Team Jack Episode 9: “Back in Time”-originally aired Dec 7, 2011

“In which Jack, Cohen, and guest Michael Willer jaw about graveyards and the end of ‘film’, and take a dip into the borscht-belt.”
Guests: Jack Morrissey, Matt Cohen and Michael Willer @michaelwiller
Annotated by Kathleen @kaybeevee
9:00 Cohen discusses all of his new Twihard/Twimom followers.
10:30 One of the Team Jack members told Jack at Breaking Dawn Part One tent city that she told Stephenie Meyer that her novels had saved her marriage.
Moms taking daughters, even sons (!) to see these movies...
13:00 One of the two co-creators of the largest Twilight fansite Twilight Lexicon, Laura Byrne-Cristiano...Jack loses train of thought...
14:40 Discussion of Jack’s recent trip to New York for a wedding. Calvary Cemetery in Queens where Bill Condon’s parents are interred, amazing.,_New_York)
Photo with the Twin Towers behind Calvary Cemetery:
Calvary Cemetery (and the Twin towers) were immortalized in the incredible ending of the movie Gangs of New York:
20:59 Geeky segway! Is there a Calvary Cemetery equivalent in Batman universe? Brief “origin of Gotham” trivia...Sleepy Hollow/Batman Crossovers?
“Stiltman”-one of Cohen’s favorite obscure comic book villains:
23:50 Background on Michael Willer. Moved here from Virginia, roommates with Erik Odom/Peter the Nomad of the Twilight Saga and one other man from Virginia. They have an apartment in Hollywood.
Michael Willer (far left) with Erik Odom and friends at the Breaking Dawn Part One after party (2011):
26:00 Jewish discussion “stay home on Friday” discussion. Willer was raised part jewish. Yarmulke talk, difference between black and white ones?
Answer: “Black is the more general, classic color. That is basically what most orthodox men wear. The more modern you get the more colorful and playful they get.”
Cohen calls himself a “cosmetic jew” like Seinfeld.
32:40 Proposition 8. Jack says he has no interest in marriage, he’s a “bad gay.”
33:20 Who’s gay in Star Wars? Firefly? Actors? Jack hints that the prequel trilogy has a few gay actors (!) “One on the younger side, one on the older side.” Hmmmmmmmmm
37:55 Jack watched “Soul Surfer” on a plane recently and was impressed with the shark attack scene: “Gave good shark attack” Also likes the one in the movie “The Beach.” Jack’s “all about the great white shark.”
41:20 Jack saw a juvenile great white at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (KBV note: Me too! So awesome). I believe this is the one I saw, here he is in the tank having a little taste of a sunfish:
Photo from the Monterey Bay Aquarium:
Nice HD video of a female from three years ago:
Another pic at the aquarium-these sharks are released into the wild after being in captivity and tagged so they can be tracked.
42:23 Cage diving with the sharks-not really allowed in US anymore. Have to go to Australia, South Africa or Mexico. Photo of Farallon Islands, huge haven for Great Whites to feed every fall, 26 miles west of San Francisco:
Photo of Great White taken at Farallon Islands:
44:30 The Devil’s Teeth-Jack’s favorite book on the Great White sharks/Farallon Islands.
47:50 Japanese scuba diver story in The Farallons from The Devil’s Teeth (as told by Jack).
Cool video from shark dive in Mexico:
Doesn’t the hole in this cage seem too big? Watch out behind you! The eyes THE EYES! Love this one:
51:40 Michael Willer’s “coming to LA” story. Moved out to be a movie director. So far LOVES it but has already had an actor quit on him for his first short.
55:27 Jack arrived in LA March 5, 1994. Most people know the date they arrived in LA (Not Cohen! Blames pot) Average time span for people to stay in LA? Jack waited tables when he first came to LA (around 60 servers) and was more aware of turnover then. Bill Condon had had a lot of friends move out of town, mostly to New York area. Cohen estimates an 80% return rate for his friends.
59:00 Harrison Ford story. Quote: “I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn't give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you.”
Love this recent article about Harrison and his relationship to Han Solo (great videos! Especially the 1977 one)
Young Harrison. Nice!
1:01:20 Christmas in Los Angeles-LA empties out. Everybody leaves for weeks. “People are deeply lazy in the entertainment industry.” Discussion of rubberneckers on LA freeways.
1:09:20 The Jewish migration-resort communities in Catskills, jewish vacation/entertainment spots “The Borscht Belt.” Woody Allen started off performing in the Borscht Belt. One of these resorts was depicted in Dirty Dancing. Now these resorts are mostly abandoned.
For example, the Catskills resort “The Pines” then:
The Pines now:
The Pines pool then:
The Pines pool now:

1:14:00 The Muppets. How did it do? Not very well. Sequel?
1:19:50 What will happen to Tin Tin? Box office? Discussion of huge movies coming out soon.
1:23:30 Big slump at the box office? Studios freaking out? “Business is off at the movie theaters kids.”
1:26:20 Movie theaters phasing out? Jack and Cohen still buy DVDs. Studios no longer making prints for theater showings? Future may be no projectors, just digital.

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