Jack Morrissey On Comparisons

While The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter are all based on best selling young adult series and both Twilight and THG have a strong young female hero, to my mind the similarities end there. Twilight is primarily a romance in a light fantasy setting with some action, THG is an action series in a heavy sci-fi setting with some romance, and we all know what Harry Potter is- fantasy/adventure. They just all found their way to the center of pop culture in the same section of the bookstore.

There's a specific reason that Twilight and HP got conflated in the press- New Moon took the release date of an HP movie that had to push, and they made bank.

Otherwise, I think it's comparing pineapples to bananas to blueberries. They're all fruit, but all so different.

Lastly, it's worth noting that both THG and HP have strong male interest and fandom, as well as strong female interest, where Twilight is mostly female driven. As you well know from the reactions to your fandom that you get from the men in your life.

Jack Morrissey on Fan Reactions: 

As we get closer to the release and you start to see more, some folks will have gripes and stuff they hate. You can't please all 25 MILLION fans on FB all the time, so you deliberate, decide, and call action. As Bill's said before, he's produced an Academy Awards show (three years ago, with Hugh Jackman hosting), so he knows what it's like to go to work with a target on his back. You think and think and think and then pull on your big boy pants and get down to making the movie.
Posted on March 21, 2012 .