Team Jack Podcast Guide Episode 36-”Mouth Favors”-originally aired June 27, 2012

“In which Jack, Cohen, Brookhart and Finke bring more madness in Part 2.
Guests-Matt Cohen, Jack Morrissey, Nick Fink, Ryan Brookhart and Garth Franklin
Annotated by: kaybeevee
6:31 Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer #2 http://www.breakingdawn- Exceeded expectations! Fierce vamp Bella:
6:46 Discussion of “Kinsey Scale” by Alfred Kinsey, subject of Bill Condon’s masterful movie Kinsey:
0-6 scale.
0=perfectly heterosexual
6=perfectly homosexual
10:37 Comic Con discussion and Dark Knight, comes out week after Comic Con.
11:45 “Wild Posting”-movie marketing, usually on plywood at construction sites. Poor Jet Li:
12:20 Total Recall Reboot. Trailer is great! http://www.welcometorecall.
com/?hs308=TOR6186M. Hearing great things about the movie. Releases in August-huge marketing. No outdoor marketing for Dark Knight as of yet.
THIS awesome 3D Dark Knight Rises billboard ad actually appeared June 26th! Podcast recorded earlier.
17:22 Jack discusses that Christopher Nolan lives in Bronson Canyon, location of Bat Cave from original Batman series.
21:20 Jack for many reasons (soccer boys in high school!) likes to wear these shoes:
Adidas Sambas FTW!
22:00 Matt Cohen weighs in on Ninja Turtles. Production shelved, Michael Bay was producing. Live action version.
24:00 World War Z movie troubles-Brad Pitt starring. Wonderful book. Movie not working?
Hollywood and Swine article about the World War Z and Taylor Kitsch coming on board:
kitsch-joins-cast-of-troubled-world-war-z/ Taylor Who? Need a pic for sure:
Lindelof reworking script (second half) and doing reshoots.
27:55 GI Joe 2. Extensive reshoots? B plot added with Channing Tatum? Delayed a year-3D thing a ruse? Garth says test screening was “disastrous.” People want more Tatum!
30:30 Trailer for “Wreck it Ralph”:
Disney Animated Studio. Comes out November 2, 2012.
33:32 Garth missed screening for “Bait 3D.” Jack is “so there.” Cool tagline alert! “A tidal wave just flipped the local food chain.”
Twihard Editor’s Note: AND Riley (Xavier Samuel) from The Twilight Saga, Eclipse is in it! Jack and Garth on Samuel: “A hint of mint?” Cohen’s grandfather’s expression: “Hey, don’t paint the guy a fag.”
Xavier played gay surfer in “Newcastle”:
37:30 Skyfall discussion. James Bond #23. SPOILER ALERT! Daniel Craig looking older? Jack feeling Michael Fassbender for new Bond. Garth agrees. Villain is (a blonde) Javier Bardem.
44:00 Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace-what happened? Ryan’s opinion.
45:15 Discussion of other Bond movies. Slight satire/camp to the movies .License to Kill-Garth compares to bad Miami Vice episode. View to a Kill-bad camp vs. good camp.
The Spy who Loved Me=good camp.
47:50 Pierce Brosnan’s Bond. Matt Cohen discusses. Bond should never be scared or concerned. Cohen not a fan of Casino Royale, won’t see other two Daniel Craig movies.
50:38 Erik Odom (Peter in Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part Two) arrives with Baja Fresh burritos! Erik proclaims when asked: “Not the guy for Bond movies.”
51:40 Octopussy discussion. Best Roger Moore Bond film? Timeless. Garth most anticipating new Bond film and The Hobbit.
56:16 Garth awaiting Erik’s Breaking Dawn character still-Jack says hopefully before Comic Con!
From trailer-Erik Second from right! Note cowboy stance:
56:20 Skyfall or Dark Knight? More eagerly anticipated? Dark Knight too long? Conclusion of trilogy-what will happen to Batman? Who is Joseph Gordon Levitt? Movie Masters Mattel line has mysterious “Batman 2” figure...bad spoiler?
1:00:41 ParaNorman and Frankenweenie discussion. Tim Burton films. Alice in Wonderland. Cohen says worse than Wonka, which he HATED, worst movie experience.
1:06:26 Will Tim Burton ever make another original movie? Beetlejuice-LOVE
1:07:51 Jack wants Nick Fink to record a Skyfall theme song. Gives him 2 weeks before Comic Con. Go Nick!
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