Team Jack 28: “Go Figure” - originally aired April 25, 2012

In which Jack and Cohen are joined by Ryan Brookhart for a chat about all things action figures
Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen
Ryan Brookhart

6:08 - Discussion of Houston Resturants. Matt used to go when he was stoned with his friends when he was 16 years old. It’s famous for spinach artichoke dip.
9:23 - Word of the week - Adipocere -
ad·i·po·cere (d-p-sîr)
A brown, fatty, waxlike substance that forms on dead animal tissues in response to moisture.
10:54 - the ‘infamous’ MattGate!
13:30 - Go Figure’ Magazine Ryan’s idea started in 1997  - about toy culture. There were 11 issues, 9 printed.
20:12 - talk of possibly reconfiguring ‘Go Figure’ as a web based format.
25:58 - Jack unaware that Toy Fair and Wizard were no longer around.
27:35 - Matt is loving ‘One Piece’ anime right now
29:45 - Ryan tells story how ‘Go Figure’ were the first to take photo realistic images of toys.
‘In Sight’that a book by Gianni Lopergolo that was a similar style.
33:18 - Ryan’s list of sites to keep up with what is coming out in toys.
38:21 - EnterBay and Hot Toys are now doing ¼ scale toys. Which is a much better option.
41:00ish - Discussion of the many different versions of the same figure. If you got every version of all your obsessions, you’re gonna need a bigger space!
47:20 - Mike Schultz JAWS: Bruce Replica -
1:02:00ish Robert Boyle belongings were disposed of in a dumpster after he passed away.
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