Team Jack Episode 34-”Personal Heroin”-originally aired June 13, 2012

“In which Jack, Cohen and guest Liz Lemon Bennett discuss the Fifty Shades of Grey/Fan Fiction phenomenon.”
Guests: Jack Morrissey
Matt Cohen
And our very own - Liz Lemon Bennett @LizLemonBennett

8:49 – Defining FanFiction
15:21 Star Trek had the first published fanfiction and first slashfiction  
19:35 – Liz mentions her research start and FanFic - ‘She Gives Me Religion’ and the Van Morrison Song ‘She Gives Me Religion’ 
22:48 - ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ started out as Twilight Fanfiction ‘Master of the Universe’
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32:20 - Eric Roberts works out at Jack’s gym, cries a lot and was on Celebrity Rehab for pot.
35:00 - Matt very uncomfortable with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and erotic fanfic. Jack points out how similar this is the Kinsey report.
40:00 - Shout out to Matt’s first mastubatory material
40:40 – Guys of this generation take 4 hours to have an orgasm because of too much internet porn.
43:25 - Each generation has their own mass market erotica - ‘The Story of O’ was a big one (also made into a movie)
44:45 – Matt freaked out by Ben Wa Balls.
46:30 – Jack explaining that ‘Fifty’ will need to be a hard ‘R’ and explains why it cannot be released as NC-17.
50:00 – Jack explaining how Twilight marketing was pulled back so not to overexpose. What will happen with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?
1:00:50 – Top iconic moments of ‘Fifty Shades’ that should be in the movie
1:10:45 – Twilight Fandom - Story of Women’s Friendships - being in the line together.
1:14:49 - New Moon Comic Con tip point -
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