Team Jack Episode 3 ”Revenge of the...Sith”, originally aired October 26, 2011

“Halloween and all time favorite horror films”

Jack Morrissey 
Greg Yolen 
Matt Cohen, engineer/mixer @cameltoad

6:12 Morrissey has a huge latin american fanbase? “Cholos love Morrissey” Who knew?

7:15 Twihards! Discussion of Breaking Dawn, Part One. Original Team Jack Team, “18 lovely ladies.”

9:35 The Thing discussion (original-1982).

13:00 Part Two Comparisons-Back to the Future, Star Trek (humpback whales-Part Four)

16:00 Possessory Credits (names in titles of movies)-John Carpenter, Wes Craven, John Wu (international)

16:45 Midnight Meat Train movie discussion Based on “Books of Blood” written by Clive Barker

21:00 The Thing remake discussion. 2011 Prequel to original movie.GREAT one sheet/tagline:

25:00 Memorable taglines from films: original The Thing, Jaws 2, Alien (“In space no one can you hear you scream”),Cobra. Any good taglines recently? Most famous tagline?

28:00 Paranormal Activity movie discussion. Ghost Adventures on A&E. Blair Witch. Paradise Lost.

31:45 Urban Legends. Bloody Mary dramatization. Candyman. Greg Yolen: “When you’re trying to make something scary you shouldn’t have to explain it.”

33:40 Possible explanation of what “The Thing” really is in new movie/prequel?

35:00 Prequel to Alien (Prometheus-2012), Ridley Scott directs again. Space jockeys.

38:15 Escape from LA discussion.

42:00 What has John Carpenter done recently? The Ward with Amber Heard.

43:30 Saw franchise retired?

46:30 Fifth Scary Movie planned?

48: 20 Scariest movie they have ever seen in a theater?

Jack: Session 9,

Matt: Stir of Echoes,

50:45 Audition by Takashi Miike

52: 00 The Human Centipede Obsessive fans? “They didn’t invent shit eating.”

53:00 Matt Cohen-Kevin Smith recommendation: Todd Phillips, director, did documentary on GG Allin “Hated” Discussion of Coprophabia.

55:45 Chuck Berry shit story (no, really) Chuck’s wife: “Chuck liked it hot and fresh out of the oven, just like I made it.”

1:01:50 Favorite horror movies (aside from The Exorcist)

Greg: The Shining-not the scariest but is the film that I always watch at Halloween season, The Haunting (black and white classic, just sound) . Not a fan of the re-make.

Matt: Jaws (although not a traditional horror movie), Halloween (original). Halloween house in South Pasadena (mentioned by Jack) and other locale information from the movie here:

1:08:15 Nancy’s House from Nightmare on Elm Street, only one block over:

1:09:00 Jack’s favorite: Exorcist Three! Based on a novel called “Legion.” Worships at the altar of Exorcist Three. Contains a very famous set piece! Do not google, just watch. Shot in Georgetown.

Happy Halloween!

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