Team Edward's PeaCoat!

1. By any chance is the jacket Edward wears in the promo poster the same as used in Twilight?
Jack: I don't think so, but I should ask. I really doubt it, though. 

2. Can you tell us who plays Jenks? The character isn't on the IMDB list!
Jack: We answered this already. Its Wendell Pierce

3. What company made the contacts worn in BD2?
Jack: Oh I dunno. Stay on me about this and I'll find out from Greg Yolen.

4. Is there gonna be an extended version of BD1?
Jack: What did Bill say about this in his commentary track on the PART I Blue/DVD?

5. Love the new E/B/R pic from @EW... who designed Bella's pants? I love them!
Jack: Costume designer Michael Wilkinson either designed or selected them.

6. How many phases of Renesmee's growth will we see?
Jack: Many more than one!

7. If we don't get the full trailer till fall, do we still get scenes at Comic Con Anyway?
Jack: You'll see stuff you haven't seen yet inside Hall H for the last TWILIGHT panel at SDCC. Better get down there!

8. Why did they label Renesmee as "Wild Child"?
Jack: Yeah, I just looked at that again and wondered the same thing. It's catchy. Don't worry about that, trust me.

9. We want Kristen and Rob doing the promo together like in Twilight please :( without Tay
Jack: Taylor's a person, too.

I know but Rob and Kristen since Twilight they haven’t have one promo that they've done together and we (the fans) miss thatJack: I don't have any influence on that stuff – sorry!

10. Noticed lots of people putting in requests for BD2 soundtrack to Jack. Makes me wonder, does he ask Bill?
Jack: Do I ask Bill what? Soundtrack requests coming in the front door usually can't go anywhere. By the way, listening to "With You In My Head" by Unkle from ECLIPSE as I type this...

11. Can you please thank Bill or whoever is responsible for bringing back Edward's pea coat?!
Jack: Sure, that would be Bill and the recently-mentioned Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer. 
ed. note: #TeamPeacoatFTW

12. Please keep podcasting after 50 episodes! I don't want them to end! Lol :) thank you
Jack: Don't worry about that - we'll keep making them as long as we, and you, keep digging them. Thanks!

13. By the teaser, I can say that there will be A LOT of the Volturi, am I right? I LOVE THEM [Aro and Jane, specially]
Jack: Yep, a whole field full of 'em. "They even brought the wives.”;-D
P.S. SO MUCH Aro and Jane for you to look forward to.

14. Is it possible BD2 will premiere in Italy? With Rob and Kris?
Jack: International premiere questions, and who's attending, all have the same answer always.

15. Are we going to get more Action Bella? Are we going to see a fight: Bella versus Jane?
Jack: I think you got at least part of your answer in the new teaser. Too soon to tell anything else.

16. Does Nessie get a Cullen Crest Necklace?
Jack: Not quite - she wears another accessory of significance.

17. Will Bella get her Ferrari in BD2?
Jack: Already answered!
ed. note: see previous Q&A. Search "Ferrari"

18. Will there be an extra scene in the credits for BD2 like there was for BD1?
Jack: Hmm, too soon to tell.

19. It would be great if they'd release a character poster a week for BD2. WB: agreed! Where's Peter?! #TeamPeter :)
Jack: Keep your eyes peeled across the interwebs...

20. In the teaser, when Irina tells them about Renesmee, Aro says "All mine" or "Oh my..."?
Jack: "Oh my..."

21. Has Bill Condon ever been to Turkey or Istanbul?
Jack: Not so far as I know.

22. I like the look & everything & that each character has their own. Will there be other kinds of posters though?
Jack: I hope so! Or at least a few calendars, right?

23. You should do a TJ meetup at Comic Con! WB: :D
Jack: You can handle that one, WB. Give those directions out!
WB:You mean to the hall H line? ;) We'll have banners and shirts! You can't miss us! Lol ;)Jack: Pigpen FTW!!!
WB:*whispers* um, jack... This year we have silhouette shirts. Remember? ;) and buttons to hand out!! ;DJack: Didn't I see the word "banners" above?! : Scrolls up: Um, yes!!!!!
WB: you are correct! Yet another detail I missed this evening, the banner is our lovely mascot PigPen! :)

24. Will there be an explanation or even a mention of Quileute’s is Shape-Shifters and not Children of the Moon?
Jack: Hmmm, too soon to tell in June...

25. Will we be getting a character poster for Renesmee? I would love that!
Jack: I don't know if she'll get her own poster or theatre banner but I'm sure she'll be included on one of 'em.

26. Are you following Rob and Kristen in Cannes? Is Bill excited about it?
Jack: Bill kept up with the reviews, yeah, as he always does.

27. Do you know when will be the next worldwide promotion stuff?
Jack: Comic-Con, it's not worldwide it's limited to US. Then I guess the final trailer.

28. Is there a reflection in Jacob's eye? It kind of looks like it but it’s hard to tell since it’s so small. (in poster)
Jack: Hmm, I kinda doubt it, but ours are hanging in frames in the editing room, so I can't even run up and look.

29. Why is BD2 coming out over a year after it was filmed and BD1 came out in theaters?
Jack: There are over TWO THOUSAND visual effects shots that need to be finished.

30. You saw #SWATH? What did you think?
Jack: We liked it, how 'bout you?

31. Will we see more of baby Nessie w/ Edward and Bella or will it be everything with Mackenzie?
Jack: Both, and also other growth between. Half-human/half-vampire kids - they grow up so fast!!!!

32. Because this film created such an epic romance, is it possible to get Rob's audition video released?
Jack: Hmmm, who knows? Tweet Summit - we don't have it! I only have @erikodom's audition - and it's AWESOME!!!

33. Do you know if Kristen kept any props/costumes from Breaking Dawn? WB: or anyone, for that matter?
Jack: I don't know, actually. I kind of doubt it.

34. Will we get to see anymore of agonizing Bella during her transformation or do we go straight to vamp mode?
Jack: Well kinda sorta...

35. What are your favorite trailers?
Jack: Uh...for future movies or older movies?

36. Was Bill happy with the MTV Movie Award? WB: Can't recall if this was already answered. Apologies in advance if was.
Jack: Yeah he was. We don't have it yet, though. Hmm.

37. Will *you* be at Comic Con? :)
Jack: Yes I will, and thank you for asking - it'll be my TENTH consecutive Comic-Con! See YOU there?

38. In the posters we see E with a kinda classic look like in the 1st 2 films. Will he wear clothes like this in BD2?
Jack: Yes, everything you've seen on the EW covers and posters are actual costumes seen in the film.

39. Do you have a picture/info on the music for the score song Love Death Birth please? I wanna play it!
Jack: Like sheet music? Did they ever publish any? We don't have it, I don't think.

40. Can you tell Bill that he won the TVF award for Best Director and Best Movie?
Jack: What's TVF?

41. RIP Pigpen... Have you and Bill made room in your hearts for a new dog yet? A Schroeder or Linus perhaps?
Jack: No, and this will not be happening as I myself am enjoying my freedom again.

42. I know you answered this before but I was confused by twitter you know how the premier is going to work? Thanks :)
Jack: Are you asking about LOTTERYGATE 2012???

More: lmao yes that would be it, I've just heard so many things by now would love to know what's going on for real if u can tell us :)
Jack: HONESTLY there's nothing to tell as NOTHING has been decided yet. Do NOT lose sleep over this, is my advice. Seriously.

More: The Hunger Games premier was an awful experience & since they are under the same company now...ya know? Thanks for the info hun!!
Jack: TWILIGHT and THG were handled by two separate teams and Team TWILIGHT will be finishing what they started and grew.

More: Ohh really? That's awesome! I mean THG movie was great but the premier thing was horrible. Stood in a parking garage for 13 hrs
Jack: That was their first premiere. Team TWILIGHT has executed four. Don't worry about it.

43. Will Bella be attacking Jacob in bd2?
Jack: Too soon, too soon...

44. So bd2 does not start with quotes like the other four, right?
Jack: Maybe not, maybe...

45. Can't wait to see what we get for Bella's birthday! Any hints? WB: btw, LOVE the birthday theme this year, ;)
Jack: I have no idea, when is that again? Hey, I'm a BATTLESTAR guy, not a Twihard!

46. Bella’s BDay is the 13th of September. And Renesmee's is the 10th of September.
Jack: Hmmm sounds like prime trailer time to me! And no, that is not official and I'm not hinting at anything I know.

47. Is this the last trailer we will see?
Jack: Nope - still have a final trailer and all those talk show clips and TV spots to freeze-frame in the fall! -- J.

48. What was Your favorite part of the teaser trailer? Best moment?..

49. Does Bill get "final cut" for his films in general? Did he get it for Bd1&2?
Jack: That's a complicated question. I'd say he's generally very very happy with the cuts for both parts.

50. Is the trailer for US theaters only? It should be available to all countries.
Jack: I don't know, honestly - depends on the distributor in each territory and also the exhibitors in same.

51. Hey Jack, are we going to see Jacob run away with Renesmee...or. you can't tell us now?
Jack: I think it's a bit soon for that. :-D

52. When in the movie do we first get to see Renesmee?
Jack: Just as soon as her vampire Mom gets to see her.

53. Did Rob play the entire song on the piano? Would be cute to see a full version on the DVD.
Jack: Hmm good idea, if they have the footage.

54. Will all of the images from the trailer be in the movie?
Jack: That's a great great question and the answer is YES.

55. Comic Con is in July. Who will be there for BD2?
Jack: Comic-Con is less than a month away. Lots of cool people involved with the movie will be going down there! ;-D

56. What was the most emotional scene to film in bd2?
Jack: Depends on which emotion we're talking about. ;-P

Jack: None.

More: even for the last scene of the movie?
Jack: Ask me about crying in movies in November.

57. The battle in the trailer with everyone running against each other is a vision of Alice's or real?
Jack: Looks real to me!

58. Did we see any of the additional photography aka "reshoots" in the trailer?
Jack: Yep, one shot. No, I won't tell you which one. Rob isn't in it. ;-P

59. Hey, Noel Fisher (Vladimir) will show at the movie right? Excited for his part!
Jack: Oh yeah, and he's great in it. Do you follow him already?

60. Is there a Bella’s birthday mention in BD2?
Jack: Yes.

61. B&E will go to Alaska to find Denali's clan contrary to the book where they wait for everybody?
Jack: Correct. It's in the teaser trailer.

62. So much action in the trailer! I hope there will be romance also?
Jack: Yes, there will be plenty of romance throughout.

63. Oh question! We see a shot of Jane shaking her finger at a kid...looks to be old it a flashback to when she was alive?
Jack: No, she's pretty vampire there. @TwilightLexicon posted an article yesterday about the Immortal Children. That's it.

More: Ahh ok, thought so cuz of her clothes but I always hoped to see her & Alec as the human "witch twins" woulda been cool
Jack: Agreed, but gotta keep the story moving forward.

64. Any idea when the first single from the soundtrack will be coming out? #BDPart2
Jack: No idea, actually. Early days on all of that.

65. I heard there were a lot of pranks being played on set. Who did the most pranks?? What was the worst prank??
Jack: I was only on set for one day, so I have no idea. Sorry!

66. Can you confirm that the song from the Target clip will actually make the cut? *fingers crossed*
Jack: I can't confirm that, actually. I'd have to ask. Ask me again in a few.

67. Is Alice's vision going to be the reason behind Bella finding out about the Immortal Children???
Jack: Kinda sorta.

68. Have the clips which will be shown to CC already been chosen?
Jack: You're over your daily question quota, sir or ma'am.

69. When will Twilight be at Comic Con, Thursday? I so hope that for you, M. Or can’t you say that yet, Jack?
Jack: Too soon to tell, so ya better get in that line good and early! ;-)

70. Was a Zafrina-Renesmee scene shot? I mean, when Zafrina shows Nessie her powers. :) PS The trailer is epic! I love it so much!!
Jack: Thank you for saying so! A variation on that scene was shot, yes.

That's awesome! Thanks! I loved that scene in the book! Also, part of why the teaser is so epic is the score. Is it original?
Jack: I think its original music from the trailer house - it's not part of Carter's score for the movie.

71. How long is the second half?
Jack: Hahahaha nice try.

72. Benjamin is the ninja bending the water like a boss in the trailer, right?
Jack: Yes, and that's exactly how he's described in the script. ;-P

73. Okay will you see Jacob shape shift in front of Charlie?
Jack: Not answering that one either, which you've asked before haven't you?

74. Will there be character posters for each of the new vampires?
Jack: I hope so, but who knows?
Posted on June 21, 2012 .