Team Jack Podcast Episode 33” Prissy”-originally aired June 6, 2012

“In which Jack, Cohen and guest Ryan Brookhart chat toys, cons and more.”

Guests: Jack Morrissey, Matt Cohen and Ryan Brookhart

3:47 Comic Con Exclusives? Jack talks Battlestar Galactica (QMx animated Admiral Adama). Other exclusives? Ryan talks about super orange articulated Godzilla figures? “Anemic year for exclusives”

5:43 NEW Hot Toys Iron Man figure discussed can be found at Ryan Brookhart’s Facebook page:

8:12 Cohen NOT going to Comic Con. Ryan doing all four days. Jack stays until closing bell on Sunday.

12:30 Ryan’s Comic Con discussion. Merchandising-cool and/or garish.

15:00 Cohen’s Comic Con experience. Not good.

16:20 Comic Con geek stench.

16:45 Snow White and the Huntsman discussion. Amazing costumes. “Kitchen sink movie”-everything goes in there. Love interest problems. Dwarf songs-similar to Hobbit?

20:12 Movies are meaningless? Or disposable? Movies are a product.

22:10 Dark Knight discussion. Ryan-Batman is in my DNA, loves Heath Ledger’s Joker and the kitsch value of the original tv series. Nolan series? Ok with it just being a trilogy. Hated Tim Burton films. Loves production design of first film (Anton Furst).

Tim Burton’s contempt for Batman? 2:45 minute run time for latest Batman movie?

27:11 Phantom Menace/Star Wars prequels. Jack wants to get far away from Star Wars and get new perspective. Ryan on Blue Ray box set-actually made him appreciate Phantom Menace slightly more. Revenge of the Sith-fat Emperor face after lightning bolts. Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine/Darth Sidious)-best part of all (five) Star Wars movies?

30:27 “Satin sheet discussion” Gandolph/Palpatine

31:55 Fellowship blind item? Fellowship-9 member breakdown.

34:00 George Lucas done with Star Wars? Did Lucas think the whole story out? Sister thing-made up on the fly or initial conception? Ryan has a Star Wars mural in his bedroom!

38:08 Raiders/Indiana Jones discussion. Pursuit of religious artifacts. Matt and Ryan more of “Indy kids” than Star Wars. Indy movies need nazis and bible stuff. Crystal skulls don’t cut it!

43:55 Shia Labeouf discussion. Transformers, Shia not in the new one.

48:00 Luka Magnotta discussion. According to Jack, everyone in Hollywood fits into one of four categories: 1) Narcissist, 2)Super Narcissist, 3)Sociopath, 4)Psychopath. Luka is between 3 and 4. Ryan would love to write a book about this guy.

57:40 MTV Awards discussion. Michael Fassbender/Charlize sketch-camera didn’t know what to do...

100:50 Robert Pattinson missed awards because of Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis movie promotion. Ryan is surprised about Pattinson! Loves Cronenberg.

101:16 Ryan just watched Naked Lunch (again). “Cronenberg makes it work.”

1:01:43 Ryan is attending Taylor White’s “Creature Features” Star Trek/panel discussion.

1:02:59 David Newman discussion-great Newman score, “Hoffa” Found here:

Trailer for “Hoffa” which also features music:

Jack shout out to Team Jack ladies and other Twihards for their MTV Award support!


Posted on July 5, 2012 .