Jack Q & A- March 14th, 2013

Just to be a little different, what is Jack Morrissey 's favorite Hitchcock movie?

Jack’s answer:
PSYCHO of course, Clara Bates.

What was the reason behind choosing “A Thousand Years” again? And the placing of it? I loved it!

Jack’s answer:
Listen to Bill's commentary track on your Blu-ray or DVD - he lays it all out for you in his own words.

Question: When was the cast interviewed for The Complete Film Archive? During filming of BD or more recently?

Jack’s answer: So far as I know, nearly all of those interviews were completed by Robert AFTER principal photography, via telephone.

Question: Why is the extended version of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" incomplete?

Jack’s answer: Bill didn't necessarily like even the finished version of certain scenes, like Edward and Carlisle the night before the wedding. No director likes the way that every scene turns out.

Question: Some say the CGI effects used for Renesmee makes her look creepy. I think they make her look ethereal.

Jack’s answer: I think she looks half-human/half-vampire, but Bill does say in his COMMENTARY that he and the VFX crew wished for another six months, in addition to the year that they did have. Bill is satisfied/unsatisfied shot-to-shot.

Question: Were the opening credits a nod to the book cover? IE: font type/color change= human/vamp transformation?

Jack’s answer: Yes, as was the simple white "chess board" snowfield and the red and black Volturi "chess pieces" moving on it.

Question: I have a question I have been meaning to ask! Is Summit/Lionsgate putting together a Twi Saga documentary? Thanks!

Jack’s answer: I heard before Fan Camp that someone was making one, but I doubt that Summit/LGF is behind it.

Question: Who is responsible for the launch of the stills? And who is responsible for the dvd-uncut version, knows these things? The Director?

Jack’s answer: Summit publicity is responsible for the stills. DVD is the director.

Question: So, we will never have an uncut version of all the other movies?

Jack’s answer: Never ever ever." - Taylor Swift.

Question: Did Kristen go without a wig/ hair extensions in BD2? Looks good!!!

Jack’s answer: I'm pretty sure, yes.

Question: Will we ever be able to see Garrett's speech scene from BD2? It was the scene I was expecting the most along with the arm wrestling.

Jack’s answer: Too soon to tell regarding Garrett's speech. They'd have to spend a lot of money to finish the visual effects behind and around him.

Question: Have you seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Perhaps you and the team can discuss during the next podcast?

Jack’s answer: I liked but didn't love it - it wasn't the equal of any solid John Hughes movie, in my opinion.

Question: Are there other scenes that aren't in the DVD?

Jack’s answer: Yes.

Question: Is there some problem in releasing a version of the movie with all the deleted scenes?

Jack’s answer: Yes, directors don't do that ever. Almost no movie ever uses one hundred percent of all scenes shot.

Question: Dear Jack, please, please, can you ask to Bill the exact discourse between Bella and Renee in the deleted scene?

Jack’s answer: Pre-wedding jitters, just like the Edward/Carlisle scene.

Question: The song “Fire in Water” was written especially for the scene or was the scene built around this song (same length).

Jack’s answer: I presume by now you've already heard Bill discuss this in depth in his commentary track on the Blu-ray/DVD.

Question: I suppose this is a deleted scene which is supposed to not exist? https://static1.squarespace.com/static/518a6a00e4b0d70f784679ad/555f726de4b00b8eede05323/555f726ee4b00b8eede05329/1432318574390/1000w/

Jack’s answer: That is Bella and Edward looking in on Renesmee as she sleeps, with a dialogue about her first Christmas.

Question: Please ask Jack how his new project is coming along?!

Jack’s answer: (Regarding “Tidewater” project with Erik Odom) We had another great trip to Virginia. Everything is on track.

Posted on March 15, 2013 .