Team Jack Q&A June 18 – 20

1. Will Twilight Cast come to Turkey?
Jack: I have no idea. I don't get involved with cast movements.

2. Can you tell us the running time of the BD2 trailer?
Jack: Schnope!

3. Does Breaking Dawn 2 start with any quotes?
Jack: It does not, Alex.

4. We discovered that there are French vampires in BD2 ... Do they speak French in the film?
Jack: They do not

5. Do you think that in BD2 there will be one specific kiss which can go and win to MTVMA 2013?
Jack: Yes

6. Will we need some handkerchiefs for BD2 except for the end?
Jack: Yes

7. Do you already have a favorite scene for BD2? If yes which scene and with which characters?
Jack: My answer is the same as for PART I.

8. Did Bill make the trailer? Have you seen it yet?
Jack: Summit marketing and their trailer vendor made the trailer, and lots of good folks, including Bill, weighed in on many cuts.

9. When Bill used clips at end of BD1 did he have to get permission from other directors?
Jack: Shnope, Summit owns all that!

10. Can you pitch to whoever is in charge of DVD to have Rob and Kristen do a commentary for BD2? :D
Jack: I can not do that.

11. Who's in Bella's eyeball??
Jack: Who do you think??

12. At the final HP premiere the cast gave a speech & thanked fans on the carpet. Maybe final BD premiere can do the same? #suggestion
Jack: Maybe...

13. Do you think there's a possibility that the next DVD will be even more special because is the last one?
Jack: Well, I hope so.

14. Do you know why there wasn't a Rob/Kristen/Tay commentary for BD1 DVD?
Jack: I do not.

15. Someone needs to tell Jack that Taylor is NOT RK's lovechild; therefore we don't need him to be included in the damn photo shoot.
Jack's Answer: SHUSH

16. Could you tell us if we are going to see Renesmee in the new trailer?
Jack: She's on both covers of EW this week, so what do you think?

17. Can we get a photo shoot of just Rob and Kristen like back when Twilight came out??
Jack: I'm sure you will...

18. Will we see Jacob actually phase in front of Charlie?
Jack: Maybe. ;-P

19. Will there be a South East Asia promo tour?
Jack: Too soon too soon too soon...

20. A  security head from SEM, Charles, who has been employed by Summit for years, told me that Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere would be an online lottery. He shared this information when I went over to say hello to him while he was working at the LA Film Fest. Fans would register online and randomly selected to attend the premiere and/or camp.

This seems rife with problems in this fandom: hundreds of thousands entering with no intention of going and taking away diehard fans chances, some friends winning the lottery and some not, tickets scalped by those that won, people that have attended the premiere and supported the Saga since the first film being shut out etc etc. Online lottery may work in less passionate fandoms but that is not us.

I understand you are not Summit and the easy answer is tstt but it's a concern I'm hoping is heard some way. This is the final premiere for a special community. People want to travel far and wide to be with close friends they've made during the Twilight era as this final chapter in the fandom ends. We'll continue to be friends but this curtain that's falling was the start of it all. There's a lot of emotions at play here and I hope they are considered heavily.

Please advise or help spread our concern. Thank you for your time.
Jack: You are SUCH a naughty girl. LOL. I don't know shit about this yet. Who put Charles in Charge? It's all going to be fine LIKE IT ALWAYS IS.
Posted on June 20, 2012 .