Team Jack Podcast Guide-Episode 10: “Greg Came Back Again”-originally aired Dec 14, 2011 “In which Jack, Greg, and Cohen discuss Hugo, traveling home for the holidays, and the legend of Filet O' Fish.”

Guests: Jack Morrissey, Greg Yolen and Matt Cohen
Annotated by Kathleen @kaybeevee
2:19 Jack talks about Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival. Two guys who “in the old days before home video” would watch terrible shorts and pick the rudest, lewdest, funniest and send them around the country. Art house circuit. Discovered Beavis and Butthead.
According to Jack, a Sick and Twisted must see: “Hot Sluts”
5:16 Greg finally came back from working last week. They talk about the Ardbeg podcast, Greg said it was the worst night he has ever had...”alcohol is a terrible thing.” Jack says he has never had a hangover, never really started drinking until 2011 (!).
8:52 Poor Pigpen is not doing well. Bumps his head a lot or stands facing the corner “Blair Witch style.”
10:12 Jack brings up “Rare Exports” movie:
Matt likes the shorts better-”Training videos: how to capture and domesticate Santa Clauses and sell them off to different nations”:
12:38 Jack discusses Phil Tippett (creator of Star Wars/Twilight wolves etc), obsessed with the movie Troll Hunter. Trailer:
Other “found footage movies” discussed. Paranormal Activity/Monster/Blair Witch Project.

14:45 Blair Witch is the landmark “found footage” movie. Sequel to Blair Witch “Book of Shadows” does not use the found footage effects. Greg really likes the first one and defends it to Cohen.
17:20 Jack asks Greg why he’s so grumpy today?
18:20 Greg recommends (the now cancelled) “The Onion Sports Dome” Ha ha!
19:14 MythBusters wayward cannonball story.
21:40 LA traffic discussion. Worse than it has ever been. Shooting the movie Gangster Squad with Ryan Gosling in downtown Hollywood. Cohen says the set is like walking into Hollywood in the 1920’s. Cohen tells a real LA Gun story, guy opens fire on Hollywood Blvd.
Gangster Squad? Yes, please:
28:30 Greg’s holiday party/grisly murder story. At the party someone told a guest that there was a murder in her home twenty years earlier. She had no idea and was really freaked out. Greg told her “the murderer is not still hiding in your closet.”
29:44 Cohen brings up famous LA murder tours in LA.
31:20 Would Jack be freaked out about that? He says no. His guest room, “The McKellan Suite,” had someone die in it of natural causes before they moved in. Jack read “The Amityville Horror” book and once the whole haunted house thing from that was debunked, his belief in ghosts went with it.
Amityville House then:
Amityville “Horror” House as it appears today. Wow! Changed creepy top windows:
36:30 Ghost encounters? UFO encounters? Cohen’s Shaquille O’Neal “ghost story.”
37:44 Greg talks about Ed and Lorraine Warren-”demonologists” that lived in the area where he grew up. They would do Halloween-Eve lectures at Southern Connecticut State University and were consultants for the Amityville Horror movie/case, they did believe it was real. 
Poltergeist in Connecticut home video:
Ed and Lorraine Warren:
40:43 And now for something completely different... Martin Scorsese’s Hugo! Greg has seen it...opinion? McNugget/McRib discussion. Hugo? NO, now on to Filet O’Fish and discussion of McDonaldland characters.
45:19 Greg does Dr. Joseph Mengele impression!
Loved these!
45:44 Contagion movie discussion: Greg says “The first 25 minutes are great and then something happens.”
46: 26 Jack reads the Wikipedia description for the Filet O’ Fish (!)
49:25 Differences in fast food internationally. “Regional menus.” McDonald’s Fajitas and Pizza experiments (Greg attempts to sing the McDonalds pizza jingle).
McDonald’s pizza commercial:
Weird soda experiments. Cohen liked Vanilla Coke. Greg got hooked on “Pepsi Kona” while visiting the Jersey Shore one summer. Seriously?
Jack says Bill Condon’s favorite was Diet Coke Plus-packed with vitamins!
Cohen brings up the “Arch Deluxe”-when McDonald’s tried to “class it up.” Arch Deluxe Commercial:
55:02 Weirdest fast food they’ve ever eaten? For Cohen: Poutine on fries at McDonalds. Jack likes to go to Hardees when he goes to visit family in St. Louis (likes the ham and swiss cheese sandwich). More fast food talk...Bob’s Big Boy! Greg says he “models his look” after the iconic Bob.
58:20 Pizza and other favorite fast food discussion. For pizza, Jack likes Imo’s in St. Louis.
59:40 Greg talks about the best pizza in New Haven. Sally’s, Peppy’s, and “Modern Apizza” where the locals go, you don’t have to wait for two hours in line.
1:02:13 Greg is turning 30 in a couple weeks! Cohen is happy to go home to New York soon. LOVES Shake Shack, going there right off the plane:
1:03:39 Jack recommends Go Burger in LA-put on your Kevlar vest! Alcoholic milkshakes.
1:04:29 Popeye’s and Super Popeye’s in the deep south where you can get alcohol with your meal. A gallon/milk carton of daiquiris OR margaritas can be bought at the drive thru.
1:05:30 Jack brings up a place in Nags Head called “Brew Thru” where you can pull in and get alcohol.
1:06:15 And finally...back to the Hugo discussion! Greg says definitely see it in 3D, “this is what 3D looks like in the hands of someone that knows how to use it and has something to say about it.” Check out Greg’s review of Hugo in his November, 2011 archive at Scorsese definitely “pushed himself out of his comfort zone.”
1:09:20 Jack asks if this is a “Spielbergian” movie? Greg says yes, very sentimental. It’s really a movie about movies. What does Spielberg think of Hugo? Greg bets that he loves it.
1:14:00 Greg does an Asa Butterfield (kid in Hugo, soon to be in Enders Game) impersonation.
1:15:18 Jack sings the Cat Came Back theme and makes the boys promise to eat a Filet O’Fish before the next podcast! Greg balks...

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