Epic Q&A is Epic

1. The Volterra arial shot in BD2 trailer, it that the REAL Volterra, Italy or just a random italian town? or CGI?
Jack: GREAT question. Bug me on this and I'll ask Bill. Actually, lemme go ask him right now...see how this works?
For consistency's sake it's Montepulciano, which stood in for Volterra in NEW MOON as well http://twilightersanonymous.com/new-moon-movie-location-montepulciano-not-volterra-italy.html
There's no CG present in that shot, btw. 

2. Do you know if there are plans to release movie posters of the new additions in #BreakingDawn2 ?
Jack: I don't know actually, Amanda. I hope so, though, for obvious reasons... @erikodom 

3. I loved the part in the book when Charlie visits the Cullens and realizes Renesmee is E&B's child. Will this be in the movie?
Jack: It's gotta be, don't you think? Yep yep. 

4. Will Edward carry Bella across the threshold again?
Jack: No, Bella is a vampire now, so she's in control. You will like this. 

5. Will Bella attack Seth in the imprinting scene like in the book or Jacob? I'd really like it if she hurt Jacob!
Jack: You'll enjoy all aspects of the scene where B. learns that J. imprinted on Renesmee. Both J. and S. are in it. 

6. On the podcast- what movie was @CamelToad talking about with a bunch of characters from games?
Jack: Love a podcast-related question, so thanks! http://disney.go.com/wreck-it-ralph/ 

7. Can you confirm at this point that the song from the Target clip will actually make the cut? *fingers crossed*
Jack: Yes, the song from the Target clip will be in the movie, I believe. 

8. What are the forces of the new vampires in BD2? WB: I think she means powers- and which ones will we see?! :)
Jack: Hmmm, why don't we go one vampire at a time? 

9. Will Nessie ever know that Jacob imprinted on her? that its her destiny to stay with him?
Jack: Hmmm, no I wouldn't put it that way. 

10. I'm dying to know, though the scene was only alluded to in the book, will we see Jacob strip in front of Charlie?
Jack: Hope springs eternal. And you should know what that means by now. Nice body. Very nice, as you know. 

11. Is the flower design on Renesmee's locket from the book or an original design?
Jack: Oh, good question. That might be one for Greg Yolen. Keep asking me that until I get an answer for you. 

12. Will there be a scene where Renesmee bangs on a spoon waiting for Bella to feed her?
Jack: No, we don't have that scene. Sorry! :-( 

13. Is it true no Bill at SDCC? Is there someone he can send in his place? He was so good with Rob and Kristen last year!
Jack: Are you coming to Comic-Con? You're going to be VERY HAPPY with what yer gonna get in Hall H, don't worry.
Thanks for the compliment - Laura from @TwilightLexicon has said so repeatedly.They all really like each other. 

14. Do the Denalis have a crest? There's much contemplation right now! WB: I know, I know! Another crest question! Lol ;)
Jack: Not that I've noticed, actually. I don't think so. 

15. Bill won't make it to ComicCon this year ???
Jack: Bill will be recording the score for the LAST. TWI. MOVIE. EVAR at Abbey Road Studios, in London, with Carter once again. 

16. You mentioned you have @erikodom's audition tape? Any chance of seeing it???
Jack: Maybe eventually! 

17. In the trailer, where did all the Volturi witnesses go? I'm assuming that its only the Volturi army attacking the Cullens.
Jack: Just wait for the final shots. 

18. Greetings from MA - Will there be a lot of Daddy moments with Renesmee?
Jack: Hey there, MA! Yeah, you'll be satisfied with Daddyward or whatever you're calling him now. ;-P

19. Hey Jack .... any possibility for the Philippines to be included in the Breaking Dawn pt. 2 promo tour ? *begging
Jack: Not the promo questions again!!!! This is way above my pay grade, folks, and is decided by your country's distributor. 

20. I wonder if the Volturi would be in a private plane. I don't suppose they'd swim the Atlantic, fur coat and all
Jack: I think private jet, yes.
...and the fur coats have been left home, for the most part. 

21. Will BD2 start with Bella running thru the forest or when she wakes up? I'd love to see her backflip off the table.
Jack:  Both. Heh heh heh. 

22. Did Mr Condon/Summit/Lionsgate intentionally release the trailer on Edward's birthday? That's a fan-loving detail!
Jack: I think we have to thank Team Summit for that! 

23. Will Rose and Jacob have any funny interactions in BD2 that we missed in BD1?
Jack: Too soon to tell. 

24. Ok in BD1 there is a different version of the song Sister Rosette playing in the background than on the soundtrack. WHY?!
Jack: Hmm, good question. No idea. Are you OUTRAGED!? 

25. What does it take for a film to be theater released in China? Why does none of the Twilight films make it there?
Jack: That's a question for Google, Christine. I have no idea. Sorry! 

26. With the The Twilight Complete Film Archive book do you think there will be a BD2 companion book?
Jack: I'm not sure. 

27. Will we be seeing any flashbacks in pt2? Esp. with Bella's newfound power?
Jack:  Mmmmmmmaybeeeeeee..... 

28. When Nahuel and Hulien come to intervene in the final battle will he also have one of his sisters with him?
Jack: No, he will not. Just his aunt. 

29. I do not understand anything. Everyone spoke of vision about the final battle. You confirm the battle is real?!
Jack: I confirm nothing! ;-D 

30. BDpt1 had 2 music videos. Will BD2 have the same or more/less?
Jack: Too soon to tell - no idea yet. 

31. Is there any scene with Alice and Jasper looking for witnesses? :)
Jack: Too soon to tell! 

32. Have you ever considered Rob or Kristen as podcast guests?
Jack: I haven't even met them!!! 

33. Does Bella wear a coat? Will Mackenzie be at SDCC? Will we see Alec use his power in BD2? WB: I combined her ?s
Jack: 1. Yes 2. Dunno. 3. Yes. 

34. Are there more special effects in bd pt.2 or pt 1.?
Jack: Way more visual effects in PART II. Waaaay more. 

35. When does Bill have to have the final cut of BDpt2 completed? Is there an actual date?
Jack: The cut is already completed. 

36. It would be very interesting to know in what order the scenes for BD2 were shot. WB: I agree!
Jack: That would be impossible to list - it was shot simultaneously with PART I over the course of 104 days. 

37. is this going to be a regular TWI promo or a special one considering its the last movie?
Jack: No idea, really. 

38. How long does it usually take to make the wolves in the cgi process?
Jack:  It depends on the shot and how many wolves are in it. 

39. Is the ending of BD2 exactly the same as the book or will there be some variation?
Jack: Too soon to tell! 

40. How does your experience with the Twifandom compare with other fandoms you have experienced?
Jack: The Twifandom in my experience has been more intense and more emotional. In other words...WIN. 

41. Will we have some flirtation between Tanya and Edward in this film? Hugs from Columbia!
Jack: No, he's a faithful husband. 

42. I need deleted scenes on the BD pt 2 DVD! Since there weren't any on the part 1 DVD... ;)
Jack: "Need"? 

43. Any chance they'll release a preview for us of Edward playing Renesmee's lullaby?
Jack: Not that I've heard, not yet. 

44. Hi! I wanna know if in BD2 we are gonna get a lot of the relationship between Edward and Renesmee?
Jack: Yes, we are. 

45. I wonder how and who decides what will be on the movie poster? How did they come up with BD2 posters?
Jack: Summit marketing. 

46. Bella will have her shield? Will we see it when she wakes up?
Jack: Too soon to tell! 

47. Can you tell us what is happening in the scene of the new still (many characters sitting around a camp fire)?
Jack: Trading war stories, after the snow starts to stick.... 

48. Did shooting for BD have a lot of rehearsals or were the scenes filmed directly for that 1st feeling?
Jack: There were rehearsals with lots of room left for discovery in the moment. 

49. Bill surprised us with Flightless Bird, American Mouth at the wedding in BD1. Will there be more surprises in BD2?
Jack: Yes, more surprises coming... 

50. Some people think that in that scene, the Romanians are telling what the Volturi did to them. Are they?
Jack: Yes they are, amongst other witnesses telling war stories... 

51. In the beginning of the trailer Bella holds her baby for the first time. Was it a real baby?
Jack: Shot to shot different methods, and babies, were used. 

52. Could I have any hope of seeing Angela Weber and Bella's other human friends again in Part 2? I love Angela!
Jack: You can always have hope! 
Posted on July 8, 2012 .