Team Jack Episode 32-”Guilty Displeasures”-originally aired May 29, 2012

“In which Jack, Yolen and Hentges talk about all the films they are ‘supposed’ to love.”

Guests: Jack Morrissey, Greg Yolen, Steve Hentges, Matt Cohen

4:45 This week is “Attack of the Worthys”- Movies everyone loves, won awards, critics love them but you LOATHE THEM. “Nothing’s worse than a worthy/a film that believes it’s worthy.” (JM)

5:44 Cohen: GODFATHER (all three parts), Goodfellas, Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, 2001 Space Odyssey, Schindler’s List, Braveheart. Cohen not a fan of mafia movies.

Godfather?!?!?!?! Yolen is at a loss.

8:34 But Cohen is a fan of Southland Tales-”Cars f******?”

10:50 Sofia Coppola? YES...Jack loves ”Virgin Suicides”

11:20 Level of hype/high expectations affect the worthys: Example: Blair Witch.

14:38 Hentges Attack of the Worthys Pick: “Dances with Wolves.” Good score though.

18:25 Jack comments that Costner is STILL remembering Whitney! Until Sparkle.

19:48 Hentges pick for better movie along same lines as Dance with Wolves/similar storyline, Bruce Beresford’s “Black Robe”

20:55 Jack loves last 15-20 minutes of “Fandango”-Costner’s toast.

21:30 Yolen pick: In the vein of Oscar bait: “A Beautiful Mind” Robert Altman should have won the Oscar for Gosford Park that year, NOT Ron Howard. Jack thinks “added value is that Ryan Phillippe plays gay. What’s UP?”

24:12 Movie business/Oscars.

25:15 Jack’s pick-”American Beauty” It was all pretense and not really anything so profound-”plastic bags floating through the wind, Keven Spacey voice over.”

28:15 Armageddon story. Bruce Cohen, one time producer for Steven Spielberg “moved to weep by Armageddon.” American Beauty won Best Picture, Director, Alan Ball for screenplay, Spacey for Best Actor.

33:05 60 Minutes “gay question” interview with Kevin Spacey: “I am not homosexual, I am not THAT.” Ian McKellan reaction: “Well Jack, obviously it’s a bit disheartening, but don’t get too discouraged because I do believe in my heart that people like that come to a bad end.”

36:00 Sam Mendes Discussion “Away We Go” (Bill Condon loves it). Style over substance?

36:30 Greg’s take on American Beauty. Cliche gay neighbors, Annette Benning is “WHOA” Jack: Art or pretension?

41:20 “The Ice Storm” Same themes explored though non-American director Ang Lee-sexual longing, midlife crises, clearly the superior work on every level. Uncompromising.

41:30 “Road to Perdition”/Sam Mendes discussion

43:38 Cohen is back. Terrence Malick rant.

45:14 Listener Questions. To submit questions: Tweet @team_jack and use hashtag #tjpodcast

1) Aaron-What did Cabin in the Woods cost? More or less than the 30 million stated on Wikipedia?

Answer: Can’t answer that BUT More than double that figure.

2) Robert Kelly-Favorite/Least Favorite Movie Posters?

Hentges: Taxi Driver is favorite, Mirror Mirror was terrible

Yolen: Favorite-Rocketeer, hated Dark Shadows

Matt: Loves Kill Bill posters, Jabberwocky, hates floating head posters (late 90’s)

Jack: Favorite-one sheet from Night Wing (has it framed-see below), Jaws (giant penis floating up to penetrat naked ladies?)

Least Favorite-The Dictator, entire campaign was “bad news bears”

3) Ricky-Why are no cinemas showing Prometheus in 2D?

Answer:Because they want to charge you the higher admission price! Print has been weak but trailers are great!

4) Kathleen-Husband loves Exorcist 3, have you seen “The Ninth Configuration”? Jack didn’t think much of it, Hentges has not seen it-will check it out. Kathleen’s note from husband-check out the fight scene, only good thing about the movie but it’s great:

5) Barbara-Wants to know about existing movies being adapted for 3D? Titanic, Star Wars movies.

Answer: Hentges, not a fan, Jack agrees. “Most of the time they look like crap”

6) Vicky-What’s everyone’s favorite film score? Lesser known or cult favorite.


Cohen-Home Alone 2, Lost in New York

Greg-Sneakers (Jack agrees, great movie), Carter Burwell for Kinsey

Hentges-Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Mission

Jack-Carter Burwell for Waterland, not commercially available-Jack has bootleg, Casualties of War

7) Jack-Favorite films based on tv shows?


Greg-21 Jump Street, loved...Jack walked out

Hentges-Serenity, Joss Whedon

8) Dan-What franchises have done the most damage to their brand?



Jack-Batman, Joel Schumacher (nipples on the batsuits), later Star Trek movies

Greg-Star Wars (prequels)

1:00:56 Discuss this again come Labor Day: Spiderman? Disappointment? Feels like possible Speed Racer?

1:01:30 GI Joe? Pushed the opening date by 9 months. Reason for the move? Bad test screening.


9) Greg Daniels question for Hentges-How could The Dictator have such a great team and good cast but fail so miserably?

Answer: You start to believe your own hype and no one ask if you’re sure it’s a good idea?

Greg: Could have been great but wasn’t...Fart jokes and lesbian armpit shaving jokes.

10) Joel Emmett (UNICORN!)-Breaking Dawn Question. How are themes/messages handled in film production? Point of film effort or basically ignored with focus on telling the story? What themes will be emphasized in Breaking Dawn Part 2? Why? How?


Jack-Starts with the novel and then script written by Melissa Rosenberg who works closely with Bill Condon.

Greg-Themes are motherhood, responsibility, fear and anxiety of losing your family. “There’s no theme infusion day.” A lot done in pre-production.

Hentges-Theme is in the script but sometimes gets cut out for marketing reasons etc.

Gratuitous image of Breaking Dawn Two Poster!

Posted on July 5, 2012 .