Team Jack Episode 1: Not Another Origin Story, originally aired October 12, 2011

Description: "In which Jack and Greg introduce themselves to the world, discuss the "city" of Los Angeles, and start chatting film."

Guests: Jack Morrissey and Greg Yolen

7: 15 Jack is 44 from New Jersey and a homosexual male, Greg is not. Records podcasts from his living room in Hollywood Hills with a view probably similar to this:

7: 55 He was born in suburban NJ (Livingston), army brat, moved to New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, St. Louis for senior year of high school. First jobs at movie theaters, moved back to New Jersey where he worked as a waiter at a “mafia country club” called The Forest Hill Field Club in Bloomfield, NJ-Nice! Very Sopranos-esque...HEY TONY!

11:49 Moved to LA with fifty bucks in his pocket, waited tables at Houston’s Restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Houston’s spinach dip FTW!

12:15 Met director Bill Condon fourteen years ago, best friends first and then started dating on the eve of production of Gods and Monsters, been together ever since!

13:15 Greg Yolen is 30 and is from New Haven, Connecticut but has lived in LA for 6 years. Met Jack through an agent (Craig!) that he was working for in LA (of course!) Craig made people call Greg “Gregory” which he has never gone by, oh lordy.

22:15 Is LA a “great city?” Lengthy discussion. Jack says live west of downtown to avoid pollution, if you can. Is London a “great city?” Jack and Greg recently went there for the first time. New York is discussed also.

22:40 Sir Ian McKellen-Actor and frequent Condon/Morrissey house guest: Sir Ian with Tim Curry, Jack and Bill:

34: 50 Random Ice Storm discussion. GREAT MOVIE.

“Creepy little kid” from The Ice Storm identified, Adam Hann-Byrd: Greg’s favorite part is the tuba scene.

38:00 Indiana Jones is Greg’s favorite character of any movie, Last Crusade (the third movie) is his favorite Indy movie and was his inspiration to work in movies. Last Indiana Jones movie (which he admits to being terrible, other than the motorcycle scene) was filmed in his hometown right after he moved to LA.

40:00 Greg’s blog is which is generally about Steven Spielberg and his movies, his passion. Reviews of other movies are also included.

45:31 Bram Stoker’s Dracula discussion-Greg loves it! What’s not to love?! (KBV comment) AGREE! (Traci comment)

50:10 Die Hard is a “Masterpiece” Discussion, Commando, Cobra

51:31 Fright Night

52:00 Alien, Aliens. Greg still has the Alien action figures.

53:30 Greg went to Yale (English Major), Jack went to University of Illinois, Carbondale for one year (a Saluki!)

55:00 Jeff saw Thompson Twins three times in the 80’s! Music discussion. Faux philipino Steve Perry.

58:00 Abbey Road/Beatles. Score from Breaking Dawn Part One was recorded at Abbey Road. Jack would rather see Rush than the Beatles in concert! Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon recorded there also-run to your local record store and buy it! Ha ha.

1:00 Greg “took tables”/waited tables, regional thing.

1:00:30 Garth Franklin of mention. “Australian pioneer” and sweet on Greg?

1:03 Men At Work flute riff lawsuit -lost recently.

1:05 Why are we here? Kevin Smith, celebrity/director and creator of, and neighbor of ten years down the hill, has wanted Jack to do a podcast for over a year. Jack first went on Kevin’s and his wife’s morning show:“Plus One Per Diem”, date was Thursday, July 7, 2011. Available on ITunes!

A huge Team Jack thanks to Kevin Smith who also got Jack on Twitter!

Posted on July 5, 2012 .