Team Jack Episode 40: “Who's Yolen?” Originally aired July 26, 2012

 In which Jack and Cohen reminisce on 40 episodes past, and weigh in on some topical "Geekery".


Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen

annotated by @tashpalo

* 6:03 “Where’s Yolen” - he’s in London with Bill Condon. Bill is working the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” score with Carter Burwell. - Abbey Road!

Score Cue Sheet

John Thomas conducting BD2 at Abbey Road Studios. Photo by Greg Yolen.

* 8:07 - Author Christopher Rice was supposed to be on the show, but bailed. He will be on a later episode - - Matt’s dad could only read the first 25 pages of the his novel “A Density of Souls”

* 11:00 - Chris McDaniel, Erik Odom and Jack taking scuba lessons.

Pic 1 - Jack and Erik Odom

Pic 2 - Erik Odom and Christopher McDaniel

Pic 3&4 - Jack, Christopher McDaniel and Erik Odom

* 13:52 - Matt’s experience with scuba diving when he was 13...he didn’t have so much fun.

* 18:55 - Jack mentions he and Erik were getting scuba certified for their upcoming “Tide Water Project”.

* 22:45 - Malcom Ingram’s documentary “Small Town Gay Bar” - Both Jack and Matt think it is an amazing documentary.  - shit went down at this bar to quote Jack. *

Malcolm also did “Bear Nation” -

And the feature film comedy Matt mentions - “Tail Lights Fade” -

* 27:54 - Malcom’s new project “Continental Documentary” is about the Continental Baths in NY. - Check it out on Facebook.

Bette Midler at the Continental Bath New York 1971. Barry Manilow on the Piano. - Marahuana

* 30:04 - Jack sees the announcement of MyAnna Buring going the cast of “Downton Abbey”

* 30:55 Listener questions - Did Steven King ever have a boyfriend?! Boxer’s or briefs?, etc...

* 39:40 - Journalist do your homework...the Joker DID NOT have red hair!! (Comments on the Aurora, Co shooting)

* 48:54 - Matt’s theater growing up in Syosset UA Cinema 150 -

* 57:40 - Jack got stoned for the 2nd time ever at Comic Con. It was Sat night and he went to sleep at 9pm.

* 59:90 - With “Breaking Dawn” over Jack will go back to being a civilian at Comic Con. Jack and Matt not into exclusive parties.

* 1:02:30 - Jack and Matt are getting bored of the Comic Con floor. Jack only spent $60 bucks.

This is pretty much what he bought -

1:06:25 - WETA came roaring back on the Comic Con Floor -

* 1:08:56 - Matt has a Plush Facehugger -

1:09:29 - The Alien has a “big hardon” for a head.

1:14:20 - Matt is a little panicked because the news came down they banned Marijuana dispensaries in LA county.

1:15:00 - Christian Bale visits the Aurora, Co shooting victims. Jack says this is Christian Bale’s character.

* 1:20:18 - Out

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