Epicly Epic Jack Q&A from June 16, 2012

1. Any suggestions for film festivals to send in an LGBT documentary?
Jack: Hmmm, Outfest in L.A. and Frameline in S.F. Beyond those two, Google!
Is it true BD Promo starts Wed with the release of 3 character posters? WB: Oops! We're late on this one. :) sorry!
Jack: ...and did you like them? Pretty different from the character teaser posters for PART I, eh?
More: YES, IT'S (meaning IT WAS) TRUE! More new stuff coming for you very soon. The countdown to November 16th is on!!!

2. Can you please tell us what happened to Kristen in vancouver? (re: her injured foot)
Jack: I have no idea, honestly. Nothing major at all. She's always spraining something, right? #doesherownstunts

3. Were the scenes in the Cullen cottage filmed?
Jack: Yes, of course!!! Didn't you see the exclusive footage at Target? That was in the cottage.

4. How does BC choose his next project after such a long term gig?
Jack: The same way he chooses all of 'em - by reading and responding to the script or book. You heard about SIDE SHOW?

5.Will you continue with "Team Jack" after the end of BD2?

6. I kinda miss all the tweets from Team Jack telling us to vote for BD1 :( Now what?
Jack: Wait one year and we'll be right back at it. In the meantime, though, I should keep making Condon sign stuff to give away in contests, etc. What contests should we do? In other news, I kinda want Panera for lunch.

7. Any chance you &/or Bill can share something visual from BD2 to honor all of us Twilight moms on Mother's Day?
Jack: No, there is no chance, sorry. More coming soon, though!

8. That is it. The one about why Renesme is older in the movie then in the books? Thank you so much.
Jack: Per Greg Yolen, it would have been impossible and incredibly time consuming to even attempt to coax a performance out of a three-year-old.

9. In the Target sneak peak Edward asks Bella if she wants a bath. Will we see a vampire bath scene between them both?
Jack: No, something else happens after that moment that propels the plot.

10. Why is Bill waiting for the BD2 DVD to release BD1 deleted scenes?
Jack: ...PART I commentary track, por favor?

11. Will we see Garrett's speech against the Volturi?
Jack: "Too soon to tell", which heretofore will be abbreviated as "Tstt" in future tweets. So say we all.

12. Will there be a photo shoot of just Rob, Kristen and Mackenzie together?
Jack: Did you get both EW covers or...just the one? ;-D

13. How many songs will Edward play?
Jack: As Ian McKellen improv'd while taking a martini off a party tray in GODS AND MONSTERS, "Just the one."

14. Will there be destruction in any part of E/B cottage during their sex scene in BD2? Like bed, wall or furniture... ;)
Jack: No, Emmett!
ed. note: nice Twihard response, Jack! <3

15. Did Bill include the scene from NM where B and E are running? would be the best way to show Alice's vision came true!
Jack: You've already seen Bella racing through the forest on the first teaser trailer, so yes. YES.

16. Were there body doubles used during the BD sex scenes? I don't think so but there are rumors online.
Jack: Okay, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Let's send that to all of the rumor-monger types with their busy rusty typewriters.
ed. note: please share this far and wide! Sheesh.

17. Question: so long after filming is done is it probable that BD would need something reshot? WB: wow! We are REALLY behind Sorry!
Jack: Yes. LOL. Done, done and done.

18. Question: Will the BDp2 soundtrack be released prior to the movie and how close is the soundtrack to being finished?
Jack: The soundtracks are always released in advance. Carter is delivering score cues regularly and many songs are in.

19. Do you know how long Pt 2 will be yet?
Jack: Nah, it's too early to tell. Then of course there are 2 - wait, 3 valid answers. No, I won't explain. ;-P

20. Is there a possibility BD2 will be longer than BD1? This is the last one after all! ;)
Jack: Too soon to tell, too soon to tell, tstt tstt!!!!!

21. Enough of posters with the trio! Its the end of the Saga, we want B&E! Will we get this?
Jack: So angry, so angry. So demanding. You got one of those for PART I. Yet apparently not enough for you.

22. Just for fun, have you ever thought about doing a cameo in BD2 as a Volturi witness w/ all members of team jack?
Jack: That was all shot a year ago! And no, I avoid the camera almost always.

23. What did people do onset to entertain themselves?
Jack: iPhones and Cigarettes, which coincidentally is the title of my new memoir. Except I don't smoke...cigarettes.

24. We want to know if there will be more intense sex scenes in BDp2 (thrusting?)
Jack: Hmmmm...yes and no. Tricky tricky tricky, as I sometimes am (see TRAILER ANSWER OF TWO WEEKS AGO.)

25. Will there be any type of Saga overview on the final DVD?
Jack: I have no idea, actually. I hope so.
More: That overview book that was just announced is going to be AMAZING, though!!!!

26. How about a podcast on your favorite DVD commentary? Mine- Evil Dead II
Jack: Thanks for the idea, but I never listen to commentaries! Ever! I live them instead! Muahahaha! #notreally

27. In part 2 will we see the part where Charlie comes to the Cullen house to talk to Bella?
Jack: Yep.

28. Did Rob wear a wig in the additional shots for bd2?
Jack: not sure how it went down in the end, but the shots are in and guess what? He looks EXACTLY THE SAME!!

29. Since Rob & Kristen will be back together you guys should record a BOOK ACCURATE Meadow for the final DVD#wishfulthinking
Jack: What does BOOK ACCURATE mean? And how many different meadow locations have been used? One in L.A. and one in Vancouver?
ed note: I could write several long winded and painfully detailed essays on The Meadow Scene, as could most Twihards. Do not ask such questions if you don't want an earful.

30. Have they considered adding bloopers to the final DVD?
Jack: There's no BD blooper reel that I've ever seen -- except pretty much any time @erikodom is "acting". 
ed. note: ZING!

31. Where's Jenks?
Jack: Seattle.

32. Wonder if Summit will ever release the full scripts for both BD movies! Please I'm dying to read them!!!!
Jack: Ask me in two years lol.

33. Question: Will we see the scene of Renesmee riding on Jacob?
Jack: Can we re-phrase this. *ahem* 
 ed. note: *facepaw*

34. I really expected you to be at the theater watching Cabin In the Woods tonight. I expect a full review!
Jack: ...and I was! I liked it alright.

35. After my re-run of epi 16: AlecPeters! did @CamelToad ever track down that Hellboy tshirt we wanted? :0
Jack: No!!!! Shit follow-through!!!

36. What had Alice seen when she called Bella on the honeymoon?
Jack: The pregnancy, I presume.

37. Can Jack ease concern of a scheduling clash between BD promo and R&K's upcoming projects?
Jack: Again, it's the end of TWILIGHT and they're going to be fully present to say goodbye. Don't lose sleep.

38. I'm reading through the Q&As... what is the 'New Moon Hunting Dress'??
Jack: The hunting dress that Bella is envisioned wearing while hunting in NEW MOON.

39. My 1st TJ podcast. regardless of being a twifan- I found it really informative. All the fucks were an added bonus.
Jack: Thank you! I'll try to throw in a few more for you!!!

40. Obviously Rob and Kristen are too good of ACTORS to need doubles for the sex scenes. No hidden jokes in this tweet.
Jack: I don't think either of them felt any need for body doubles or had any interest in them. Especially Kristen mmmkaaay.

41. That's the movie business for you, LOL! 'Based on' basically means 'I'll change what I want to, thank you very much!'
Jack: Anytime Bill makes a change from page to change, he's thought a lot about the options, sweated and often talked it out with his collaborators, and then chosen carefully. That's exactly his job and he takes it very seriously.

In response: I am not saying it is bad. I am just wondering. I would assume the closer to the books the happier the book fans?
Jack: There are often countless variables to consider behind each choice needing to be made.

Question: Yeah, that's where you lose me. I know it says they are in the script, but they don't ACT like they're hunting in NM.
Jack: Well that's NEW MOON, another movie. ;-D

42. When was the last time Bill directed a stage production?
Jack: Well, do you count the Best Original Song medley of the three nominated songs from DREAMGIRLS on the Oscar show? ...or the 81st Oscars, which he produced?

Follow up question: Nope. ;-) The medley was awesome but that was still for a TV audience and not the same thing as a fully staged musical.
Jack: Correct. The answer is never, of course.

43. I think they have done a fantastic job with the movie adaptations. Meyer seems pleased as well.
Jack: I know that she's been very pleased with BD at least. I wasn't around for the first three. ;-D

44. How true to the book was Mr. C in regard to Renesmee? I hope he didn't just gloss over her baby form.
Jack: Can you say that another way? It sounds a bit gross in its present "baby form". ;-P -- J.

Follow up question: how true to the book was Mr. C in regard to Renesmee? I hope he didn't just gloss over her baby form. Mackenzie seems awesome and I know how handy the team is when it comes to CGI, but is her toddler form displayed as well? Better?
Jack: Yes you will see a progression of her rapid growth, again achieved through a variety of methods, some old and some new. 

Question (continued): but of course, Jacob has a huge role in Renesmee's life & contrary to negativity, I think the imprinting made sense.
Jack: Agreed.

45. Will there be a RENESMEE doll come Breaking Dawn promo? Or maybe vampire BELLA?
Jack: I mean, I would hope and think so. Watch Tonner and also Barbie, right? Maybe at Comic-Con in a month?

46. Will there be any reference to the reason of the divergence between Romanian coven and the Volturi?
Jack: Yes.

47. What is the scene shown on Jane and Alec's EW still? Where are they... Seattle?
Jack: Mmmm...naw. They are not in Seattle.

48. I hope Summit will have better marketing strategy *cough* more Rob & Kstew *cough*,lol
Jack: I think you're going to be very happy.

49. Do you know if it is necessary to do row for when they give us the bracelets, for the avant premiere at the Nokia Theater?
Jack: I have no idea - it's June!!!!! ;-P

50. November is so far away and so close to the end. How would you describe the phenomenon of Twilight in three words?
Jack: 1. Bella 2. Edward 3. Jacob

51. Are you gonna attend comic con?
Jack: Yeep -- my 10TH consecutive Comic-Con!!!!!!!

52. Do you know what is Bill's next project after BD2.. or too soon to ask?
Jack: Too soon to tell! -- J.

53. Prediction of when the trailer of BD pt 2 will come out?
Jack: So soon. Sooooo sooooooon. ;-D -- J.

54. Jack, can you answer if we will see Bella's Ferrari in BD2? it's okay if you can not give this information
Jack: Shnope.

55. Can you tell us who is playing Jenks? The character is not on the list on IMDB.
Jack: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0682495/

56. Will there be alot of EB scenes in BD part 2 ?? like alone without renesme ?
Jack: Yes, do not worry about that

57. Summit probably is going to do the special edition for all 5 films, maybe they'd add a blooper reel in?
Jack: Maybe they would, maybe they would.... ;-D

58. Are there going to be posters with E&B&Nessi for this BD2 promo? Like a family?
Jack: Dunno -- probably?

59. Hey Jack,  do you know why we're not produced BD1 Toys for NECA?
Jack: No idea, Alex.

60. Will we have other posters until the final one? I'd LOVE to see a poster for each Cullen allies coven
Jack: SO WOULD I, especially @erikodom !!!!

61. Will Rob and Kristen be present at comic con this year?
Jack: I can neither confirm nor deny, but what do you think? It's the end of TWILIGHT!!!!!
I think that will be the case but it is safe to say that they will show a new clip?
Jack: Nobody wants seven thousand fans to file out of Hall H feeling disappointed. And TWILIGHT is going out with a bang.
Yes you're right but that clip ultimately ends being being online , no? Like the honeymoon clip last time?
Jack: Yes, on YouTube, etc. But not in a formal HD way, usually.
Question: are they going to show a new clip at the Comic con event?
Jack: online are really almost always going to get the same reply no matter what the movie is: no.
More: I don't know what they're going to show, but all @Team_Jack members please take note of this answer because I want to say that WHATEVER GETS SHOWN IN HALL H WILL PROBABLY NOT BE PUT ONLINE IN THE WEEK AFTER. EXCLUSIVE COMIC-CON CLIPS ARE EXCLUSIVE BECAUSE THEY'RE PART OF WHAT MAKES COMIC-CON UNIQUE AND SPECIAL. MOST, IF NOT ALL, STUDIOS DON'T PUT THEIR EXCLUSIVE CLIPS ONLINE MUCH ANYMORE. Ten thousand tweets asking when the Comic-Con clips are coming
How cool! Excitement is spreading... Is there a list of confirmed cast members set to appear (at Comic-Con)? Mackenzie, even?
Jack: Not my department, but even if there was I couldn't share it early. Sorry!

62. Can you ask Jack if Robert has hypermobility syndrome..?
Jack: Uh.....? I haven't even met him! 
ed. note: Jack is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV. :)

63. Question: Will we get to see some cute scenes of E/B with Renesmee as a baby?
Jack: YES!

64. Question: In my opinion, the issues w/ heavy Jacob promo are justified. TWILIGHT is 1st & foremost Edward & Bella's love story.
Jack: It's all good - why does it have to be one or the other?

65. It was different not to see a teaser on The MTV Movie Awards this year... but the show sucks this year without all our nominations.
Jack: Maybe next year! Their ratings were pretty down this year.
Posted on May 23, 2012 .