Team Jack, Episode 2, Attack of the Drones-first aired October 19, 2011

“Film Festivals, America’s Sweetheart and Batman”
Jack Morrissey
Greg Yolen
Gregory Founder and Movie Critic @hitfixgregory

7:50 Gregory Ellwood founder of Origin Story: Met Jack in 1998 after he had come back from Sundance for Bill Condon’s film: Gods and Monsters.

13:00 Greg Ellwood’s seminal childhood film is Star Trek Two:The Wrath of Khan but both Jack and Greg Ellwood believe that Star Trek Three is underrated.

14:00 Star Trek Three, The Search for Spock. Shot in Golden Gate Park, coffin was intact.

17:00 Was the villain in Star Trek Three “bad enough”? Movie villains, living up to previous movies in sequels-James Bond “Skyfall”, Batman, Star Trek.

19:30 Sam Mendes, Away We Go-Bill Condon loved that movie! Neither Greg is a fan.

21:00 Greg’s dream about new Batman movie, had a dream that is was TERRIBLE. Bane discussion. Bane’s old man voice controversy? Has the public been misled about his voice? Tom Hardy, actor: Batman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Inception.

30:00 Bane’s mask discussion. Bondage gear? Big in the 90’s? Mexican wrestler?

31:50 Michelle Pfeiffer vs. Anne Hathaway (Catwoman). Batman Returns, Greg loves-”stealth hero”. Greg says “Michelle will not be topped by Anne Hathaway-there will be none of this.”

32:40 Jack discusses Christopher Walken’s Max Shreck in Batman Returns:

33:00 Michelle Pfeiffer Oscar talk. Do we remember who wins Oscars? List of movies that have won Oscars. Oscar database FYI:

38:00 Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Huge fan of Julie Newmar’s Catwoman.Greg Yolen says Anne Hathaway is not sexy, Julia Roberts wholesome charming “America’s Sweetheart” vibe. No Michelle Pfeiffer sexpot vibe.

41:00 Only movie you’ve ever walked out of? Kevin Smith walked out of Flintstones. Greg Yolen, Stealing Harvard. Film Festival discussion.

44:00 Geek subject! Avengers trailer comes out. Breaks record for views. Greg Ellwood’s take on Captain America-not charismatic enough.

49:30 James Marsden as Cyclops (Great!) Very underrated in Enchanted.

51:00 Storm not a character, bad wigs in X-Men. Greatest line in film? “Do you know what happens to a toad in an electrical storm? The same thing that happens to everyone else.” Best ever Blade quote.

52:41 Back to Anne Hathaway costume. Mary Tyler Moore Pantsuit?

55:00 Marlon Wayans calls. Brother kicked off New Girl.

56:00 Batman spoiler? Daughter of character in original movie in Dark Knight Rises?

56:35 Kinsey, Liam Neeson discussion. Crime that he wasn’t nominated for that role.

1:00 Woman suing theater chains because the film “Drive” is not a “Fast and Furious” movie.

1:02:30 Drive statistics discussion.

Final stats:

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