Lots of Breaking Dawn Questions, Answered!

May 22nd, 2012

1. When will we see a new trailer for BD2?
Jack: I honestly have no idea. Hopefully soon, right? But you're gonna like it! :D 

2. Will Bella get a Cullen Crest in the last movie?
Jack:  Hmmmm...pass! 

3. I know its too early to ask but do you have any idea when the BD2 premiere in LA will be?
Jack:  It's never too early to ask anything, but I honestly don't know. Probably pretty similar to last year, right? 

4.Can we expect an epic musical score from Carter Burwell for BD pt 2?
Jack:  I think so, yes. Epic is the order of the day! 

5. Was the whole cast in Vancouver or just some of them? Will it be a closed set?
Jack:  Just a few of them and yes it was a closed set. ;-D 

6. How about the MTVs in July... will there be a teaser?
Jack:  I honestly don't know. Will you watch either way? And are you voting every day!? 

7. I suggest some things about BD2 scenes... amazing effect and music and big + volturi and rensemee...
Jack:  Check, check, check, check, and check. 

8. No question. Just wanted to say I love the podcast. They are great. Keep them coming. Give Bill a hug for me.
Jack:  THANK YOU SO MUCH! Podcast listeners have a special place in my heart. I really really appreciate you tuning in.

9. Why won't Condon guest on the podcast?
Jack: Who's Condon? ;-D Because he hates microphones of any and all varieties. Super shy and anxious. 

looks like we are going to have to settle for Scott Bakula!
HAHAHAHAHAHA right!?!? We actually have a SPECIAL GUEST STAR on tomorrow's episode, #31 
(Ed note: Check it out on iTunes! It's HAWT.)

10. I just saw a BD2 poster in collider earlier. Was it a 3D poster?
Jack:  I don't think so, no. 

11. What themes are being emphasized in BD2? Or do they just focus on story and let themes fall where they may?
Jack:  Hmm, that's a tough question. I would say that the characters and story always come first, but if there are a few threads worth considering, it's true love, as always in TWILIGHT, and now family. 

12.Who snuck in the address of 420 Woodcroft ave on the wedding invite? Here come the marijuana bots...
Jack:  What are "marijuana bots"!? 

(Ed Note: nothing our younger viewers need to know about, just know that twitter bots are evil.)

13. Will there be sweet family moments and paternal love between Bella, Edward and Renesmee?
Jack: Well, I should hope so, right? You won't be disappointed. They're greeeaaaaat parents. ;-D 

14. Can you ask Bill Condon to consider giving the 4 core stand-ins screen credits for BDpt2? Would appreciate it :) -Ben
Jack:  I'll look into this, Ben. Cheers 

15.Should I be afraid in some way that you are following me on tumblr?
Jack:  It depends on what you're hiding. ;-D 

16. In the end will there be a peaceful testimony or a real fight?
Jack:  Well which are you in favor of? 

17. Wow as both a Beatles & Twilight fan I'm ecstatic that the BD soundtrack recorded in such a memorable venue.
Jack:  Yeah and they haven't changed anything in those historic stages. You can smell the history in every board.
All the STAR WARS and LOTR scores were also recorded on those stages, and most if not all of the POTTER scores

18. Hey Jack! How are those reshoots? Feel free to tweet us (fans) an E/B pic or 2! November is still so FAR away! Plz?
Jack:  The additional photography wrapped weeks ago and I'd be shot in the face if I tweeted stills, which I don't have. November gets closer every day! But first...Comic-Con! 

19. Will we see a still of the family pic of Edward, Bella and Nessie used in the locket?
Jack:  How do we even know there's a locket?

(it's in the book. ;)
So? ;-P 

20. I have a request... Can we get some Mackenzie shots in the trailer?
Jack: I'm sure you'll be happy. 

21. Will Muse be on the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn part 2?
Jack:  Too soon to tell! 

22. Is Bill going to see Snow White and the Hunstman?
Jack:  Um, YES!!!! 

23. We have scenes of E&B making love in the forest?
Jack:  Too soon to tell! 

(the following is a conversation about rumors and posters . I hope I credited the right people with the right thing.)

24. @iamboobs Do you know when the posters will be revealed for BD2?
Jack: Yes. Nice handle ya got there. 

@iamboobs so does this mean you do know when? I got told it was tomorrow....
Jack: Told by who? 

@iamboobs breakingdawnrevelation.tumblr.com
Jack: God, that hunting dress from NEW MOON!!!!! 

@iamboobs I know, but read the post! :')
Jack: Don't believe everything you read. But believe some of it sometimes. ;-P 

@iamboobs I know, so I'm realllllly hoping this isn't just a rumour!
Jack: Why? Once the teaser posters are out, then it's on to the one-sheet, then release, then NOTHING!!!!!!! 

(Ed Note: ...except reading the books again...and watching the movies again and again everyday of forever.)

@iamboobs Lmao, that's what you zeroed in on on that page? The NM hunting dress. AKA...the scene that should never have been...(Ed Note: don't get me started...)
Jack: You are going to get GREAT HUNT.!!!!!!

SpriteGirl yes! I cannot wait! And since BC said they were unlike any twilight poster he's ever seen I have really high hopes!
Jack: They're pretty bold alright. I hope you like 'em! 

@twibetween have you seen them?!
Jack: ;-D 

(end of cryptic conversation)

25. We also want to know if there will be R/K commentary on the DVD. This IS the very last one. PLEASE?
Jack:  My answer on this won't change -- all depends on their interest in doing one and their availability. 

26. Can you define "before too long"? WB: I like this question, because you give this answer a lot. :P
Jack: Well what was that in reply to of late? 

27. How is the order of cast appearance in the credits chosen? Why are some before others even though we see them less?
Jack:  Negotiated contracts. 

28. The films have had great soundtracks! Do you know yet which artists will perform on the next one?
Jack: Some yes, but most not yet, no. And thanks for the compliment! 

29. Will there be an extended BD2 trailer or clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards?
Jack:  Not that I'm aware of yet. Hmm, deja vu. ;-D 

30. Notice on some sites there's a character Sasha (Denali's mother) is she in pt 2, made up, or cut from pt 1?
Jack:  Uh, I don't think we have any Sashas up in here. Where'd you get that? 

31. Someone said they were casting for Sasha (Tanya's creator), wasn't sure if it was true
Jack: This is not true. Scoop! LOL. 

32. What does Edward say to Bella in the car before she calls Rose for help with the baby?( they are in Brazil at the airport.)
Jack:  Isn't it something to the effect of "Wait here."? 

33. The full sentence he says "Wait here while we load." I'm ALMOST positive. It's more than "wait here".
Jack:  I'm sure you're right. I haven't watched PART I in a while. When's it airing on Showtime? 

34. In the book Nessie grows quickly, 1 minute she's crawling then walking, are they going to show this in the movie? or skip or it?
Jack:  Well, hasn't Bill said how PART II begins? 

35. Several of my members ask 'Will we ever see Rose hit Jacob with the dog bowl?'
Jack: Magic 8-Ball says.... "Maybe!" Didn't Bill talk about Deleted Scenes in his commentary on the PART I DVD/Blu-ray? 

36. Did you ever see "Where the Day Takes You" and what did you think? Love the pod!
Jack:  Thank you so much for listening - EPISODE 31: CHICKEN LITTLE is en route for your listening pleasure tomorrow. 

I did see it in the theatre actually and remembering thinking it was alright. What makes you think of that? 

37. Is "Forever is Now" really the tagline for Part 2?
Jack:  Shnope, and that poster is a fake. Hi, Amy! 

One Step Closer: Q&A from April 19th

38. I'm worried that the imprinting will prevent a lot of father-daughter screen time for Edward and Renesmee. Say it isn't so.
Jack: It isn't so

39. Will Mackenzie Foy be available to promote the movie?
Jack: I would think so!

40. How do you feel about the final battle sequence? Do you feel it will live up to the hype?
Jack: What hype?! And I'm not sure what battle you're referring to -- battleSTAR GALACTICA?!

(ed. note: *cough* nerd *cough*)

41. Will Edward have a lot to do in Part 2? I feel like we haven't seen much of his creative side since the first movie (Twilight).
Jack: He'll have plenty on his hands, believe me. And in them. ;-P

43. Will the movie have strong pacing and a good balance of action and romance?
Jack: Yessssss!!!! :-D

44. Can we expect various Rob/Kristen photoshoots during promo time?
Jack: Why wouldn't there be?

45. Will the posters present Edward and Bella as a united couple and as proud parents with Renesmee? I'm excited for this in the film
Jack: Too soon to tell!

46. Have you seen any poster or photoshoot of Braking Dawn: Part 2?
Jack: I have not. Swear to God!!! Bill has, though. As you already read.

47. You gonna be visiting tent city again this year?? It was totally cool when you visited!!
Jack: Thank you and yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Or is it a thousand years? ;)

48. Can you tell us if we'll get to see Garrett's [American nomad] speech about the Volturi's bad intentions?
Jack: Too soon to tell!

49. I'm most excited to see Bella's shield- especially after seeing the wolves minds and the imprinting in part 1 - Bill amazes me!!!
Jack: Thank you on his behalf. I'm excited to see the final shield as well -- so far I've only seen the rough version.
And if you've seen the teaser, you already know you're gonna get a taste of what it feels like to be a hunting newborn.

50. I wonder if we'll be able to see everyone's powers (like blurry waves described in book) or just the physical effects.
Jack: I think you'll be very happy.

51. Will we wee some E/B meadow scenes (missed in BD1)?
Jack: Too soon to tell.

52. Will we see as much as romance in BD2 as in BD1?
Jack: Yeah of course.

53. Can't wait ... Super excited -how am I supposed to sleep now- teasers and tent city on my mind ... What's a twihard to do?!
Jack: Start reading the novels again, then watch all the movies again, then all the special features and commentaries!

54. "I'm excited to report that before too long...'' What is "too long"? Weeks, months? for the Mtv VMAs in June?
Jack: It's really just a phrase. I don't make release date announcements for trailers and posters.

55. How did they shoot the accelerated vampire movement?
Jack: The effect is achieved through a variety of methods that vary from shot to shot, and sometimes within a shot.
Posted on April 20, 2012 .