Team Jack Episode 35-”Mom song”-originally aired June 19, 2012

“In which Jack, Cohen, Brookhart and guests Garth Franklin and Nick Alan Fink bring you part 1 of an epic 2 part podcast about... stuff.”

Guests: Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen
Nick Fink-@nickalanfink (of American Idol fame, from Fargo, ND)
Ryan Brookhart-@ryanbrookhart
Garth Franklin @darkhorizons, (Australian)

9:00 Garth talks about the GIANT SQUID in Australia:

10:17 Matt Cohen discusses HBO’s True Blood. Pornagraphic/Campy. Self parody.

11:14 Moonrise Kingdom. Cohen loved it. “Not really a movie.” French style vignettes/horizontal postcard.

13:00 Rock of Ages bombs. New Adam Sandler movie, lowest opening ever. Adam Sandler movie discussion.

15:30 Rock of Ages. “The less said the better.” Jack said he didn’t see it but “someone else who lives here did. Moving on...” *chuckle*

15:53 Marlon Wayans calls (texts) again!

Discussion of Charlie de Lauzirika, Ridley Scott’s DVD producer and responsible for advent of Special Edition DVD’s. Alien, Blade Runner, Kingdom of Heaven. Also a writer/Director. Future podcast guest!

18:20 Prometheus discussion. Ryan loved it. Cinematography/Special Effects are amazing. biggest problem people have is with script-Damon Lindelof of Lost fame (co-screenwriter)

23:20 Reboots. Twilight reboot? Lionsgate rebooting series? Official statement saying this is not happening. “We’ll do whatever Stephenie wants.”


Cohen’s favorite script is “Roundtable” by Brian K. Vaughan. Review here: Ryan’s favorite script was “The Truman Show.” Movie, not so much.

28:20 Gattaca discussion. “Masterpiece”

29:45 The movie “Existenz” (1999). Cronenberg. Ryan calls it a “Minor Note masterpiece.”

Various Continent/Australian/ Dr. Evil/Lube/Paul Hogan/Red Box discussions...

38:00 Garth discusses the film “Reckless Kelly” with Hugo Weaving-he was going to tow the Island of Australia to the States.

38:20 Cohen and Garth discuss Harold Holt story

39:27 Scuba Certifications will be done in Jack’s pool, the week after Comic Con.

42:20 Nick Fink/American Idol story-auditioned with girlfriend Jacqueline for American Idol (Cohen says to note girlfriend’s ass comments).

Nick Fink in his show choir, PIZZAZZ! Check him at 1:14. It’s awesome.

Nick Fink in YATTA (Diapers with green leaves-OMG, he’s on the left)

52:37 Nick is Ryan’s next door neighbor, good friend. Nick is currently doing Second City in Los Angeles, improv:

55:00 Nick performs the “Mom song” LIVE on the podcast and dedicates it to all the mothers, especially the Twi-moms-ahhhhhh (not really-ewww)

1:01:00 Nick’s story about his family first hearing the “Mom Song.”

Nick’s show at LA’s Second City “Indecent Disclosure”-Just like your first time, Sweaty Weird. and Over way too soon. Starts in two weeks (for seven weeks), Monday nights at 7:00 p.m.

Details-photo and cast:

Ryan is doing the “movie poster” for the show. Nick has a fan page on Facebook, hidden camera show on Lifetime coming out in the fall!

Posted on July 17, 2012 .