walks of life. Meet online first and then meet at events.
Recording podcast #38 (Jack always looks at floor while speaking):
Cool shot. Podcasting in bed-Hey yo!
27:00 Will Comic Con be thankful that Twilight is gone? Matt Cohen weighs in..YES! Moving back to comics and away from movies would be a good thing.
Suck it haters!
Matt Cohen at Team Jack Breaking Dawn CAMP FTW:
28:00 Hall H seats 6,500 fans and there were NO empty seats for Twilight panel. Nancy’s opinion on Twilight-friendship/commonality. “Matt has beautiful eyes” (he does!) Special experience/changed my life. Start of waterworks.
Hall H, from behind Kathleen’s seat in Row 7, as photographed with her Ipad:
29:50 Jack surprised by children asking questions in Hall H audience. Cultural perception of “Twihards” has changed. Teenage girls to 35 (and older) women.
31:00 Nicole asks if the new movie is “too steamy for these young fans?” Jack’s response about how this fandom is different from any other. Laurie and Nancy weigh in.
34:00 Nicole-How far will Bill push the envelope (sex wise!) for BD Part 2? Jack says Part 1 and Part 2 are “different animals”-totally different tonally. More interesting to the men in your lives. Still a PG 13, confident that audience will be happy with cottage scene.
37:50 Cougar discusses Bella becoming sexual aggressor. Fifty Shades comes up again! Jack’s copy of the book, recently loaned to a certain wizard:
39:20 Difference that “vampirism” makes in a sexual encounter. Edward and Bella’s EPIC “first hug” in Breaking Dawn Part 2.
40:25 Cougar discusses how Twilight changed her life. Laurie loved the humor in the footage-first hug where Bella is more powerful and first time smelling Jacob as a vamp.
41:42 Bill’s editor Virginia Katz, she has edited all of Bill’s films. Her assistant Ian Slater. They were also in Hall H to watch the footage with of the fans. Jack thinks it’s too bad Bill wasn’t there (in England working on score with Carter Burwell). Bill is “extra nervous” for this movie, probably will be until the premiere.
45:15 Jack wants an empty seat in the theater among the fandom for the next movie. “It will be a great send-off.”
46:00 Jack asks: As it ends, what role do you see these movies playing for the rest of your life? Nancy discusses the line from Wednesday night and how amazing Stephenie was to stay and talk to every last fan.
Stephenie was there later than everyone-really amazing:
53:00 What scenes did you want from the books that didn’t make it into the movies? Blood typing from Twilight (all concur!) Volturi airplane ride home in New Moon. Bella going to empty Cullen house and finding it abandoned. Dog bowl scene in Breaking Dawn.
56:45 “Fade to Black” scene and morning after in Breaking Dawn Part do you handle Bella and Edward’s honeymoon night? Breaking Dawn 2 will have surprises too! Always the tease...
1:00:30 Bill doesn’t make changes to “appease the fandom.” What scenes have surpassed in film the way you had envisioned them in the books? Christina says the wedding, scene she was worried about the most.
1:04:00 Jack discusses Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”-Christina is a hardcore twi fan. Believes it is the seminal song of the movie. Bill and Jack knew it was perfect when they first heard it!
1:08:40 TEAM JACK EXCLUSIVE: Music as Bella wakes up: Passion Pit’s “I Think We’ll Be Alright”
1:10:07 Anything else anyone is curious about? Enter Marysol’s sweet self getting emotional and describes this group and fandom as so supportive and welcoming! Sharon describes us as family.
We love Marysol and Sharon:
1:15:31 And YES, Jack camped with us! That’s my pillow! As Jack told a reporter, “I will probably never understand it BUT to get closer and TRY to understand it, sleep outside next to the freight train tracks for a night.”
Sweet Twi dreams Jack:
Jack’s view after he awoke (2 hours sleep!) Pigpen was there to greet him...Little cutie:
1:18:00 Jack describes how many of the team met Sir Ian McKellen the other night (Eek!) Sir Ian wore a Team Jack t-shirt and buttons, as well as a Team Peter the Nomadic Fuck Machine button! Later that night and the next morning he “couldn’t get enough of it, he was completely obsessed!”  A naive promise by a sweet man was made to get all the TJ ladies in Hall H for The Hobbit panel.
Sir Ian at Hobbit panel. He received a standing ovation:
1:19:00 Wrap up of Comic Con 2012. A BIG thank you to Jack for EVERYTHING! Being on this team has been a dream-to be part of the fandom AND Team Jack. Cougar feels “really special and lucky to be a part of all of this.”
1:20:30 Jack states that when he and Erik talk about it (the twilight phenomenon) they are “always cognizant of it and grateful for it ALL.” Jack chokes up and gets teary....Ahhhhhhhhhhh
We LOVE these two!!!!!! Erik and Jack representing for each other:
1:21:15 Jack brings up Bill getting involved with Breaking Dawn-issue about dividing novel into two parts. Tent City, Twi Tours, movies shown during camping nights...the GREAT thing is we get to do it again in November-podcasting, getting together. YEAH! HERE’S TO NOVEMBER!
New Promo Posters handed out Wednesday night at Comic Con:
1:24:00 Christina says it’s not ending...this “community” will carry on...Even Matt Cohen feels part of fandom now! Matt was “poisoned and ended up in the emergency room” but we won’t talk about that...Jack blames the “Twilight Apple.”
1:26 Nancy explains this as one of the “Top Ten Experiences of her life...” AGREED!
1:26:46 Matt only just found out that periods happen once a month-pffffttttt. Exclaims: “One quarter of your lives?? WTF?!?!”
Goodbye from Team Jack, we will see you on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. TRACI OLSEN SHOUT OUT FTW-you are MISSED! Shout outs to rest of Team Jack ladies who aren’t present: Ashley, Traci (again!), Jennifer, Jamie (at Frankenweenie panel-WTF??), Kate, Nikki, Delta, Kellie, Andrea, Cathy, Caitlyn, Karen, Vanessa!
Various Scenes from COMIC CON Camp Breaking Dawn 2:
Early birds (Sunday!) waiting for tents to be set up:
RIP Gisela Gagliardi 1958-2012
Life at BREAKING DAWN CAMP-Hall H 2012:
Twihard Shared Power Source:
Tents up!
Starbucks line:
Some Team Jack ladies anxiously awaiting the Hall H footage and panel!
Bill introducing first seven minutes of BREAKING DAWN PART TWO in Hall H:
Various pics of panel:
Photo by Team Jack member Nancy (SoCalMom2Four):
Erik Odom comes out to HUGE applause in Hall H. Check the smile on the big screen!:
Erik doing WORK:
Jack sported this t-shirt at Camp-this is “his Edward.” Forever.
Jack sporting said shirt in line with Erik Wednesday night...
Team Jack hopes to see you all in November! Coming soon...
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